I've Stetten served mittelstetten in the best way possible | medium

The evening of the 15th. March was bitter for Andreas Spörl. He was voted out of office as mayor – after only six years. Mittelstetten – Nevertheless, he look

I've Stetten served mittelstetten in the best way possible | medium

The evening of the 15th. March was bitter for Andreas Spörl. He was voted out of office as mayor – after only six years.

Mittelstetten – Nevertheless, he looks back with satisfaction and optimistic in its future, in its local policy.

Mr Spörl, have you recovered from your defeat in the election?

of Course, it was at the beginning a disappointment. But now is the time to make the Best of it.

How does it feel to be suddenly simple, a municipal Council member?

I can deal with it. There is a certain burden from the shoulders fell, and I feel now a degree of freedom in the choice of words.

you will be in the future, no sheet before the mouth?

I'm going to Express my opinion more clearly. The mayor also have the right to an honest opinion of the municipal Council members, also if you should be uncomfortable.

you See your role more reserved, or rather as a counselor?

After my successor, striking with the Slogan "Franz, can advertised the's," probably more of the Former. However, I believe that I understand with my experience of the last six years, some more or in Detail better than someone who has not heard the office so. I will, if he lays on my advice of value, but not to save.

asked your successor to you for advice?

Yes, with regard to the upgrading of posts for sewage treatment plants-rehabilitation. Should I continue to run. If I get the time, and have not yet been determined.

How did you find the first meeting under the direction of Franz Ostermeier?

Getting used to. I had to chuckle a couple of Times into me, and some things I would have worded differently. But on the Whole, he has a good inaugural session hung. It is also the form of alien were in the first line, Yes.

Were Stetten your six years is a good time for the Mediterranean?

I think the mayor Spörl has used the community more than cost. But the fruits of my labor to hang, so to speak, still in the ripening process on the tree. Alone in the space for housing the country, I see significant advantages, which I have brought for the town out. One of the thickest boards of the city hall building was. Refugees have a moral obligation was to accommodate.

Some of these tasks you have taken on. Your own idea of the commercial area.

I have not spoken just for me. I am still of the Belief that a municipality has a solid financial cushion better than without. With higher income taxes, you can't expect necessarily, fees are also optionally can be increased. What remains is the long-term source of income for trade tax.

Would you pursue such a project again with the same vehemence?

The commercial area is failed because of several points. Maybe it was the size, may be the situation, when one or the other, maybe the personal well-being by reason of the owner. But the wishes of a private man, have not played a role. When you get areas, the traffic are convenient, it doesn't matter who they belong to. And at a reasonable price, I'm someone who accesses.

Are you proud of your term of office?

Proud is the wrong word. I am satisfied with my work. I have used the community in the best way possible and served.

A majority of citizens seems to have seen differently. Why?

you have to ask the citizens. My result isn't gun at all. Apparently, the funds stettener to trust but Franz Ostermeier more or feel better off with him. But what was, ultimately, for the Kreuzerl crucial – who knows?

How is it now working for you?

I look that I bring my company up and Running again and looks to the future with confidence.

rested the business all the time?

As mayor, as I spent not 20, but 40 to 50 hours a week in the office. Since there is little room for else.

you still offer Payroll advice for dentists?

exactly. The future is definitely positive. I am an Optimist.

you Are also an Optimist as regards their political future?

I am a political person. But the time has not yet come to position themselves there. I leave it to me for the future.

A Comeback attempt is not excluded?

not Excluded, but unlikely. At least the office of an honorary mayor, not definitely out of the question. Responsibility, expenditure of time and remuneration are not commensurate. And the mayor to be only from Tuesdays to Thursdays, will no longer meet the requirements. Althegnenberg has proven that a small community can make a full-time mayor.

Would you run as the main official again?

The time to think about, is not yet come.

you have your main residence in Jesenwang. You actually come often to Mittelstetten?

I have, nonetheless, my second residence in Central Stetten. This is sufficient to learn enough about what is Happening in the place. It is no exile, there is currently just the appropriate property, I would predict. But I think the distance is doing well. (op)

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