On the Mosel it gets stained

The talks at the white covered tables fall silent, the facial features of solidification: For the members of the fruit and horticulture Association in Stuttgart

On the Mosel it gets stained

The talks at the white covered tables fall silent, the facial features of solidification: For the members of the fruit and horticulture Association in Stuttgart-Möhringen e. V. fits the force in a good mood tends towards the output of the on-Board restaurants, not on this ship: a lesbian Couple, a gay Couple, completed by a grayed-out Blind with a white cane and a very young assistant, who is obviously not the daughter. The unusual sextet on the five-day river cruise from Frankfurt am Main to Trier a Fun from the Irritation of the fruit friends and called in a burst of creativity: The Royal Family of Absurdistan.

It is a plunge a lot of impressions on the Swabian gardener: While the waiter brigade from Eastern Europe on the MS Emerald Destiny back from the Pasture, potato croquettes and Sauce béarnaise, served, slid in front of the panoramic window in the Reflection of the Restaurants are the A-Rosa Flora over. In a brightly lit, curtain-free cabin, a beautiful Nude, the Breasts cremend.

"kröver nacktarsch" and other fine wines

The Royal Highnesses travelled to an area rich in ordinary to the Absurd and Extraordinary. Or do you know of a Church organ, in their game table store is always two bottles of Riesling? The parish Church of St. Martin of Cochem can boast of. Suitable to the Region: In the house of God, instead of the crucifixion in a wine press to be martyred for Jesus.

The witty city guide, Josef compares the lifeline of the Region, with a prostitute: "The Mosel is either in bed or on the road." – The river, which rises in the Vosges mountains, and after 544 km and Koblenz in the middle Rhine flows, occurs almost every late winter on the shore.

of Cochem, with three million visitors per year, one of the tourist Hotspots, has joined the whims of the Mosel. The cemetery lies on a terrace above the town – so that the force of the water destroyed the graves. In the case of Floods, the inhabitants of the old town houses and premises routinely the furniture from the ground floor to the higher floors. And the fire brigade mounted on the bridges with electric boats for public transport in an upright position.

The Mosel is almost always passable: MS Emerald Destiny. Photo: PD

the Moselle, winds between steep, a tamed river From Koblenz to Metz, the vessels from levels 14 jam. The Germans had to canalize the Moselle river, after the Second world war, under pressure from the French, who wanted to let their industrial areas in Lorraine, a waterway more difficult. In may 1964, at the opening of the "dam-regulated large vessel travel road", played in the Cruise Business not a role. But today at per year alone in Cochem, 1000 river cruiser. In Trier, where the classic Rhine/Mosel-ending Route, you have doubled the city tours for cruise passengers within a decade, to almost 1500 in the year 2018.

The stops in the locks to bring the passengers on the sun deck to enjoy the wonderful late summer scenery: pretty villages at the foot of scary, steep slopes, vines, wherever the eye can see. The Royal Family of Absurdistan holding court, and outright amused by the whimsical name of the Moselle wines: there are the upper föhringer bird spider, the garden Hupfheimer virgin, the Trittenheimer Altärchen or Kröv ass Naked.

That sounds more like Juxgetränken as a serious oenological Products. The Moselle wines, half of which are Riesling, enjoy a respectable reputation. Provenances such as Bernkasteler Doctor apply in Germany, as expensive wines. The Terroir of the vineyards between the Hunsrück and Eifel mountains, is made of slate and shell limestone, the sun-drenched vineyards are Germany's steepest locations – the Bremmer Calmont in the Mosel loop, with 68-degree slope, even the steepest in the world.

The river remains even in hot summers passable

While the Emerald Destiny Trot in the direction of-Trarbach plows to penetrate to a fixed hut on the shore accordion sounds and cheerful vocals. The Royal family winces and reminds himself to be embarrassed on a trip to the Rüdesheimer Drosselgasse two nights previously, as you schunkelte quite unköniglich in the crushing comfortable, "Viva Colonia" and "Anton aus Tirol" hooting and then in the souvenir shop, almost a "Germany is world champion"t-Shirt would have bought.

The Mosel route is popular and remains even in times of climate change and hot, dry summer, a safe value for the cruise industry. "While there are longer dry periods, problems on the Rhine and the Danube," says Norbert Glasner, hotel Manager at the Emerald Destiny, "is the Moselle, thanks to the traffic jam almost always rideable."

The elegant ship belongs to the fleet of the Australian owner Glen Moroney, residing partly in Engelberg, OW. The Aargauer river cruises-provider Rivage has chartered the Emerald Destiny for a few weeks, but soon you will wear any English-speaking audience through Europe.

While travelling with Australians, the bar staff demanded hard and the night into day will require American passengers in-depth explanations. Many of the realize no difference between the Main, the Rhine and the Moselle, and do not want to believe that the ancestors of its President, migrated once from the Palatinate, South-East of the Moselle, in the United States. At that time, apparently still under the family name trump.

For your Royal Highnesses is the Emerald Destiny (90 cabins, 135 meters long), with its four and a half stars adequate floating residence: a Lot of glass and a three-story Atrium create transparency, marble dark nobility and on the Putting Green on the Horizon Deck, the Golf Trophy from Absurdistan could align.

As the ship on Sunday night in Traben-Trarbach creates, and the fruit gardener fall like ripe pears to bed, the Absurdistan-force on their own of Board. Traben-Trarbach is just on the dope-off, not a Locally more open. However, there is a sign "the party" lives up to rustic coziness. In fact, a cheerful, celebratory community sits in the courtyard of the winery Caspari in the case of Riesling, and pork belly. A cover band gets going, the guitarist is Tom Jones, the singer Tina Turner, the wobble historic walls. And the Moselaner offers whether of the Family of Absurdistan, the dancing and singing, as there is no Monday morning, no waiting river cruise ship and no fruit and horticulture Association in Stuttgart-Möhringen.

The trip was supported by Rivage river trips.

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