Just shut it down? We have the Know-How for Corona-proof parties

On the 17. In January 1920, the Prohibition law came into America in force, the country-wide alcohol prohibition to produce, transport, sell and consume. It too

Just shut it down? We have the Know-How for Corona-proof parties

On the 17. In January 1920, the Prohibition law came into America in force, the country-wide alcohol prohibition to produce, transport, sell and consume. It took almost three years to put this law in force. Then it only lasted about two years, until a large illegal pub scene with the so-called "Speakeasys" – "Speakeasies" – had been formed, in which continue to diligently serve alcohol and was consumed. The access to the secret Bars was only granted if the visitor whispered to the correct code word.

Exactly 100 years later the celebration and the socializing will be banned again, by a complete industry receives a quasi-prohibition. Reason, the Coronavirus and the fear of mass infection is. Even though historical comparisons have limits, of course, always, nevertheless, a remarkable Parallel to determine.

The bill without the host

In every major city meet on weekends and now even weekdays in the evening and at night young people huddled together in the appointed places with brought drinks, or stand by the hundreds, close to kiosks. As a family-get-togethers declared barbecues, invited by WhatsApp in the snow ball system, and partly on-the-spot admission is charged, are not uncommon. Here is made in the literal sense of the bill without the host. The shadow economy is growing, while local restaurateurs and event organizers to come out.

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What can we learn from this? A strict ban, whether 100 years ago or today – is not only that people do the Forbidden secretly. The big difference between then and now is speed, because in our digital world, only the home office, and the Zoom is not a conference, but also the rule - and law-breaking is faster to organize than the beginning of the 20th century. Century.

The possibilities are

The prohibition of Events and Parties should serve the protection of human lives. This goal can be achieved in this way? I don't think so. After all, who thinks, that after months of Isolation, the need for communication, common joy of life and carefree celebrations, particularly among young people even longer suppress can, is sadly mistaken. When people celebrate secretly Parties and Events to organize, there are no possibilities of any infections to keep track of, because there is no logically complete the registration of the persons participating.

The professional event organizer, however, are definitely in the location, in addition to the reliable detection of the data, the sanitation and clearance rules to implement. The digital world in which everyone owns a Smartphone, offers the best possibilities for this. In my company we are practicing already for a long time. Check in / out times of all previously registered visitors will be reliably detected by a Software developed by us using smart phones. In the case of an infection, so all the guests could be informed by the push of a button and the authorities with the data to be made available. The Person

Sören Bauer and his Agency Sören Bauer Events, order Events, with participants satisfied for more than 25 years in the customer numbers from 80 up to 2,500.

especially Bauer, through its own productions, such as the media event "Movie meets Media", the Director's Cut", the economic summit "Euro-minds" or the "German sports journalists 'award" known.

In the year 2019 was founded by the entrepreneurs together with investors, the company Leaders Web GmbH, and operates the Business Club and participant Management System www.Face-Club.com.

Sören Bauer Events from The event Manager Sören Bauer

We do not differ in this respect from an airline, but have to accept, since a few weeks, that the people crowded together in the flyer may sit, while the same is prohibited in concerts, in theatre and on events. Just like on some of the international airports, at Events Corona could be used to make quick tests. The result can be read after 15 minutes, which corresponds to some of the events of the waiting time in front of the door.

"glad we met"

We event organizer are by nature creative and flexible. Changes do not scare us. On the contrary, we regard it as a challenge that we gladly take on. So the Events of the future will be more influenced by conversations. Communication is more important. The exchange of ideas is important.

For future Events, that is, in my opinion, will be the music down and the conversation intense, and more sustainable. If someone leaves a Party or an Event, is it then "It's a pleasure to have made your acquaintance", but "I'm glad we met." The difference lies in the quality of the encounter. Less Small Talk, more substance. We even returned to the locker in Schleswig-Holstein with a Dinner in a rustic setting for the nearly 50 people in the market. Just like many colleagues, we are experimenting with new formats and collect experiences. This motivates us and inspires us.

The event industry and related service providers and companies are in all respects ready to talk and reluctant to cooperate, but do not want to just stand by and watch, how your business is bleeding to death, while the Party - and event culture thrives in the shadow economy slowly.

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Everything is better than the standstill

we may not be able to receive with new rules for the visit of Events and new event concepts all the companies and jobs, but even if we save a part of them, is already a big win and a lot better than nothing. And even for those of us who will hit it particularly hard, is the certainty of better than the grueling downtime.

An entrepreneur to do nothing and Wait to condemn the worst thing you can do to him is. The event industry has always need to meet strict requirements and is trained. We are able to organize events under Corona conditions are perfect. Our industry thrives on planning. Therefore, we wish for nothing more than a planning horizon. You think Germany's future

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