Kanye West or art to overestimate themselves - The Point

" We must now deliver on the promise of America by trusting God, by uniting our vision and building our future. I am a candidate for the presidency of the Unit

Kanye West or art to overestimate themselves - The Point

" We must now deliver on the promise of America by trusting God, by uniting our vision and building our future. I am a candidate for the presidency of the United States. "Kanye West has become a firework in the head ? In the evening of the national day of the american, while half of the country grillait marshmallows a mask on the mouth, regretting the errors of Trump to stem the Covid, the rapper is launched in the race for the presidency of the United States. Elon Musk was quick to give him its full support (the two men are seen recently). The Weeknd also.

It's been years that Kanye speaks of a present, but, in the last election, it was finally supported Donald Trump and pushed his ambitions to 2024 (the date on which Trump has exhausted its mandates). But Saturday night, coup de theatre, he says he wants to run for the oval office in the next elections in November... Is it because the current president has repeatedly criticized the demonstrators from Black Lives Matter ? Kanye has frankly supported the movement, participating in marches and making donations. He was engaged also in the clip of his last song, " Wash Us In The Blood ", a duet with Travis Scott herald a new album, God's Country, a montage of images of Blacks who could no longer breathe, to Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor...

"God has chosen me"

At the beginning, we had not seen in this single sign that West had become a political man. His words are mostly biblical references (" Holy Spirit, come down / Holy Spirit, help now "), which is not surprising, "Yeezus Christ" has recently embraced the faith (he has released an album of rap, gospel and light of large masses every Sunday). In 2006, it was already raised, bloodied, and crown of thorns on the head, in Jesus, on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, under the title : "The passion of Kanye West ". Martyr of social networks, racism... In 2008, in an interview for Fader, Kanye said : "I am like a vessel and God has chosen me to be the voice and the connection. "In 2013, he sang bluntly that he was a god (" I Am a God "), on his album Yeezus, like the nickname that he gave himself (Jesus but with " ye ", the last two letters of his name). "West is my slave name and Yeezus is my God's name," he explained during a listening session of this album. Five years later, Kanye has officially changed its name to " Ye ". "It is the name most used in the Bible. It means " you ". So I am you I am we, it is us, " he said in the radio show Big Boy.

But listening well " Wash Us In The Blood ", one can find allusions to a possible program. For the improvement of the condition of African-Americans : "Whole Life bein'thugs / No choice sellin drugs / Genocide what it does / Slavery what it does ". Against the death penalty : "Thirthy states still execute / Thou shall not kill, I shall not spill ". He agrees, as his wife Kim Kardashian (funny first lady, but, after Melania, everything is possible), against overcrowding, a real problem in the United States : "We're dodgin'time in the federal / Squad box you in like a sectional ". In no Trump, he is the enemy of the fake news : "They wanna edit the interviews / They wanna take it to interludes / Cut a whole sentence to interlude / You know that it's fake if it's in the news ".

it is common for rappers to stand on top of the other (the nickname of Jay-Z is Yehovah...), the egotism of Kanye West going up to the feeling of omnipotence. Mark Beaumont, a journalist for the magazine of the English musical NME and author of a biography on Kanye West, had deciphered for us the psychology of the rapper : "he thinks He deserves to be the most powerful man in the world. It comes from her childhood : her mother has instilled the idea that it was to assert strongly his desires. At age eight, he did an imitation of Michael Jackson in a talent contest, and he lost. He was very affected. His mother told him to return and to leave nothing to chance. He has won four or five straight years. This episode showed him that he could get all he wanted of life. It worked in his career : when he was the producer of Jay-Z, they was not a rapper because he came from a more bourgeois, he was not a dealer of drugs as them... But he woke up yelling, "I want to be a rapper !" and started to rap in front of Jay-Z, again and again, until he leaves them to do it. After all, " continues Mark Beaumont, Kanye is a rapper hypertalentueux. The problem is that, recently, he started to want things he could not legitimately have. The mode, for example : he attended a course in fashion design and has launched a brand name which has no market. Since then, he has regularly complained about not being taken seriously by the world of fashion. Same for politics... His comment on Bush earned him the respect, but from there to declare that he was going to be president... in Short, it overestimates a little bit ! "

To this day, Kanye West is not affiliated to any party and it is already too late to file his nomination in six States... therefore, It is not nearly sit on the throne of president.

Updated Date: 06 July 2020, 10:33

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