Leiva immortalized in direct your postcard more sweeping

For the many hours of flight that can be credited against, and to faith that Leiva sum a few, the prospect of a live album should lead to a mix of responsibilit

Leiva immortalized in direct your postcard more sweeping

For the many hours of flight that can be credited against, and to faith that Leiva sum a few, the prospect of a live album should lead to a mix of responsibility, adrenaline, and tembleque. Are their good eight months, this tour of the Nuclear drives around to the other side of the ocean sea, but it was the show's Monday, and no other, with its 15,000 must be fervent witnesses in the WiZink Center in madrid, the called to pass on to posterity. With his magic and slips, with vertigo, buzzing in the ears, and the butterflies flapping, frantic, in the same mouth of the stomach. Nothing silence: it is recorded.

we Imagine that our man of the skeletal figure would suffer this 30-D, like any other mortal, its share of uncertainties, doubts and sleepless nights. But it went out with a bang, boasting of pose and poso, unsure of what was brought between the hands and those who accompanied him in the trance. More aligned with Guardiola that with the Cholo Simeone, to him that you love the metaphors balompédicas.

he Had flirted a disk back José Miguel Conejo (Madrid, 39 years) with the idea of the live album, even on the spur massive Sales, but was not then entitled to address such a classic ritual rock. Leaders and achievers already see it, also hear the tremor in the lines of their own biographies. But in the trance of the end of the decade, at least in appearance (RAE takes care to remind us that such a thing, in puridad, will not happen until the transition from 20 to 21), the madrid itself has seen no shortage of reasons to respect the terminology of his teacher and protégé Sabina. Sobrado even a sense of humour. “Within two days, will the twenties, and I hope with all the strength of my heart also return to the swing”, made with banter, between the perplexity of the chavalería, nothing more to open up the evening.

it's Not likely to be he who is conducive to that return. Carries a lifetime demonstrating a steadfast faithfulness to his own writing, which sometimes seems to be lit for papers calco. Those same that, if it was only by a generational issue and the current propensity to contamination stylistic and impurities, should not be included with so much tenacity in his luggage.

View WiZink Center of Madrid, during the concert of Leiva. SHARON LOPEZ

No matter. Leiva it's going well, more than well, writing songs that seem to be versions of Leiva. Stretching the leivadura to the oven to finish coming out donuts taste unmistakably familiar. The formula results in a more simple process for the different organs deglutores, and on the palates of the parishioners do not seem to register cases of celiac disease that indicate that modifying the composition.

The night, predictable and flawless, anointed of heat and glory of that positivism voluntarism with human beings is that we are celebrating the transit of the calendar, is enriched with a flavor enhancer. Leiva know very well the cato's of the rock, and you can place here and there its good lures: that world War once more beatle that stone, that riff chanted in the manner of the Black Keys in Wolves (the favorite of the author), some note altered in a Godzilla that then flows into a nananá end, so that no one will take it for convoluted. There's even a trumpet that seems suggested by the very McCartney in Nuclear, but we're talking about a theme built with a kind of double chorus ascending. Or: leivismo in vein.

But within that neat excellence, the elegant sound of rock with metal showcasing the Leiband from its origins, it happened something truly magical when the good Rabbit addressed in complete solitude Vis-a-vis, taking pleasure in the acoustic blues of his guitar brilliantly, exhibiting the holy guts to stay singing a cappella to 15,000 souls the stanza that “This voice there's no one to the street.” May the testimony audio-visual is enough eloquent, because that served as a turning point. Even to face the world premiere of a piece, the self-complacent My little Chernobyl, in which the signer preserves its authenticity in front of the stakes of fame. And even boasts: “I do Not excite the applause of the harshest critics”. Gosh.

there Remained only the avalanche end, with the audiovisual (excellent) shoring up of red repeated in the environment of hell, joyous, and with the artillery of Laziness (As you have, polar Star, the inevitable dessert of Lady Madrid) dueling with the titles over Leiva: Terribly cruel, staring, Sincericidio. Not looking for Leiva, chess castling, fishing in new fishing grounds. But in its segment, and there will be constancy sound of it, was dispatched with a resounding zip of her figure.

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