Lust in Latex an expert reveals her insider tips

the other day I saw in TV a report about a man who was breaking into various apartments, to stiebitzen to the footwear of the female residents. Now theft is not

Lust in Latex an expert reveals her insider tips

the other day I saw in TV a report about a man who was breaking into various apartments, to stiebitzen to the footwear of the female residents. Now theft is nothing Beautiful, and the thought that a Stranger access to my humble home gives to rummage through my clothes, is to me a horror. But for the speaker of the contribution of a lot of gruesome, was the obvious love of the thief to High Heels, flip flops, and boots. A "disgusting" Shoe fetishist had his "perverted" and "disgusting" inclinations investigated (O-Ton), and – Oh, you would not even think of it. A fetish, yuck, disturbed by how very, I know.

the fascination of Latex fetish

I have always admired people with a fetish that is to say, all those that are excited by an object, Material or body part sexually. And have would be so fond of one or the other - how exotic is the. I would prefer to have a fetish for latex clothing. Because it's so shiny and smells, and because Latex brings to the female curves so well. In fact, there was a brief Phase in my life, I had to deal intensively with Latex and like it – in the Form of daring bodysuits and Mini-Mini-Mini-dresses – on Dates with my then-Boyfriend wore.

to the left, But at some point, the enthusiasm for the fetish apparel because Outfits made of Latex are not a cotton t-shirt from the Swedish clothing giant, but sophisticated and maintenance-intensive. I could not handle it, we broke up (Latex I), and I gave away bodysuits, and dresses, that she would find a new, better home. My burgeoning fetish for a quick end was so, although to me the sight of attractive people in rubber Outfits caused until today, still gasping.

How about you? Makes you the idea of Latex? Perhaps you would buy yourself or your partner so happy to be a particle there would be only not all of these questions: How do I even get in, without tearing the rubber? How to care for and I wash the Whole thing? What is the On and Off?

I can feel it. So it was me once, and that's why I have you, inspired by the fetish-opponent out of the TV, a Mini-Guide on the subject written. But be careful: I'll give you some Basics, but all that are seriously interested in latex clothing, I absolutely recommend a consultation in the specialist trade.

The preparation for the rubber fetishism

take a shower before the fitting, to your skin care residues and free of sweat. After that, not creaming Latex may come up with fat-containing substances in contact, as this can destroy the Material, it is brittle and tarnished. Only Oils and Gels, silicone - based or water-based may be used. For what? I'll tell you the same.

Also, your fingernails should be smooth-filed, which the lady not too long and not too pointed, we want to make don't break anything before we were able to shoot at all into the piece.

Latex-Outfit: So you pure

Yes, come to getting into a Latex Outfit is tricky. The most popular way to slip into a fetish Outfit, is it pre-einzupudern – with baby powder or talcum powder, which you can get at the pharmacy. You have purchased a latex suit only, not more), pour a teaspoon of powder (to keep then all of the Arm and Fußöffnungen and shake everything well.

The disadvantage is that It is dusty as hell, and this is bad for the respiratory tract and the appearance of your Man Caves.

professionals use a so-called liquid dressing aid in the Form of silicone oil. If you were to apply now itself or is it the clothes, is a matter of taste. Experts give the Tightening a shot of Oil in a tub with lukewarm water and clothes for a couple of minutes lying in it. So the Oil is distributed on the best, it also saves you a Shine spray to make at the end of all pretty shiny.

The disadvantage is Dripping some on the floor, is to remove the silicone oil is difficult to to. In addition, soils a) makes it slippery and b) spotty.

Everything to storage, care and what else can be the kinky Fashion Pieces to do, I'll tell you in part two.

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