PORTRAIT: Wozniacki set itself big goals and reaching them

Caroline Wozniacki, who on Friday announced that she will stop his career, won the Australian Open and was verdensetter. - I will be number one in the world.

PORTRAIT: Wozniacki set itself big goals and reaching them

Caroline Wozniacki, who on Friday announced that she will stop his career, won the Australian Open and was verdensetter.

- I will be number one in the world. I would like to win a grand slam tournament.

Caroline Wozniacki was not even been a teenager when she first appeared on national television and put words in his tennisambitioner.

They could not be higher within the sport, but she turned to them both. With a little more than seven years of a glorious career, which ends after the Australian Open in January 2020.

on Friday announced Wozniacki that the australian grand slam tournament will be her last on the top.

the Career, spoke great moments and numerous tournament victories, culminating with the Australian Open-triumph in 2018, but it also featured the lows - damage and formsvigt - along the way.

perhaps The biggest downturn was also the beginning of the end. In the summer of 2018 got Wozniacki found rheumatoid arthritis, and in spite of medication, has the pain been more the rule than the exception.

This kind of concerns was not on the agenda, when she in the years 2007 and 2008 took leaps and bounds up the world rankings and confirmed the immense talent that made her among the world's best juniors and the Wimbledon winner in 2006.

As a child of Polish parents, both of whom had grown sports on eliteplan, she was brought up after the eastern european, tough and disciplined school. A professional lifestyle from an early age was supposed to bring her to the top.

Father Piotr Wozniacki even took responsibility as a coach and the role he would keep through his whole career, although more established trænernavne got the chance along the way with limited success to follow.

Father/daughter constellation was a continuous success, which threw the whole 30 tournament victories by themselves. Six of them were already in the house, when she in the summer of 2009 got his big grand slam breakthrough.

So reached she advanced to the finals of the US Open, where she was beaten by Kim Clijsters. But the experts ' analysis was clear: It was a matter of time before the dane could lift a grand slam trophy.

But it was not to be so easy. Often she had to relate to the fact that she was number one in the world ranking, but had not won a grand slam tournament.

She snagged the coveted first place in October 2010 and had 67 weeks at the top of the throne until January 2012.

The subsequent few years, she was a player on the edge of the top-10, but with great moments along the way. When she in 2014 again reached the final of the US Open and lost to Serena Williams.

the US Open was her favorite grand slam tournament, was once again emphasised, as she in 2016, delivered a large in terms of impact comeback after his biggest crisis.

The year rattled she down the world rankings in a period of unrest on the private front. Wozniacki and Rory McIlroy had sent bryllupsinvitationerne out, as the northern ireland golfstjerne suddenly put an end to the relationship.

It was dane right sound at. The turning point came in New York a few months later, when she, in spite of a leaderboard standings as number 74 reached the semifinals of the US Open.

Experts who had judged her finish, saw her again now as a possible grand slam winner. It should be a reality barely a year and a half later at the Australian Open.

Nothing indicated otherwise on the tournament in January 2018 would end up in his greatest triumph, when she in the second round against Jana Fett was down 1-5 and two matchbolde. But anyway, she came back and won.

With the experience in the luggage could Wozniacki play more freely, and she settled in his third grand slam final where the then verdensetter Simona Halep waited.

Here was the Romanian on sejrskurs in the third set, but Wozniacki showed nerves of steel and ended up winning 7-6, 3-6, 6-4, and she could throw in the cheers of the heating surface in Melbourne after to have put the icing on the cake of a great career.

Now, it was thought savvy tenniskendere that it could be even more grand slam titles for the dane, who now once again topped the world rankings, but she never came close to several.

After she suffered an early exit at the US Open the same year, she told us that she had recently been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Despite medication, she was in periods hard beset, and in the spring of 2019 was a long story about the various injuries.

A single runner was it in 2019 for Wozniacki, before she 6. december, announced plans for his retirement.

But it was not the health, which got Wozniacki to stop, she stressed in its farvelsalut on Instagram.

It was the dreams about everything that lies outside of the tennis court.

the Missions around in the world, the ambition to inform on the rheumatoid arthritis and not least the future with partner David Lee, as Wozniacki was married in June of the same year.

And she ties a bow on his career, where she reached the sport's top peaks with his grand slam title, the Australian Open.


Date Of Update: 06 December 2019, 16:00