Melania is isolation: 'It is not easy'

The last weekend in november - Thanksgiving - is, according to People Magazine one of Melania Trumps favorites. Here is America's First lady, surrounded by the

Melania is isolation: 'It is not easy'

The last weekend in november - Thanksgiving - is, according to People Magazine one of Melania Trumps favorites. Here is America's First lady, surrounded by the people she loves, the parents, Viktor and Amalia Knavs, husband Donald and their common son, 13-year-old Barron Trump.

And this year has Melania Trump, perhaps more than ever in need of family support.

on Wednesday, 49-year-old first lady so what's out, when she at a university in the city of Baltimore tried to keep the talk about the so-called opioid-crisis, which has claimed over 200,000 lives.

Despite what the cry said Melania Trump later that she fully supported the elves in their right to express themselves. And she continued her speech.

"It is not easy to be Melania Trump, when her husband is president in a country that is so polarized. She seems isolated. Normally you would at this time of the year to see dozens of interview and forsidehistorier about how the first lady is planning the feast, the first Thanksgiving and part of Christmas in The White House. But Melania can be hard to find in the media."

How to tell Stephen Henderson, who is a journalist and radio host in the state of Michigan.

And perhaps that is why Melania Trump in connection with this Thanksgiving has invited the whole family to præsidentparrets new home state of Florida, where everyone celebrates the weekend far away from Washington D. C., opinion polls and all the talk of impeachment.

"There is nothing better than having a completely normal day where I just enjoy myself together with Barron."

How to said Melania Trump ina interview with People Magazine in 2015.

Since all contact between the Trump family and the U.s. response to the Image the Magazine has been discontinued after one of the Peoples female editors in writing accused Donald Trump of the sex-abuse.

"Melania pay on the many ways the price for her husband's behavior and opinions," writes Jeremy Peters from the New York Times.

In 2015 was Barron is still a little guy who barely reached his mother to the hips. Today is president's youngest shot in the weather. And when the family in the Wednesday left The White House to begin the journey to Florida, it was obvious that Barron is a good ten centimeters taller than his father, who officially measures 189 centimter high.

With one year to the next presidential election has Melania Trump, according to CNN, no big chances to geopleve the completely ordinary life, she rates in 2015-interview with People Magazine.

Thus, the slovenian immigrant and former fashion model smiling by her husband's side. Some times it's all about the pardon of a Thanksgiving turkey at other times shall be presented medals at The White House.

But no matter what is Melania Trump in place, smiling and silent - uncommon for a woman who speaks seven languages and, by his own admission (an interview from 2002) 'love to party'.

'Fortunately, Melania still his parents. And who lives relatively close," says MSNBC host Rachel Maddow on his program 'RM Show'.

In 2018 was Viktor and Amalia Knavs american citizens. Melania has told me that both Viktor and Amalia is 'hyper-involved' in Barrons growing up. They have, according to the Washington Post apartments in both New York and Washington D. C.. And although Melania Trump turns 50 next spring, so is the tape to her mother and father greatly.

"I vokede of course, in a communist system. But as a child does that kind of nothing. And my parents gave us a wonderful childhood and youth. We felt comfortable and warm. And today I have so many wonderful memories."

How to tell Melania Trump in an interview with the magazine Vanity Fair from 2012.

Many u.s. media have written, that neither Melania or Donald Trump, in fact, wanted the victory at the presidential elections in 2016. But Melania Trump insists that she in advance, just asked one claim, if Donald Trump won the presidency.

"You should not expect, that I stop to say my opinion," how to said they were Murdered, by his own admission during the election campaign in 2015 and 2016.

today, though, it is so-so with the clear opinions. Melania stays in the shadow of the president. But according to Donald Trumps first wife Ivana Trump, enjoys Melania continue the family's presence. And it includes, according to Ivana also the president's oldest daughter Ivanka Trump (ivana's daughter and Melanias step-daughter).

"The two have a close and good relationship. They are like two good friends - two strong women," says Ivana Trump to the newspaper the New York Post.

Updated Date: 29 November 2019, 18:00

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