Lost families: people working-Aufspürerin Susanne Panter

whether it Be days, the friend of children, the biological father, an old love or a lost heritage – Susanne Panter looks for traces of missing relatives in dust

Lost families: people working-Aufspürerin Susanne Panter

whether it Be days, the friend of children, the biological father, an old love or a lost heritage – Susanne Panter looks for traces of missing relatives in dusty archives, combed through long nights, the Internet, löchert state officials, interviewed former neighbors, tosses and long-closed police files and, if need be, to the other end of the world. All of this just to help your clients to answer a nagging open questions, to finally close a circle and to find peace.

Panter founded the first private people search service in Germany

you invented your profession of origin, consultant and people – Aufspürerin-self. 20 years ago, the 52-Year-old has founded the first private people search service in Germany: "Wiedersehen Macht Freude". Since four years he is added to the origin advice.

their success rate is about 90 percent. To you owe it not only to their meticulous way of working, but also your confidence-inspiring beings. As for your work, it is of great importance to build trust and to get people to support you with information in your search. In the Interview, Panter tells how she came to be always on the search, what do you like about your job and why it is so important that people know their roots.

Ms. Panther, you have an extraordinary professional. How did you come to start a people search service?

What I'm doing today so successfully, developed at that time, to be honest, from a fixed idea. Together with a friend I wanted to 1996, a children's shop to organize the meeting. However, we did not know the current addresses of the other, and asked us if there is someone Professional who can help. It was - so we made itself such a service. Up the was then to what it is today, it took a lot of Ups and Downs and 20 years. About Susanne Panter

Susanne Panter is a trained mediator, origin consultant and people-Aufspürerin. In the last 20 years, she has performed over 4000 successful and people in 32 countries found. She has published in the SWR of your own series: "The Aufspürerin" and also just finished your book "Out of sight, but in the heart".

The topic has affected you personally...

Yes, there is. In my own family, there are many fractures, tragic fates and I first met 18 years ago, my birth father. I once made a family constellation. This is a therapeutic method, in order to make the network of relationships within a family visible. The teller said to me: "Mrs Panter, that YOU can make this work, it is no wonder at all!"

What are the most common requests you get?

The largest part relates to the area of origin consulting. Most clients are looking for their biological father. Many are looking for your birth mother or unknown sisters, because you were adopted. But I always look back to the old Love or old friends, have lost my clients from the eyes. This then relates to the field of "Wiedersehen Macht Freude", which accounts for the smaller part of my orders.

How do you proceed with your searches? There is a pattern, you are always alike?

To run, first of all, I have an extensive conversation with the client, in which we get to know us and the background of the search to discuss. The actual search is actually often a similar: I'm working on it, what information is available to me. I assign the names, addresses, photos, and data to the extent possible.

In a next step, I will contact public bodies and Offices to verify addresses and birth and death dates, and to add to it. In this case, the privacy and the personality rights are Central themes.

Run these standard steps are unsuccessful, the next search steps is always individual. The on-site Research, with neighbors, old Acquaintances, in cemeteries and in the further environment of the Sought depends on the circumstances. It is often like a Puzzle with 5000 pieces. Every little Detail counts and can, ultimately, be the crucial link.

you need a lot of patience...

you can say That again! And empathy, tenacity, and usually pretty good nerves. (laughs)

The authors recount in the book the stories of people who were separated by fate and Susanne Panter in many different Ways brought back together. It is a question of identity, family, relationship, love, Inheritance, and the longing for belonging.

The book shows how important it is for people to be able to close circles, or at least no stone unturned to have left. With the own biography in a discharge shows reconcile often effect.

To the book on Amazon (advertisement) "Out of sight, but in the heart" by Susanne Panter with Heidi Friedrich

How to make your clients in the course of the search feel?

When someone comes to me to Commission me for a search, he often for many years with a struggle: Should I really the old stories up? Should I better leave it all to rest? What if I'm rejected? How will I cope with that?

But then the curiosity and the longing prevails, but for clarity: Why don't my father was looking for me? I see my mother like that? Why am I the way I am? If my swarm is reminiscent of that time probably still remember me?

At the beginning there are many uncertainties. Is like but a decision, there is frequently a matter of great urgency, as there would be no stopping. The nervousness level increases. Setbacks, if it is thought to be much more Research in a cul-de-SAC landed, are hard to endure. It is an emotional up and down.

is Particularly intensive, I accompany my clients during the contact initiation. Here it is especially important to me that the client controls how fast and how close the contact to the requested Person was. It makes sense, for example, a separate email address for the new contact. Actually it's always about a circle closing. Even so, if the person died, for example.

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the main thing is that you have tried everything? Also a therapeutic component to their work?

Yes, a lifetime to regret something not done, can be stressful. Even if you do not come to the destination, but everything has done what was possible to feel this liberating. I, myself, am a mediator, my clients find the origin of advice, but also to psychologists and therapists. We help people to bring their relationship into the pure, to fill white spots in her biography, and a sense of belonging to (re -) establish it. Our whole life is determined by relationships. They are reasonably intact, we feel safer and better. In this respect, I do have a therapeutic role.

your Search will lead always to a foreign country. The more difficult your Research?

Actually, not. In some countries such as the USA, may be even of advantage. There will not be a reporting requirement, which may also be a disadvantage for search. But on the other hand, the personal data are not as strictly protected as with us. So I get there faster on certain information to me in Germany, would remain closed.

I must take into account abroad, but also the different mentalities. So Americans are often very suspicious when I call you on it, because there are on the one hand, a lot of telephone marketing, but also "grandson tricks" are very common. So you are to be on guard personally identifiable information.

What are the search orders that are off-limits to you?

I do not take cases that have to do in any way with criminal offences, people sought, for example, by the police. Also I'm not looking for a spouse living in separation.

A individuals search service, it should not be confused with a private detective's office. I go very gently, if I have found a people. Usually I write first a letter, and leave open many Details yet. The recorded decides for himself whether he wants to comply with the request for contact. He decides against it, we must accept that.

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