Low-Carb-Pasta: 5 healthy Alternatives to traditional pasta

fortunately, the food manufacturers offer us various types of Low Carb Pasta , because even the biggest Pasta-lover should of his character and of his health

Low-Carb-Pasta: 5 healthy Alternatives to traditional pasta

fortunately, the food manufacturers offer us various types of Low Carb Pasta , because even the biggest Pasta-lover should of his character and of his health not for the sake of all the time, tons of noodles from durum wheat in buckets. The noodle-Alternatives are made from different base products, such as legumes , soy , konjac flour , or pseudo-cereals such as Quinoa or buckwheat . But the taste of this pasta really, and you can keep up with “real” Pasta? We have tested, you can see the best healthy Pasta Alternatives , and betray everything you need to know about the nutritional and preparation . (Who doesn't want to lose carbohydrates can find here delicious recipes with classic Pasta)

1. Noodles made from legumes

Pasta made from legumes such as chickpeas or red lentils can now be found in almost every supermarket and large pasta producers such as Barilla.

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Strictly speaking, it is not real Low Carb Pasta, since legumes are an excellent source of Protein, but also a lot of carbohydrates in the Luggage. Less Carbs than Pasta from durum wheat, noodles, lentils, chickpeas, and co. however, all and fit, especially in combination with vegetables well in a low-carbohydrate diet. In addition, legumes provide valuable vitamins and minerals such as Magnesium, iron, and zinc.

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Both in the case of noodles made from chickpea as well as in such lenses, you should keep strictly to the specified cooking time, which is shorter than in conventional Pasta. The noodles will lose completely to bite, or decay, in the worst case. (Read also: the perfect Pizza Margherita)

2 succeeds. Noodles made from pseudo-grains

pseudo-cereals may sound strange, but it is nothing more than Grains of plants that are not grasses, but similar to how grain can be used. These include amaranth, Quinoa and buckwheat include.

pasta made of Quinoa and buckwheat contain also a lot of carbohydrates, however, it is high-quality Carbs, which raise your blood sugar level rise slowly and, therefore, not to food cravings lead – so perfect for a Slow-Carb diet. In addition, the pseudo-supply of wheat grain, such as a book, and Quinoa with valuable amino acids.

In Japanese cuisine is the delicious nutty flavor of noodles made from buckwheat estimated flour a long time ago. How to get wheat to make Soba noodles made from 100% beech sawdust, shows a Japanese master in this  

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3. Konjac noodles

the konjac noodles in the Asian store often under the name of Shirataki Noodles available are made from the flour of the konjac root (also devil's tongue is called) and absolute calories are a miracle: it's Just eight calories per 100 grams! This is because the pasta is completely fat - and carbohydrate-free. They are also gluten free and naturally vegan.

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The noodles are pre-cooked usually, and swim wrapped in plastic in a liquid. Enter the noodles into a sieve and rinse them well, because the noodles are a slightly unpleasant fishy smell clings to at the beginning, disappears, however, later completely. Since the noodles are largely neutral in taste, you can prepare both Asian, as well as with Italian Pasta, combine sauces. Just put it in the sauce and warm up. (Worth reading: The best recipe for banana bread without the sugar!)

4. Soy noodles

noodles are made of 100% soy is a valuable source of protein and are perfect for a protein-rich and low-carbohydrate sports nutrition. Cooked soy pasta like normal Pasta – meaning they are cooked in plenty of salted water. Here, the predetermined cooking time so that the Pasta is al dente remains. Soy flavour noodles are rather neutral, however, the taste of the sauce very well. (Also read: Healthy Lunch and snack ideas for the home office)

5. Vegetable noodles

Also from vegetables easy pasta manufacture. Most of the Zoodles already know, so noodles made from Zucchini. However, other vegetables such as beetroot, pumpkin, carrots or turnip greens vitamin rich Low Carb Pasta manufacture. What you need is only a kitchen appliance for you, depending on the quality 20 to 50 Euro to spend: a spiral separator. Although you can handle noodles with the peeler or julienne cutter vegetables, but who wants to rely more on vegetables, pasta, and was nevertheless advised to invest in a spiral cutter because the work with this device goes a lot faster.

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boil the noodle-like strips of vegetables in salt water. Depending on the thickness and vegetables, your Low-Carb Pasta in two to five minutes and can be pivoted in the sauce of your choice and served. (Also interesting: Delicious recipe ideas for the leftovers)

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