José María Garzón, taurine orchestra, entrepreneur and agent of success

The appearance of José María Garzón (Seville, 1973) is an entrepreneur and modern-a friend of innovation, agenda full, tireless traveler-, but he is defined, fi

José María Garzón, taurine orchestra, entrepreneur and agent of success

The appearance of José María Garzón (Seville, 1973) is an entrepreneur and modern-a friend of innovation, agenda full, tireless traveler-, but he is defined, first of all, as a bullfighting vocation from a young age. In truth it is a bullfighting orchestra, a successful businessman in places as important as Granada and Algeciras, among others, and, from a few days ago, also in charge of the Cordoba, and the only one that has managed to hire José Tomás in his last two appearances in the arenas; brand new proxy Paco Ureña, one of the first figures of bullfighting current; rancher family until three years ago, and fond of practical that boasts of having toreado in 25 festivals between Spain and America.

it Holds the title of expert agricultural, and never applied the knowledge learned. He worked in his youth as an important group of automotive andalusian, but soon left the payroll by the call of the bull.

-“My father was a crazy bullfighting,” says Garzón, “and their four children toreábamos every day after lunch instead of taking a nap; that's why I say that mine is pure vocation.”

His parents died in a traffic accident when Jose Maria was fourteen years old. “This fatality marked a lot my life and I created a bond very strong with the party.”

“The company taurine is not modernized”

this explains why, when it released the age of majority he made his first dabbling as an entrepreneur taurine in small spaces, portable, and, in the company of his brothers, bought 50 cows, he rented a small farm and became a farmer.

-“Perhaps, for all that, for the family heritage and my natural inclinations, I left it all by the bull. Six months of being married, I came to my house and told my wife: ‘this is over’, and since then I dedicate myself to the thing that I really like.”

“My experience as an entrepreneur is positive. Live it, and I acknowledge that the business goes to me very well. I have suffered failures great, but they have been fundamental to the success”.

José María Garzón, along with José Tomás. Arjona-Applause

Garzon speaks with enthusiasm of his profession; not in vain is a member prominent of the new wave of young entrepreneurs bullfighting is about to make his way in a tangle, exclusive and intricate business to the basis of imagination and approaches of the modern enterprise. Critical of the system, overflowing with optimism about the present and the future of the fiesta of the bulls, and not hurt garments to recognize the errors of the system.

“The company taurine is not modernized,” says José María Garzón. “Usually,” he continues, “there is no structure or business mentality that allow it to move forward; hence, I have worked hard to create a company with a professional team outside of the world of bullfighting. In this sense, I have learned from football. And until I'm convinced this is not started to operate”.

Garzon states that “bullfighting is the feast more deep-rooted in Spanish culture”, but does not hide its internal problems. “We are in the XXI century and we need to improve in many ways, reinvent ourselves, launching new initiatives, etc, is Not admissible, for example, that the seats are so uncomfortable; something must be done”.

“The good entrepreneur is the agent of the public”

“We have lost two generations of potential fans”; he insists. “We have accommodated, we have believed that people would continue to flock to the seats by inertia, as was the case a few years ago. And it is not so. The guilty are the professionals, all of them. It is true that go young and take care of them; now directs the public and educate so that it becomes a hobby”.

- it Is said that the bullfighters charge much...

- “I maintain that the restructuring of the fees of the bullfighters. Some charge over and above what they generate. Are artists and their income must be in proportion to what they produce in the box office”.

- But the most cobra is José Tomás.

- “Thomas is the bullfighter and more profitable for the company.”

- are you a friend of the bullfighter?

- “No. The relationship that I've had for hire in Algeciras and Granada was kept exclusively with your agent, and there has not been more”.

- How can I convince them to view of lights?


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- That question had to have them.

- do you Try to take him to Cordoba?

- Hopefully. I pray every day for it. I have assumed the commitment to manage that square from the first by a moral obligation, and I am very excited about the project. I am confident in my team and we'll go ahead with the help of all. I'm just the manager,”

- it is Not necessary to ask if Paco Ureña will be announced at the fair in cordoba.

- “The first thing I want to say is that I am delighted to be the agent of the matador, a figure undisputed, that it has won a place in all the important trade fairs and in good posters. Still saves an enormous potential, and I think that's still a sixty percent of their capacity. Do not forget that the loss of an eye requires a lot of shooting”.

- And what has not dreamed you never with dressing of lights and change the computer for the muleta and the sword?

- “I Never wanted to be a bullfighter, only an amateur's practical.”

- you Prefer to see the bulls from the office...

- “Yes, because the good entrepreneur is the agent of the public, and I am very entrepreneur when I defend the interests of the one who passed by the box office. Work for the celebration of bullfighting is a spectacle, entertaining and exciting”.

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Date Of Update: 26 December 2019, 02:00