LeBron James: His 6 most spectacular watches from Patek Philippe to Rolex

LeBron James is the type of player that our current Era of position-less basketball possible. He is a fantastically good all-rounder. This philosophy of the all

LeBron James: His 6 most spectacular watches from Patek Philippe to Rolex

LeBron James is the type of player that our current Era of position-less basketball possible. He is a fantastically good all-rounder. This philosophy of the all-rounder shows his watches collection. While some people have the means to do so, a brand or a type of clock (or sometimes a single model!) chase, James has an Arsenal of pieces for all occasions. (Read here how a watch is the ideal Investment

watch collectors de Luxe: James Le Bron

LeBron may be) is a model collector, of the type with a watch for every Situation. Although hardly anyone can buy the watches of James on the wrist, it is a recipe for success, to follow his template. With the return of the NBA (and LeBron) we could not resist to explore the fabulous watches collection, which has compiled the best active player of the sport.

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The everyday Gold-Star: the Patek Philippe Nautilus

Each collection is a good basis of need, and there is no Alltagsuhr, which is sought-after as James' Nautilus. The Nautilus was designed in the mid-70s and was Patek Philippe's entry into the world of dress watches.

made Originally from stainless steel, to the daily hustle and bustle to resist, allowed the Nautilus, an enormous flexibility with a watch that is just as good with a T-Shirt and pair with a Tuxedo. James understands the flexibility of His Nautilus in Gold and (unlike shown here) with diamonds. (Which watch brands are on Instagram especially popular, we will divulge here)

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The sport(s): the Richard Mille RM 11-03

No high-performance athlete in the year 2020 is complete without a suitable, high-performance sport watch. But before Richard Mille came on the scene, saw sports watch a normal watch is very similar to The Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso with a housing, and a steel Cup folds, was made for the sport of Polo, the Rolex Daytona and the Omega Speedmaster was built for racing.

But Richard Mille watches imagine everything is new, from the smooth rubber strap to the watch movements, which are intended to survive the natural shocks that arise in the races or the Tennis, Golf and even football games. The RM 11-03 is the most popular of the Richard Mille watches, a Rennsportuhr like no other, with a dial that looks like the dashboard of a space vehicle. (On this watch the Tennis Stars)

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The Richard Mille RM 11-03 "Jean Todt"

put There is no better confirmation of Richard Mille as the fact that, essentially, any celebrity that gets a, gets on the end of another and yet another. LeBron went back to the RM 11-03 in a different color scheme.

The quartz-TPT Material from which the housing of this edition of the watch is, it can be sprayed with different colors, the Candy Shell to create the appearance of this Saphiruhr to. This watch is named after Jean Todt, a former race car driver and former CEO of Ferrari.

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The Dress Watch: Patek Philippe 6102R

On the game plan of LeBron James is just the NBA games and Pre are not Game-Tunnel. He must at award ceremonies, fancy dinner with tiny Gougères from the tablet, and more Galas to attend as a sitting U.S. Senator. Hell, sometimes even a regular Taco, it must be Tuesday is a little beefed up. For this, he has the Patek Philippe 6102R, which happens to be one of the most stunning dress watches out there.

in Simplified terms, the at the Happen about us in the night sky. The dial can be seen from both the pattern of the stars in the sky of the Northern hemisphere, as well as the phases of the moon as the moon rotates around the dial. (The most beautiful watch with a crocodile leather bracelet can be found here)

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The ultimate classic: the Rolex Day-Date

last week James was the headline in a photo of his Sneaker collection: "day of light at Baskin-Robbins", in a reference to the rich ice cream-variety of 31 flavors in the house.

A look at the huge selection of Day-Date-watches inspires the same feeling: it is filled with opulent diamonds, with colorful dials in rose gold and platinum, or with Arabic numerals on the dial. The watch is as the President is known – an Association that lives on, since Lyndon B. Johnson wore them in the office – but on the wrist of James, you more like the king.

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Bonus: the watch was made for you: the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore "LeBron James"

For most people, a watch is something that will, in time, to your own. Perhaps it is an engraving on the bottom of the case or a Dent that remains after one has failed after a sharp dive, the clock on the edge. James Le Bron is, however, sneakers used to the fact that items will only be made for him: His characteristic or Offshore, in cooperation with Audemars Piguet launched in 2013, the Royal Oak.

In contrast to many learning and brand manufacturers of work between sports, the result has the colors of one of James' Teams, and other basketball references. The combination of gray and rose gold is unusual, the kind of coloring that can be obtained only if one has the Say.

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