Krailling: alter Wirt with new host | Krailling

The Old Inn in Krailling opened in early June under new management again. Florian Egner, who was previously restaurant Manager, has a lot of the Old left, the o

Krailling: alter Wirt with new host | Krailling

The Old Inn in Krailling opened in early June under new management again. Florian Egner, who was previously restaurant Manager, has a lot of the Old left, the other pressed as the establishment of his "own handwriting".

Krailling– For nine years, Florian Egner is in the Old host to operate. As the restaurant Manager of the 35 acted-Year-old as the right Hand of the previous leaseholder, Susanna Möller. "It was no longer in the conversation, that I could eventually accept as a tenant," says Egner. As a few months ago, Susanna Möller-oriented private and professional final new, used Egner the opportunity and took over the traditional restaurant at the riverside – even though this is, of course, is always a financial risk. "It has now passed. If I hadn't made it, I would have regretted it probably later,“ says Egner. In the Wake of the change of operators, the Old host lock work for some time to renovation. Due to the Corona-exception situation, the closure time was prolonged forced. At the beginning of June, it should go in the Inn now and again.

In Krailling

Florian Egner grew up in Krailling, then visited the secondary schools in Tutzing and Germering and made a training as an industrial clerk. Through his aunt Sabine Clonisch that by 2016, the Cross-Countries operation and is now in the plan, EGGER, Mi Casa Su Casa works, "came I of small with the gastronomy in touch and worked with my aunt also, in addition to school and training." Finally, he remained permanently in the industry.

The Old host of the Kraillinger would like to change now is by Far not everything, but some of it is going to be even more changing of the season cards, depending on the Season, for example, Mushrooms, pumpkin, asparagus and Wild. The Standard menu at the Inn remains largely the same, outside in the beer garden, there are a number of news and daily Specials such as fish on the spit, or roast. Outside there is also a new outdoor kitchen. "The care for the Beer I would like to pay attention take into account, so, for example, still more to the fact that the beer is beautiful poured and well-tempered," explains Egner. In the Gasthaus Egner has replaced parts of the furniture, new pictures hung, new lighting installed and new accessories for bought the Bar. "I tried in the optic really love to put a core renovation made, through which everything is comfortable."

Bayer remain-traditional

About 70 percent of the staff have remained the same. The popular lunch during the week as well as before. Also, the basic Bavarian-traditional orientation of the Old host, nothing changes.

Due to the current exceptional situation, the Inn plans directly to the Start not a big opening ceremony. Egner, however, want to organize in the future, the summer festivals or other events – maybe even a little Festival than Oktoberfest-replacement, where Egner tent is always in the Bräurosl-the Planegger family Heather bartended. Everything will be geared but of course, how the General situation develops. "I was really lucky, because due to the change and the closure of our employees were issued anyway. The brewery has also adopted the lease,“ says Florian Egner. So the financial damage of the Corona-crisis for the Old host kept within certain limits. "When the case numbers again, and a second closure is necessary, I will not hold this again."

so Florian Egner, its eight permanent employees and the temporary staff will be happy about that many regular customers have already announced their soon to come Again. "There are many called, when we re-open, and that you are happy. Alone on the answering machine 15 calls were within a short time,“ says Egner and is, therefore, for a successful Start optimistic.

The Old host is located in the centre of the town.

Date Of Update: 31 May 2020, 06:33

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