Luis Üffing from Peiting on the way to the DEL | Schongau

Luis Üffing from Peiting want to be professional hockey. Now he is to his goal in the Cologne sharks very close. Peiting/Cologne – 2015 Luis Üffing went with

Luis Üffing from Peiting on the way to the DEL | Schongau

Luis Üffing from Peiting want to be professional hockey. Now he is to his goal in the Cologne sharks very close.

Peiting/Cologne – 2015 Luis Üffing went with a clear goal. As a 15-Year-old, he moved from EC Peiting of the Kölner EC, to even hockey to be professional. "I wanted to do what I love the most," he says. From the U16 to Üffing ran the Junior teams with the Cologne sharks. In a week, at 30. In may, the Peitinger 20 years old and is too old for the young talent. Recently, his licence agreement was extended in the case of the "sharks" a year. His goal, he came another step closer.

For nearly two weeks, the hockey players are under the corona-related conditions return to team training. Three times per week for strength training is called for, twice per week to athletics or Running sessions are on the program. Already last season, was allowed to train Luis Üffing twice a week with the professionals. Now he is an integral part of the team.

Üffing now with a new role

In the youth teams, he was one of carriers of at least one of the performance. In the DEL-Team "I have now a different role," says the 19-Year-old. After all, he is one of the youngest in the Team. Still, it'll make him a "lot of fun" and now he says: "I learn a lot." One is for the 1,90-metre athletes, but clear: He should be the next step and not the last.

With peers, team colleagues lives Üffing for about two years, in a residential community in the centre of Cologne, who like him very much. Earlier, the 19 had visited-Year-old three years to the sports boarding school in Cologne, Germany. Training and school voted for the student athletes to be "good". With the diploma finished Üffing the school and knew still to convince on the ice.

injury threw back the Peitinger

During this time, he was thrown back again and again by injuries. About two years ago he broke his ankle and was several months. The following season, he suffered the same injury again and missed almost the entire season. He still has screws in the foot, not hinder him. "I was afterwards," he says with a view to the preparation for the past season. "So I tried to give Gas." And he managed it.

In the U20 Cologne pups Üffing came to 34 inserts. The striker scored 18 goals and had 23 hits. In the was del2, he was seven Times for the EC Bad Nauheim ran there, he is still waiting for the first scorer point. Bad Nauheim is a licence partner of the Cologne EC. The contract for the upcoming season allows the Peitinger inserts for Bad Nauheim in the was del2, and for the Cologne sharks of the DEL.

Üffing not the Only one from Peiting

Üffing assumes that he in the coming season, mainly for the Hessen, in Germany's second highest playing class will start. The approximately one and a half hours ride with a minibus from Cologne to Bad Nauheim are no Problem for him. "As we are used to other routes," he says.

in Addition, Üffing will need to the rides is probably not alone to take. Because a total of eight players have equipped the Cologne with a conveyor licence agreement. One of which is the 18-year-old Maximilian Glötzl. The second Peitinger in the squad of the KEC was able to complete last season, already have two DEL-games. Game, he is entitled, but also for the U20.

"At the end of the course you can always

The Cologne-based Team in addition to Üffing and Glötzl with Simon Gnyp from Neuöttingen and Julian Chrobot from Augsburg further support license player from Bayern. This made it Üffing easier when he left in 2015, his home. In Cologne, he quickly found new friends who do the Same, and a similar Background. His family have always supported him to be professional, reported the 19-Year-old.

That he may well skate, looks Üffing as one of its Strengths. In addition, he could play both in the offensive and in the defensive Zone well. "A former coach of mine has referred to me as the Power Forward. I think this hits it pretty well,“ said the Peitinger. On the way to his goal, in the DEL aground, would like to be the attacker is still "lively". "And at the end of the course you can files always."

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