Juicy and crispy: perfect spare ribs succeed - even on the gas grill | enjoyment

Juicy ribs belong to the king discipline of a grill master. As you succeed you perfectly and what you must observe we tell you here. ribs that are so tender t

Juicy and crispy: perfect spare ribs succeed - even on the gas grill | enjoyment

Juicy ribs belong to the king discipline of a grill master. As you succeed you perfectly and what you must observe we tell you here.

ribs that are so tender that they fall literally from the bones, are a real treat, and if you serve something to your guests, you will be awarded in the blink of an eye to the BBQ king.

to grill the perfect ribs, you need especially one thing: time. And ribs, Rub, sauce, smoke wood, beer and a barbecue with a lid. The more separates you from the ultimate BBQ treat. We will tell you how to use the 3-2-1-method perfect, tender ribs, prepare .

spare ribs grill: What meat is?

There are different rib cuts , suitable for the method described here. the Baby Back Ribs (loin ribs), Spare Ribs (belly ribs), and the St. Louis Cut (abdominal rib without cartilage-Ends) are the most popular. German butcher with the labels and blanks, however, will often not do anything, because you in this country are not taught. Note that ribs in Germany usually have a lot less meat than in America. This can lead to the fact that the meat is too long cooked. Here, it is very popular when the meat falls literally from the bone. So you do nothing wrong. If you want to have the Original Feeling of the US-Ribs, you can order online is the right ribs .

spare ribs grill: ribs, parrying, silver skin

remove First, you need to use the silver skin from the ribs, remove . This membrane is on the bone side. She is tough and prevents the spices enter the meat. Also remove excess fat . If you could only buy Spare Ribs, you can now also remove the Cartilage . Caution: Since the ribs can be sawed, can be found bone pieces on and in the flesh. Remove these carefully.

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Spareribs are familiar with grilling: Rubs himself and chops seasoning

Spice to make the Spareribs before grilling with a dry BBQ Rub . This special spice blend you can buy ready-made, or simply self settings:

6 TBSP paprika 3 TBSP salt 3 TBSP icing sugar 2 TBSP ground cumin 2 TBSP onion powder 1 TBSP pepper 1 TBSP mustard powder 1 TBSP chili powder

This BBQ Rub fits on the pork best, but also to poultry meat .

Sprinkle the Rub on both sides of the ribs starting with the bone side. They are quiet generous. You need the flesh before, not with mustard or Oil prepare . The Würzpulver liable by the moisture in the meat. Let the Rub just 20 to 30 minutes , before you season the other side of the spare ribs . You'll have to wait another half an hour, before you put the ribs on the Grill. The seasoning must be well fed. You can wrap the spare ribs also available in cling film, and the spices, leave overnight. This makes the taste but not a big difference.

spare ribs grill: Grill to prepare for indirect grilling

ribs, one cooked slowly at temperatures of around 120 degree Celcius . So that you can keep the temperature well, you need a barbecue cover , you can indirect grilling . The meat is not directly over the heat source. You can do this in charcoal grill , by pushing the coals to the side. Under the meat, put a drip pan with water to meat juice and fat to compensate. In the gas barbecue pre-heat the Grill and turn off the burner directly under the food,. In the case of both grill types of the lid must remain closed during cooking . the The charcoal grill you use briquettes , as these hold the heat very long.

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spare ribs grill: First Phase – Smoking

the spare ribs get your special taste, you will be at the beginning smoked . To do this, you special incense wood pieces on the glow place. Dose careful, because the smoke acts as a spice. You begin with two to three pieces and increase it according to your needs and personal taste the next Time.

Once you have inserted the Incense, you can put the ribs on the Grill. Close the lid so that the smoke remains in the Grill and the meat optimally can pull. If you want to go the the spare ribs stewing at the right temperature and your Grill is no temperature indicator in the lid , you should buy a BBQ thermometer .

Leave the ribs for about three hours in the barbecue cooking and Smoking . After this time you should have a reddish-brown color.

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Spareribs: Second Phase – Wrapping

Smoking you wrap the spare ribs tightly in aluminum foil a and enter a shot liquid . Best> beer, wine, Apple juice or Apple cider are steam for two hours . They keep the temperature of 120 degree Celsius easy. After the cooking time, unwrap the ribs gently. The meat should now be very soft and detach from the bone.

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spare ribs grill: third Phase – paint

Now you have reached the last Phase, which lasts an hour. Take the ribs so carefully from the foil, that no flesh dissolves and place them on the Grill. the coat with a BBQ sauce of your choice . Here, it depends entirely on your taste. Some sauces are more fruity, others more smoky. Mix the sauce with a little honey or maple syrup, to miss the spare ribs a beautiful Shine. the you brush the sauce on the ribs . This works best if you got a little heated.

Now you can cook the ribs once more at 120 degrees Celsius for half to one hour . You can raise the temperature to 150 degrees Celsius, then the sauce caramelizes more. If you like it a little "soßiger", can rich the ribs after half of the cooking time once once.

After this last round, the spare ribs should be like you. Juicy, tender and crumbly. Have fun, Enjoy and praise for the benefits.

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