No criminal charges against taz: Seehofer withdraws notice

the "taz" published a column about cops – landfill a Option was interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) has announced that it will display Now wants to S

No criminal charges against taz: Seehofer withdraws notice
  • "taz" published a column about cops – landfill a Option
  • was interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) has announced that it will display
  • Now wants to Seehofer wants to, however, the display

the German interior Minister, Horst Seehofer (CSU) refrain now, however, no criminal charges against a writer for the daily newspaper 'taz' because of a police critical column. "After careful consideration" he had decided, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper to the Ministry of the interior to invite, "to discuss with her the article and its impact," said Seehofer on Thursday in a statement. In addition, he will urge the German press Council "to take a clear position".

Although the Minister of the interior was still of the opinion "that with the column through the dehumanizing word choice also constitutes a criminal offence are met", said Seehofer. Of a private criminal complaint against the author, there will be no question in the statement but. It criminal charges in front of are already, it is called instead. "The offences are to be checked telweise already by the public Prosecutor ex officio." A spokeswoman for the interior Ministry confirmed on request, that Seehofer will not have its own display more digits.

Seehofer is threatening display

In the "image"newspaper had announced Seehofer on Sunday: "I'm going to tomorrow as the Federal Minister of the interior, criminal charges against the columnist, because of the unspeakable article in the "taz" about the police." Seehofer said thus: "A disinhibition of words inevitably leads to a disinhibition of the actions and excesses of Violence, just as we have seen it now in Stuttgart. We are not allowed to accept more.“

As a criminal offence for a display of incitement to hatred or insult to come, according to Seehofer, in question. The possibility of a display have checked his house already since last week. In the days that followed, Seehofer dodged, however, the question of when he will provide. It could be that he will come only on Thursday, said the Minister on Wednesday.

abolition of the police: it was in the column

But what is it? On the last Monday of the Text of a "taz"-fellow was published in the daily newspaper. It was not a case where police officers could work, if the police would be abolished, capitalism but. Also, the Option of landfill was picked up.

Out of the profession and of politicians came after a lot of criticism. Police unions announced, with criminal action. The German press Council – the self-regulation of the press were already up Tuesday to around 50 complaints.

the police Union: "taz"post press "contempt for people from"

the trade Union of police (GdP) laments in the Corona of a pandemic, a growing disrespect for the officials. The lack of respect for the police and rescue forces to consider quite a few years, said the Vice-GdP-Chairman Jörg Radek on Tuesday in the ARD"morning magazine". "And we are experiencing now is obviously a result of the pandemic, such as through a burning glass, that there is still more coming to a head."

In the current social "bracing climate" should everyone involved in the debate, think carefully about what words he chooses, said Radek – "whether that's as a journalist, whether it is a party Chairman". It all is not helpful, what has been said. The announcement Seehofer's, to provide display, said Radek: "I think that what I said taz, ( ... ) just by the freedom of expression is covered. But it is a people expresses contempt, I don't want to accept, not even as Satire.“

esque criticised Seehofer: "there is No reason for a display"

SPD-Head of Saskia esque has turned with a sharp criticism of Seehofer in the debate. "The author is advised to be very under attack," said esque in Berlin on Tuesday. "So what we have been able to convey as a state under any circumstances.“

the column, I found "not funny," said esque. "But that is no reason to press charges - and certainly not by the state." Esque at the same time stressed that it was important "to protect police officers against the fury of the street".

"taz"-editor-in-chief regrets contribution

"taz"-editor-in-chief Barbara Young had recently expressed due to the column of her Regret. Young wrote in the newspaper (Saturday) to the readers about the article: "A column as satirical as it may be meant that can be understood, as the police officers were nothing more than waste, is gone wrong. The I'm sorry.“

in Addition, Boy, this may rings in the editorial about the Text and about what is to be said, and needs to, but also "a deeper conflict in the 'taz'" open wrote. "We can argue about how strong the subjective view, such as strong experience of Discrimination journalism to shape or may." The editor-in-chief of the blade, with its headquarters in Berlin also announced that it will give contributions to the Debate with different perspectives in the newspaper.

journalists organizations criticize Seehofer's plans

"So the theme should be for Horst Seehofer through," said the Chairman of the German journalists Association (DJV), Frank Everywhere. He said: "My spontaneous reaction to the news of the criminal complaint against the 'taz': Will Horst Seehofer open the campaign against the media?" Everywhere stressed at the same time, as a Satire designated column was borderline.

The Federal Chairman of the German journalists and journalists ' Union, Verdi, Tina resentment, said: "As Minister of the interior, who also defend the constitutionally guaranteed freedom of the press, has Seehofer other ways of political engagement as the Swing of the legal club."

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Updated Date: 26 June 2020, 04:27

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