New pieces at the state Opera Munich: Marilyn wig as a relic

The dead city "in Munich are sold out for All performances of the Korngold Opera" this year. This is not only to Simon Stone. Modern Couple: Jonas Kaufmann,

New pieces at the state Opera Munich: Marilyn wig as a relic

The dead city "in Munich are sold out for All performances of the Korngold Opera" this year. This is not only to Simon Stone.

Modern Couple: Jonas Kaufmann, and Marlis Petersen in Wolfgang Korngold's Opera "The dead city" photo: Wilfried Hösel

at Least in the euphoric applause of the many weddings dance was the end of Director Simon Stone personally on the spot. To what extent and how often he himself has created in the Transmission of his three-year-old Basel staging of Erich Wolfgang Korngold's "dead city" at the Bavarian state Opera in Munich in Hand, you can not exactly fathom.

basically don't care. Because what has rehearsed the staff Director Maria-Magdalena Kwaschik with the Ensemble, worked fabulous. It seemed to be even more consistent, as it is recorded in the memory of the operatic debut of the then already famous for its original drama overrides hyped Director.

In the run-up to the – for Munich entirely unusual Acquisition was cancelled Stone next door to the Residenz theater, the actually scheduled the opening of staging, and even at the Burgtheater in Vienna, the planning because of a current cinematic great brought to the project a mess.

The movie preference of the Director

On the movie preference of the Director, some of the posters that has been placed by the set designer Ralph Myers on the walls of the stresses of "normal" apartment on the stage references, by the way. One for Godard's "Pierrot le fou" (1965), or for Antonioni's "Blow Up" (1966) are more frequently found in the view.

Simon Stone away, be aware of the symbolist gloom of the template

The opulent genius of the youth's throw from Erich Wolfgang Korngold (1897-1957) to Georges Roden Bach's novel "Bruges-la-Morte", there was at least as planned. The Premiere provoked unanimous cheering, and all five follow-up ideas this year, the words "out of stock specied".

What is the first of Korngold's Opera, premiered in 1920 in Hamburg and Cologne, the biggest success of his life. Meanwhile, Korngold is snatched away by the Nazis and forced to Forget, again. As the successful staging of the dream cast with a glamour factor is due to, as you heard in Munich, under the intendant, Nikolaus Bachler of the Standard.

1xbet xmlns="" class="article even"> Jonas Kaufmann sings consistently in top form

Jonas Kaufmann in the murderous Tenor role of the grieving Paul is almost consistently in top form! Marlis Petersen alternates effortlessly between the vibrant Marietta and the reminder Marie pale. She plays excessively, and impresses with its versatility as well as with their heady heights.

Simon Stone with his production aware of the icon in the gloom of a Bruges-la-Morte-atmosphere and to the emergence time of widespread mourning for the countless war dead of the universe. He asks for the Exemplary in an individual suffering, to the dangers of unmastered area grief today.

Paul's mistress, Marie, is obviously died of cancer, Paul through the lives and can't handle it. The fascinating psycho-gram of the lonely man into a life cul-de-SAC unfolds in a an empty ground-floor apartment. Here he has set up his Church to the memory; with countless photos and Maries a blond wig as a sanctuary. The lively hands-on dancer Marietta wins the access, because it is similar purely outwardly of the dead.

The dream image of the dead

This is the Problem, because Paul is trying, the vibrant woman of his dream image of the dead that culminates in a murderous Excess. The is wholesomely shocking (bad)dream. "A dream has destroyed the dream. A dream of bittren reality the dream of fantasy“, he is capable of at the end after all, even to experience and clear-sighted. In the course of now in Munich, with two breaks on three and a quarter hours extended in the Evenings, the apartment dissolves like a maze, rooms stacked boxes temporarily on top of each other.

self-conscious Marietta the sympathy of yours anyway. But also the compassion for Paul grows. If it burns, finally, the relics of his memory, even in the trash, he asks: "How far our grief is to go as far as they can to uproot without us? A painful conflict of feeling!“

So far, after all, Paul from his grief resolves itself, so far as the Interpretation of his story delivers at the end of the Protagonist himself. Then again, his beguiling "happiness to me has remained" as a farewell greeting in the best case, taken spectators. If you want to take the bottle of beer, he then leaves the room as a sign of his return to normality.

And Kirill Petrenko, the conductor? As a detail-obsessed perfectionist, he wears the singer on hands. He is also proficient the measured noise at the rostrum of the Bavarian state orchestra! All of this is hardly have somewhere better to be.

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