Labor of Love: We witness a family

Actually, we thought we had seen everything. People who scrape at the first meeting of the young influencers the inside of the tongue to the palate. People who

Labor of Love: We witness a family

Actually, we thought we had seen everything. People who scrape at the first meeting of the young influencers the inside of the tongue to the palate. People who marry without ever being seen. People can immediately see all the covers. Not to marry then better. But what Trump-house channel Fox doth for a few weeks its viewers, is probably the pinnacle of Trash TV. We witness a family, Pardon, "Labor of Love". A woman looking for a man. However, not to get a good seat for the next few months in the US-Reality TV, no, Kristy Katzmann, the Name of the post-graduate student, wants to be a child. Only the father is missing her. So you are looking for him on television. Logically, outside the box, there are up to 3.89 billion types out there, almost none.


With Trash-TV have to do but everything is nothing to. The producers, Howard T. Owens, Ben Silverman say. No, "Female Empowerment" was. The woman has the Say, it's going to be a serious concern. How, in principle, everything on Fox. Take, for example, the future mother of Kristy. This is an accomplished woman, 41 years old, entrepreneur. The all this is not even necessary! Okay, in the first episode she's crying right in the first Minute, because she was divorced after six months and "may never be a family is have". If you look to your own Relatives, you know, why you are stirred to tears. Father Katzmann makes absolutely no pressure: "I'm not getting any younger, in order to make it here," he demands into the camera. His wife afterwards sent next to it: "We are really looking forward to it!!!" With three not-so-subliminal exclamation mark. What is even more fatal, if we look at the 15 men competing in episode one of "labor of Love" by Kristy baby belly.

"Labor of Love"-candidate: Wrestler, name of chair, Batsch

Matt is a former Wrestler. Still looks like a waddling cube. All calls Kristy "Cindy". Who remembers the name of the woman of his future children. Kristy, Cindy, Candy or Mandy, the main thing is the white, where the beer is in the cellar! A whine: "If I don't have a boy dies out of my Name." What would after a short analysis of this quotation is probably not sooo bad. Stewart pulls it straight to the vodka bar. And Budge, speaking says, "Batsch": "Obviously, she looks great. I think to myself all the time: I want to make many babies." You see: Who would be with these men is not like the earth overpopulate? Exactly: nobody.

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Except, of course Kristy, the new figurehead of the "Female Empowerment". Your natural reaction would actually, Um, must be: "tell me, it's really late and I have Laundry a mountain, three presentations I need to prepare, and in the morning toenails is the world schneidetag, I pack up then, Bye with ö, see you later!" Instead, they proclaimed: "If you are ready to take this Test here in front of me, are you the right one." What is meant is a series of waiters, enters, armed with a tablet the space. Many small plastic Cup. That's not about ..? But. The need to now really..? Double-it. Thrust of Bern for the great love. The Lurch choking, until the seed Bank is overflowing.

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"Labor of Love": In the pack for the fertility test

a Little later, the 15 men in front of a Container and one by one in the slingshot cabin. Thus, no pressure is built up, are Kristy and the men in front of the door, and jeer at anyone who comes out. Jason, floor layers who used the afternoon for his arrival in alcohol to compensate for, is already so dense that he welcomes every with a fist Bump. AFTER you come out of the slingshot cabin. When all this weren't humiliating enough, the end of the fertility test with the freestyle of the man with the most swimmers in the ejaculate. He gets a Cup. Congratulations. I am looking forward to it, if Kristy reports on the common kids the story of their acquaintance: "dad was in this TV show, most of the slag is in a plastic Cup hammered. That was sooo romantic!"

that is not Unrealistic, by the way. Kristy is an emancipated woman, but still desperate enough that they declared all the candidates to "Father Material". Also Jason, shaking bumpenden floor layers, the at the end of the Night so drunk that he tries to always be in competition mode, to spit his vomit in a bottle of water. Clearly "Father Material". If you try a beverage market to raise.

"I can't imagine to start a family with you"

ends The first episode of the "laboratory of Love", how all of these Shows. At the end of the first episode, some of the men must go. Kristin Davis (Charlotte from "Sex and the City"), which turns out to be the nuschelnde commentator from the Off, selects along with Kristy the candidates on a Tablet, the more. Broadcast Live on the TV in the living room of the men. In revenge of the fact that women had to give over the years in Dating shows of giggling high-heeled-silly. A Catchphrase, there's also: "I can't imagine to start a family with you". The men are wearing it. You don't know, finally, that they be connected in the next few weeks, to a device, the birth pangs are simulated. Or a bear attack while Camping need to survive. What do you do as a father. As stated by the producers in advance of the Show so beautifully: "Not all men want to be 50 years old-silver-daddies, the go out with of a 25-Year-old." After participating in "Labor of Love" you have to consider it at least.

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This article was written by (Felix Reek)

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Updated Date: 02 July 2020, 03:26

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