Michael Hofmann: The Top Eleven st a treat for 1860 Fans | TSV 1860

Who were the best players, with lions legend Michael Hofmann in his career has played together? With kickers like Martin Max or Thomas Häßler, he won both the D

Michael Hofmann: The Top Eleven st a treat for 1860 Fans | TSV 1860

Who were the best players, with lions legend Michael Hofmann in his career has played together? With kickers like Martin Max or Thomas Häßler, he won both the Derby with TSV 1860.

Michael Hofmann TSV 1860 a legend. He has witnessed the greatest successes of recent club history, and with many of the League greats played together. For us, he presented the Top Eleven of his professional career.

a Total of 14 years of state Hofmann after his Bundesliga debut in April 1998 for the 1860 in the gate. Today, he is considered by Fans as the "cult of the lion". With Jahn Regensburg he grabbed the rise in the 2. League . In the late autumn of his career, he was once again against his lions in the Allianz Arena ran. According to the professional career, Hofmann, Amateur turned combine in the box ( SV Pullach and Türkgücü Munich ). It's high time to ask what professional players are in the Top Eleven of his life.

+ The Top-Eleven by Michael Hofmann©FuPa


Gabor Kiraly

Gabor has me pushed 2009/10 as a team-mate again.In 1998 I made my first Bundesliga game against him. This game was fulfilling a childhood dream. We also can't forget the gesture of the Gabor remains, as he has refused in 2010 to the last second League game in order to allow Phille Tschauner and me a farewell to the lion fans. Bravo Bosmäk (Hungarian swear word by Gabor).

+ Gabor Kiraly played from 2009 to 2014, when TSV 1860.©sampics / Stefan Matzke / Stefan Matzke / sampics


Martin Stranzl

Martin is a superior friend. As a player, he has a Top career. At the time, it may have underestimated the lion person in charge of this time from my point of view completely. It was a great pity. Legendary the games on the Playstation: NHL, Stanley Cup in Sterzing in 2001 remain. We have always played the full season. Martin was Pittsburgh, and entered against me (Colorado).

+ Martin Stranzl grabbed the Amateurs make the jump to the lion-professionals. He remained until 2004, when TSV 1860.©sampics / Stefan Matzke / sampics

Torben Hoffmann

Torben is as a defensive player and long-time room-mate more than just a friend for me. We have together gone through thick and thin. No one can forget the naked swimming at the lake Wörthersee in the year 2006. His Job was intended: with Sky-Torben was always the first after the game on micro.

+ Torben Hoffmann played two Times for the lions From 2000 to 2004 and from 2005 to 2010.©MIS / M. i. S./Bernd Feil

Marcel Schäfer

Marcel was an absolute model professional with a great career. The memory of how determined and full of did he urge on the left side is marching. A pity that he has not met back then in Cup against Trier. As I held exceptionally a penalty before (laughs).

+ Marcel Schäfer, 1999 came to the lion and grabbed on to the young talent Department of the jump to the pros. In 2007, he moved to VfL Wolfsburg.©picture-alliance/ dpa/dpaweb / Matthias Schrader


Sven and Lars Bender

The twins are in a Position to. Sven and Lars Bender absolute sample professionals are also. As you came in 1860 from the young center to the professionals, they had to swim in a difficult Phase in the second League team free. As I wanted to visit in February 2015, a League game live in Dortmund against Augsburg, took care of Sven immediately to everything. The Benders are superior types.

+ Lars and Sven Bender came in 2002 from the SpVgg Unterhaching to the lions. ©dpa / Marcus Brandt

Harald Cerny

The edge to God and record players of the lions was the first room-mate at a training camp in Spain (Estepona) in the year 1997. What is the for Horny times, I was allowed to experience with Cerny were. Alone, this cluster of Stars in the Team: Jeremies, Bodden, Winkler, Miller, or Trares! Only a couple of legends to be mentioned.

Icke Hässler

Icke was the absolute Leader in the lions Team. For us, he was the personality on and off the court. He has always wondered if I'm still standing 25 minutes after the Training. The free-kick training with him was top.

Oliver Hein

The SSV Jahn Regensburg he was the Gattuso. In 2012, he has realised the play-off game with a Welttor in Karlsruhe, our dream of ascension. Thanks to this hit, I was able to play in August 2012, again in the Arena against TSV 1860. We have, unfortunately, 0:1 lost. But the experience remains unforgettable. This Jahn-heroes were also next to the football true professors: Nachreiner, Hein, smart of Bene Schmid.

+ Hein in the Jahn is a legend. He remained after the descent into the regional League Bavaria, and was one of the service providers when you walk into the 2. Bundesliga.©dpa / Sebastian Widmann


Tobi Schweinsteiger

Tobi came with me in 2010 to Jahn. It was a great time with this outfit. Also after many a training session in the Bus 104, or in the case of Tobi in the apartment. There was always something going on. In February 2011, Basti was Schweinsteiger, with Mario Gomez in the stadium at the check Inger. Despite the defeat and a poor performance by me me the Schweinis persuade could be assumed, in the evening. It went to Dombrowski at the Cathedral. A Hell Of A Night.

+ Tobias Schweinsteiger (here with brother Bastian) played after his time at Jahn for the Amateurs of FC Bayern.©picture alliance / dpa / Andreas Gebert

Martin Max

Martin was a sensational player. As a two-time top scorer, he remains in 1860 unforgettable. Martin was my cabin neighbour. He always had words of encouragement for me as a Keeper number 2. He was also on the table in the parlor present (with Icke and Holger Greilich).

+ Martin Max was the TSV 1860 in the years 2000 and 2002, king©dpa/dpaweb / Matthias Schrader

Benny Lauth

Benny the striker with the best equipment and superior technology. Unfortunately, he was injured often. Otherwise, he would have games today, not five, but 50 countries. Benny is still a very important friend for me. In the case of some dice he duels for a king's throw of me is always angry. But the internals (laughs).

+ Benny Lauth grabbed the TSV 1860 is the leap into the national team.©Stefan Matzke / sampics / sampics


My coach Markus Weinzierl . It was for me to end my career in Regensburg is very valuable. He had faith in my qualities. And I was also allowed to choose my own opening Game. From 2010 to 2012, there were two great seasons in the 3. League. The culmination was the rise of almost 40 years, when the wonders of Karlsruhe. As I wanted to make in 2011, after my mom had died, I caught the Coaching Team is outstanding. Thank you for your DJ Mike.

+ Markus Weinzierl led Jahn Regensburg in the 2011/12 season via the Relegation in the 2. Bundesliga.©Reuters / Tom Weller
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