Lyon relies on smart tourism

Unusually quiet it is here, although only a few metres further on is the heart of the old town beats. The corridors are dark, the air is humid stations in the i

Lyon relies on smart tourism

Unusually quiet it is here, although only a few metres further on is the heart of the old town beats. The corridors are dark, the air is humid stations in the interior. The Traboules, private passages, still serve today as a shortcut between the streets of the old town. The dark alleyways are typical of Lyon, over 600 of them there should be. As each apartment had running water, was the Central water supply for the residents. Meanwhile, only 45 Traboules are open to the Public. The owner of the lock, the passages, because they fear the noise and waste of the tourist.

Lyon is struggling like many other European destinations with the onslaught of tourists. Preferably on the weekend, after short trips, leave your footprints. Garbage are calm annoys the residents, and leads to protests. The city authorities do not want to compromise on the revenue from tourism and to try yourself in a balancing act. The residents are encouraged to keep the historic Traboules open. In return, the public sector participates in the costs for maintenance and electricity.

recently, etiquette rules. The locals enjoy precedence in the narrow passages. You should confront them politely. In front of the entrance to a Passage, in English, "Please be silent", and the output of the Traboules municipal employees, which will explain to visitors the cultural value of the passages wait.

Win-win Situation for Locals and tourists.

"We want to become a second Barcelona, where many of the residents to meet tourists with hatred," says a guide-Bénédicte Roy. In the Catalan metropolis of over tourism has become a political issue. Some time ago, Masked soldiers stopped a bus, sprayed "tourism kills the quarters" on the front windshield. Meanwhile, in the centre of the million city a halt to construction for Hotels. Who rents apartments without a permit, you have to expect hefty fines.

Such negative developments, we want to prevent in Lyon. Tourism forms an important source of income. 36'000 jobs depend on it. Each year six million visitors will bring revenue of one billion euros in the city in the Southeast of France.

The agreements around the Traboules is a Win-win should be the Situation: The tourists will continue to enjoy access to Lyons, the oldest cultural treasures, and the residents of the Traboules, not infrequently, students and residents with low income, are financially relieved. The effort of the city authorities honored the European Union in the past year, with the prize for sustainable tourism. Lyon must now call "Capital of Smart Tourism".

2019 has been added to the city for the first time to the annual Rating of the "New York Times". It is one of the 52 must-see destinations of the earth. The Stéphanie Engelvin met from the municipal tourism office with Pride. At the same time, it also shows where the journey should lead. "We want to develop tourism primary high," she says.

the city authorities dig deep in the bag. The Hôtel-Dieu de Lyon is a former hospital, was rebuilt for 150 million euros to a luxury temple with the Convention center, Co-Working Space and a five-star Hostel. The colossal building that looks back on 900 years of history, is to define the urban heart of the city.

In the former swamp area, the city of the future

A piece of jewelry, the recently opened Cité Internationale de la Gastronomie de Lyon is. On four floors and almost 4,000 square meters of the "Cité" Museum, Tasting Room and research laboratory all in one. To see the path of a food from farm to plate. In another floor of the prestigious project, visitors will learn more about the Mères Lyonnaises: the poor country women cooked for the rich city dwellers. They did this so well that they opened their own Restaurants and were pioneers of the French cuisine.

A project of the Hôtel-Dieu de Lyon outshone, however, in the case of investment itionskosten: In the South of the Peninsula, in the district of La Confluence, to build the city authorities since 2003 on an area of 150 hectares in the city of the future. As a former marsh area of the Confluence for a long time was a storage place for bodies that had in the dressed-up town, no place: a prison, slaughterhouse, factories, brothels.

this is a built in social mixed and liveable "city for all". In the old prison of Saint-Joseph, a new Campus of the Catholic University of Lyon created. And the former sugar factory, La Sucrière will be in the future, venue for modern art.

The best view of the new district it is caught from the roof of the Musée des Confluences. The UFO-like building in the estuary of the Rhone and the Saône has become a Symbol of urban Transformation. Lyon invents in the heart of La Confluence, just new. The city wants to live, if possible in accordance with their inhabitants and over 2000 years of history. Whether this succeeds, is shown at the earliest in 2030: Then, all buildings should be available for the 20'000, Newcomers to the ready.

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