Maddie McCann/Miss: aktenzeichen xy: 43-Year-old German arrested | world

Maddie McCann since 2007 as missing. There are now finally made the breakthrough in the mystery of the little girl? A 43-year-old German was arrested. there Is

Maddie McCann/Miss: aktenzeichen xy: 43-Year-old German arrested | world

Maddie McCann since 2007 as missing. There are now finally made the breakthrough in the mystery of the little girl? A 43-year-old German was arrested.

there Is finally clarity in the missing person's case Maddie McCann? The little girl disappeared in 2007 without a trace in Portugal-holiday. Now 43, was arrested-year-old German festival.

Munich - that Is the decisive turn in one of the most sensational missing persons cases in this century? In the case of the 13 years of missing Madeleine "Maddie" McCann the public Prosecutor's office in Braunschweig murder has begun an investigation against 43-year-old German. As the Federal criminal police office announced on Wednesday evening, the accused person is a multiple convicted sex offender who is currently serving in any other case for a longer sentence.

Maddie McCann/miss: there Is finally clarity? 43-Year-old arrested

in the ZDF broadcast of aktenzeichen XY clearly, to a man from Wiesbaden to act.

The then-three-year-old Maddie McCann was in may 2007 from a holiday resort in the Portuguese Prai da Luz disappeared. Since then, lacking any trace of the British girl. A crime is not excluded, the BKA talks about "suspicion of killing a child"*. In the reference xy-Studio Christian Hoppe from the BKA was Wednesday's guest. He said: "The investigation lead us to believe that Maddie McCann was killed."

Maddie McCann/miss: Defendant lived at the place of disappearance

The Accused lived between 1995 and 2007, nearly permanently in Portugal , among other things, for a few years in the vicinity of Praia da Luz . He went on in this period in several odd jobs. In addition, the BKA assumes that the alleged perpetrator steels his living by committing crimes such as burglary thief in hotel installations and apartments, as well as drug trafficking denied. At the time the suspect was on the phone in addition, in the vicinity of the crime scene. The police have evidence.

+ 2013 Maddie McCann's parents were guests at aktenzeichen xy.©dpa / Véronique Schwab country

suspicion goes back to a past shipment aktenzeichen xy , after there is evidence of the accused have given. In the meantime, the suspicion is justified, however, solid evidence to convict the time of the crime, 30-Year-old missing in addition to the circumstantial evidence other hand. Therefore, the BKA now turns to the people and would like to ask know:

Maddie McCann/aktenzeichen XY: BKA to Use

The Suspect was led on the evening of the 3. May 2007 in the area of Praia da Luz of a longer conversation on the phone with a Portuguese number. His conversation partner is looked up to today as a key witness in the case. The Wanted was on the phone with a Prepaid phone that was not logged in the crime scene area. The number of the witnesses +351 / 91 65 10 683 was:. The suspects +351 / 91 27 30 680 . Who can give information on the two mobile phone numbers or users in may 2007? May of the offenders committed further sexual Assault or rape during his time in Portugal. Who was also a victim of the Suspect and has not informed the police?
anyone Who has stayed at the beginning of may 2007 in the Algarve, in Portugal, in particular in the Region between Lagos and Prai da Luz or in the tourist resort "Ocean Club", from the Madeleine McCann disappeared and has made during his stay photos/Videos? The police asks, these recordings in the Online note of the portal of the BKA is to be submitted.
In addition, police information on two vehicles that could have been used by the suspects. Anyone who has seen the car in 2007? Who knows the holder of the weighing? The police knows the current Close to the chosen stopping-off place of the cars. For their investigation, the period of time the 3 is. May 2007 relevant. A VW T3 Westfalia in white and yellow with a Portuguese license plate comes into question. The actual holder of the vehicle is eliminated as a suspect + you Have a VW T3 Westfalia to the 3. In may 2007, in Portugal, seen©?BKA

it is a dark red / eggplant-colored Jaguar XJR 6 with a German flag has been changed several times over the years. One of the hallmarks of the city of Munich was the last known license plate in may 2007, came from the city of Augsburg.
+ you Have a Jaguar XJR 6 to 3. In may 2007, in Portugal, seen©?BKA

For information leading to the conviction of a Suspect or for finding Maddie McCain , is awarded a reward of up to € 10,000 .

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