Meral Alma from the düsseldorf Academy of art | culture

a visit To the Atelier of the artist Meral Alma, whose new work will be shown in Bavaria. If the Night runs happened to be in the düsseldorf Studio of Meral A

Meral Alma from the düsseldorf Academy of art | culture

a visit To the Atelier of the artist Meral Alma, whose new work will be shown in Bavaria.

If the Night runs happened to be in the düsseldorf Studio of Meral Alma over, there is a 99 percent, what: 100 percent Chance that there is still light burning. Black light. Tapping curiously on the door, it opens, probably Alma's friend. Because it works as almost always–. In the middle between paint buckets and spray cans, and floor-to-ceiling screens and wash stands, which are of shades of blue, dry-coated flowers. The artist in between, like a glowing Firefly. Alma there's rarely without a phosphorescent color to the clothes. She is a body worker. The eight by three meters large factory on the top of the gallery of the Ateliers tells perhaps the most impressive of them.

+ As before, a box feels, who stands in front of the eight by three metre work in Meral Alma's Atelier. Depending on the light conditions of the other image layers emerge.©Photo: kjk

Meral Alma, the screen is applied directly to the whole of the middle wall for the Viewer the impression of being in the middle of it arises as a result. An illusion of Space, as already in 18. Century, with check boxes produced. 300 years later, Alma is still a. A click – and the Ballerinas in the center of the image start to dance. So In normal light seems to be’considered, one sees simply their silhouettes on the color-rich, expressive work. However, the color spectrum changes in the fluorescent tubes, there is a second level to the fore. Individual areas come to the fore, others will disappear, merged with the now black image area. A light wave Change in a later image, space and visitor are almost black-and-white, only with the use of a flashlight coloration still seems to exist.

Among other things, the light of a new image

Fascinated standing in front of it. And ask yourself: How did she do that? Because the sketches are not drawn by the artist before. Everything arises out of an inner Plan. You must always know what a Change has on the first level for impact on the underlying. "Basically, I see it before my inner eye. Only towards the end, I'm working with different light sources, in order to perfect the effect level by level,“ says Alma.

In the world of art is the graduate, a multiple prize-winner and master student at the düsseldorf art Academy, studied at the Heinrich-Heine-University German language and literature and sociology and now tip with a PhD, no longer a secret. Her Works are found in collections at home and abroad. Also, the described fourth act from your work cycle "circus of life" is already sold. To a collector who would like to give many the opportunity to experience it. Along with our newspaper, he is looking for a special place to the image for a longer period of time, it can be shown (see below).

"are images - felt - never done"

What appears, at first glance, so confusing, like life itself, is perfectly designed, hour to hour. "I am of the opinion that there is no such thing as time in terms of the creation process of images. Images behave like divas, moodiness, and be – felt – never done,“ she says and looks up with a loving glance across the room, like a mother to your Pappenheimer. "Sometimes you have to bully up to the idea ,Now the work is nearly finished'. Exhausted, but by the luck motivated me to leave in the morning hours, the Studio, only to have the next day to determine that the image is, unfortunately, anything other than ready,“ she says, laughing.

The tremendous urge for colors she always wore in. Da could cover it is possible that the small Meral came as a pupil to the idea of the kitchen at home, bright blue paint, but without furniture, tiles and appliances. "The thrust on unconditional love – and, although I had bought the color of my saved-up pocket money!"

The Studio is the lab

with the color Blue, your art fits even better than on the Rhine to the river Loisach. In the best of company with Franz Marc. "He already has a concept of colors as forces, to the immediately certain Sense of touch. If the effect of conventional colors is not enough, I'm experimenting with pigments, Powders and liquids – until I expanded the color range to another Element.“

While you are told, leads your guests in the lower area of the Studio, her "laboratory". And due to some impulse, perhaps because you are wearing just happens to be blue shoes and blue stockings – it keeps a, suddenly on the Arm and says, "Actually, you need a color baptism!" And although the are the favorite blue shoes and although it also has a bit of fear to the new shell, and although you can't even imagine really, what is the color of baptism carefully, you can hear yourself say: "Okay!" There is Meral twirled Alma already up, a few minutes later she is back in front, with two white Mickey mouse sweaters. "So you don't ruin your new Top." And then you lean to the (still) white wall, in a Mickey Sweater, tights, and favorite blue shoes. The baptism begins.

+ color baptism passed: editor Katja power.©Photo: mm

From the top to the bottom of Alma fires, the colors on your guest. Two steps back again and again, looking at the work. And all of a sudden you can feel how it is to be a canvas. Uplifting. Bright from the outside and from the inside. And if she then says "Ready" and the black light brings, then you will feel like a ballet dancer. Ready for the next spin in this colourful circus called life.

art in action: A special place for a special picture!

The collector would put the work on loan for a period of six months, so that it can experience a lot of people. Anyone who knows a suitable place accessible to the Public and there is an appropriate area to provide the reports by E-Mail to We put you in touch.

Date Of Update: 07 June 2020, 13:35