Mosquitoes distribute: With these tips, you can keep the insects | consumers

you hum, sting and nervous so colossal: mosquitoes. How can you expel them? With these Tricks you can keep the insects away. Between the beginning June and t

Mosquitoes distribute: With these tips, you can keep the insects | consumers

you hum, sting and nervous so colossal: mosquitoes. How can you expel them? With these Tricks you can keep the insects away.

Between the beginning June and the end September are increasingly mosquitoes in Germany. The pesky critters are not only sell hard to do without a chemical insecticides to. Some effective home remedies against mosquitoes there are still.

Dortmund/NRW - On you could do without in the summer: mosquitoes . The small insects are, at least in Europe - harmless, but your stitches itch for days and days, and the acrid tone of your wings many in the summer, from sleep terror. With a simple home remedies get rid mosquitoes , however, reported*.

the insect


Scientific Name


life expectancy

common mosquito: 7 days

the family


clutch size

100 – 200


1,6 – 2,4 km/h


two wings

Mosquitoes in the summer, sell: mosquitoes several days to survive in apartments

The Problem mosquitoes : The animals are not to catch so easily and can hide well. Often mosquitoes even spend) more day with your "Victims" (all of the counselors and Service issues*.

By mosquitoes to prevent, there are many possibilities: mosquito nets on the bed or in front of the window, for example, or to the mosquito plug to fend off by insecticides , busy tones, or high-voltage grid, the animals.

mosquito get rid of: The most effective chemical Anti-most-mosquitoes-medium

it Has nevertheless managed a mosquito into the room, I protect most effectively against mosquito bites by chemical repellents* or ointments, which contain the Insect repellent diethyl toluamide (DEET).

But what if the mosquito in bedroom up to mischief and no chemical repellent is at Hand?

mosquitoes easy to distribute: mosquitoes are attracted by human sweat face

To the expulsion of mosquitoes, some of the myths* in mystery. However, hunt mosquitoes from room or at least mosquitoes to prevent stitch , you must know that the small insects " are nose animals ", which will be mainly attracted by smell, or repelled.

is Particularly attractive for mosquitoes of smell of the human perspiration, as well as the carbon dioxide emissions of the human skin. This can. mosquitoes actually miles smell

mosquitoes out of the bedroom distribute: This house can help

Who finds a mosquito flies in the bedroom on the search after blood around, should try according to the garden-house magazine first following tip: take a shower.

+ Female mosquitoes suck after fertilization, the human blood to form eggs. ©Patrick Pleul/dpa

the fact is: before you go to sleep its welding abduscht and sweaty bedding , reducing the risk of mosquito discovered.

Also a fan in bedroom , the many use in the summer time anyway, when you Sleep, which helps a mosquito to fend off: the fan the air is stirred up - so no mosquito can detect where the exhaled carbon dioxide comes.

fighting mosquitos by scent: These plants can't suffer from mosquitoes

So much mosquitoes smell the smell from welding , the less you like the smells of some plants, can be put quickly into the bedroom.

Especially the smell from rosemary , cats, mint, lavender mint, lemon balm , lemon grass and geraniums, is annoying mosquitoes literally in the escape drive.

Who has not plant in the house, maybe the candles in one of the above Fragrances at home - you will have the same effect on mosquitoes have . The eucalyptus - Oils , Neem, bergamot, sandalwood, cinnamon, cedar, or camphor to keep the pests at a distance.

mosquito trap with simple home remedies do it yourself

Who has neither plants, nor scented candles at home, you can also make a homemade case for mosquitoes - with ingredients, each home has. For the mosquito trap you only need a plastic bottle, 200 milliliters of warm water, 55 grams of sugar and one teaspoon yeast .

First of all, you mixed the sugar and water and leave the mixture to cool. Then cut the top of the bottle abdomen and fills the water-sugar mixture.

finally, the yeast add to this. Thereafter, the upper part of the plastic bottle is inverted in the lower put. The smell and the fumes emanating from the mixture that is to be irresistible for mosquito and attract them.

help against mosquito bites: These home remedies alleviate the itch

Who can nevertheless, was of a mosquito razor and a loud itching not to fall asleep, can manage also with home remedies : half onion or half a lemon disinfect and cool.

Apple cider vinegar

relieves the itching and


reduces inflammation. A heated spoon, or



can neutralize poison besides the itchy Mosquito: The proteins of the


to be destroyed at 45 degrees. However, beware of


! Also in the

Drink in the great heat, there are numerous things you can do right or wrong - some drinks

are not useful, for example, and others.

mosquito season, between the beginning of June and end of September, mosquitoes are part of summer

Who is disturbed in spite of all the home remedies continue to mosquitoes , should not despair: the mosquitoes are mostly only between the beginning of June and end of September on the road - and is part of the summer just somehow.

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Updated Date: 26 June 2020, 03:37

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