Max Giesinger fell according to Voice of Germany at a career low point

success did not come for Max Giesinger (31, "The Boy runs" (display)) over night. In 2012, he took fourth place on "The Voice of Germany", in connection wan

Max Giesinger fell according to Voice of Germany at a career low point

success did not come for Max Giesinger (31, "The Boy runs" (display)) over night. In 2012, he took fourth place on "The Voice of Germany", in connection wanted to take him, yet no record company under the contract. Only in 2016, four years later, succeeded to the singer from the black forest with the Song "80 million" (display) the big breakthrough, and today, his Songs run the Radio up and down.

On Friday (19. June) brings Giesinger the success of the album "The journey" (display), which appeared in November 2018, on the market again - as an acoustic version. Big Hits like "legends", "home" and the title song "The journey" gives it a whole new sound. In an Interview with the news Agency spot on news of the 31 draws-Year-old balance sheet and disclosed his previous UPS and Downs in his life.

you will Hear here is "The journey" by Max Giesinger in the original version - on Amazon. (Display)

With the acoustic Album "The trip" return to your roots. Earlier they are considered as a street musician across the country and sang to celebrate family. What memories come to you, if you think at the beginning of your career?

Max Giesinger: It was a great time, very carefree. At the time, came to me for the first Time, the thought that I could sooner or later achieve something with the music. I've played three or four concerts a week and that has made the rounds via word-of-mouth. At the time, I didn't know if I'm doing a training or study. I knew that I want to make music, but I had doubts as to whether you can live on it really.

What profession would you have taken if the success would be remained?

Giesinger: I had applied to various universities. Teacher I can imagine, even for music. But I think that would become very bad with me as a music teacher, I was able to read notes. I probably would have ended up somewhere in the sales, because I can be relatively good with people and empathetic'm to knock, of course, without the people over the ear.

they have released the Song "Australia" in the acoustic Version as a foretaste of the Album. After graduation, they struck for a year in "Down Under" by. What is the significance of this stage of life, in retrospect for you?

Giesinger: It was an important year because I was for the first Time independently on-the-go and for myself to care. Before mom was watching always, that the son had something to eat. There I started cooking and went into the pants. There was always pasta with tuna and tomato sauce, which is why I couldn't eat after that, for four years. But the time was great, because I have realized that I am made for Travelling. I had a commitment for a Bank-training, but I wanted to explore the world, and the urge to make music was stronger still.

you are at the beginning of 30. A lot of people in this age, a first-life balance. What are the UPS and Downs have you experienced already?

Giesinger: During school time, three, four years were not at all cool, because I was good and a little was bullied. At the time, I was a homebody, and I have played a lot on the Computer and Nintendo. The music saved me, you gave me self-confidence and a goal. I wanted to learn a musical instrument and a good singer, even if I had not made, in addition, a lot of thought. The first great High and low point, The Voice of Germany, where I quickly came to the top and felt the same way was quickly abandoned. No record company wanted to work with me.

in 2016, it started with "80 million" correctly. That was the best year of my life. After that, I did not want to accept all offers because I knew how long the success will last. So I say for every Gig, every concert and every TV Show. I couldn't say no, because I have worked all my life for this, and thought: "Perhaps it is only a year or so and then everything is gone again." At the end of the year, I was powerless. It can quickly happen that you lose the drive, but I've quickly learned that one must also treat breaks and a good level found.

this year they are part of "Sing my Song - The exchange concert". Which Moment touched you the most?

Giesinger: As MoTrip "80 million" is sung and the Song its history has been coined, as he was once with his family from Lebanon fled. He has brought this issue, which is polarized in Germany, a lot of people closer. He has, from the perspective of the Refugees sang at the end of a 80 million. I have only cried.

How has your life changed by the Corona-crisis?

Giesinger: I used to be on the weekend in Bars on the road. For nearly three months, falls away, but it's not missing me. If I know that no one is doing a Party and I don't miss anything, then I have no Problem with it. I do almost every day sports, learn to play tennis and entschleunige my life. I also learned to cook and my plants taken care of.

In may, they were on Tour. How have you experienced the Auto-concerts?

Giesinger: you are a great stopgap. The people found the idea great and the look wanted. Of course, the atmosphere of a festival, the Sound of the car radio from the remains of large plant and the Bass in your stomach. Nevertheless, it is better than playing no concerts.

in addition to the Corona-crisis at present, the police violence in the United States and the protests against racism for the riots. What do you wish for the world?

Giesinger: More relaxation and less selfishness. The capitalist System has brought us to where we are currently. We have addressed the nature, basis and don't get it that all people are treated equally.

... and for yourself?

Giesinger: A beautiful, happy, relaxed life. Not so much Stress, good food, and that I can spend more time with my family in the band Erland.

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