Jetpeel: deep-Pore cleaning of the skin with Immediate effect

Radiant, beautiful skin without Make-Up a dream, especially in the summer! A popular method for this effect are treatments different face. You can help to creat

Jetpeel: deep-Pore cleaning of the skin with Immediate effect

Radiant, beautiful skin without Make-Up a dream, especially in the summer! A popular method for this effect are treatments different face. You can help to create a youthful fresh complexion. So, the JetPeel-method, which is currently one of the most popular Facials. JetPeel is a patented treatment method for cleansing the skin, at the small nozzles at the speed of sound to be used. The Facial is often used for the treatment of pigment spots, blemishes and scars. Unlike the Name, the face can be treatment suspect, is the JetPeel is gentle to the skin and does not look invasive. Here you, what lies behind the Facial Trend to know.

What is JetPeel?

JetPeel is a relatively new offering in the field of cosmetics. In the case of a JetPeel-treatment of a water-Gas is applied to the mixture of small nozzles at supersonic speed, and over 700 kilometres an hour on the skin. Which sounds painful, is actually very gentle to the skin: The top skin layer is exfoliated by the aerosol beam gently, without pain and without going deeper penetrate into the skin. In this non-invasive method, the Epidermis is supplied in a sustainable way with oxygen.

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As a JetPeel treatment work?

Prior to treatment with the JetPeel method, the skin area is cleaned, all dirt, sebum and dead skin cells released. The upper skin (in medicine called the Epidermis) is then treated by means of a lymphatic drainage (a special Form of Massage in the case of congestion of the Tissue fluid). This supports the removal of harmful substances from the skin. After cleaning, the Peeling is carried out with the aid of the nozzles by supersonic speed. "In a strong cornification of the skin or lots of blemishes, here are also suitable acids can be used," explains skin and nutritional therapist Nina Regus. With the Jet applicator, then different, on the respective skin type and its needs matched sera, and highly concentrated Beauty can be reagents in a distance of one centimeter is applied. For example, different vitamins, hyaluronic acid or antioxidants. In the last step a to the respective skin type the mask is applied, which helps to provide recordable skin after the JetPeel-method intensively with moisture.

how Much is a JetPeel treatment?

The cost per treatment to be between 100 and 200 euros.

How long does a treatment with JetPeel-method?

A normal treatment usually takes about an hour.

after the first treatment, a visible Instant effect?

"Yes, it is," says Nina Regus gives. The JetPeel delivers a fresh Glow to the skin, as well as for improved skin. The skin looks noticeable fresher, smoother and revitalized. Due to the Smoothing of the outer appearance of the skin, the JetPeel-treatment also causes a certain Anti-Aging effect that will minimize small lines and wrinkles.

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What kind of care is recommended, after a JetPeel treatment?

The first three to four days after treatment with JetPeel-method the direct sun should be avoided, advises Nina Regus. Unlike conventional Peeling methods must not be omitted after a JetPeel, however, on sports. And what to look for otherwise, according to a JetPeel treatment? "The usual face care can continue to be, as usual, applied to," says the skin expert. For optimal care of the treated skin products are recommended, however, the light protection factor and targeted agents.

How long does a JetPeel treatment and how often should I repeat?

skin expert Nina Regus reveals: "The treatment gives an instant Kick of Freshness, which is built up over a period of three days after the treatment. This condition holds, depending on the consumption of the active ingredients in the skin for up to three weeks." From four to six sessions will result in the long-term effect can be seen, which is why most of the Patient*made in monthly intervals treat.

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What are the side effects can occur in a JetPeel?

As it was in the JetPeel a gentle type of Peeling can occur slight redness, Nina Regus. But these should be gone mostly at the end of a treatment again.

to Whom to recommend a JetPeel to?

treatment with JetPeel method is recommended for any age and skin condition. "For the treatment of diseased skin (acne, rosacea, or psoriasis), or for the correction of scars, I would grab but more intense Peeling," said Regus.

there Are similar methods for the JetPeel treatment?

Similar exfoliating methods, which work on a similar principle (on the peel the intake of active substances) as follows. For example, a Hydra facial, which with the aid of a vacuum, the pores are cleaned, or a Microdermabrasion, a targeted ablation of the top layer of skin. But: "These treatments are much more intense and not recommended for any skin types," explains Nina Regus.

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