It is difficult for me to be able to people not to touch

Angelina cherry is living proof against the stereotype of the supercooled Northern Germany. You early in the Morning a good mood, you hear loud laughter on the

It is difficult for me to be able to people not to touch

Angelina cherry is living proof against the stereotype of the supercooled Northern Germany. You early in the Morning a good mood, you hear loud laughter on the phone - and you can think of, that of Schleswig-Holstein, the distance of the new Corona-society rules in everyday life is difficult. Nevertheless, Angelina cherry finds these rules is important. And she emphasizes how meticulously they are just implemented in the case of television productions. Not only in their new, three-part "Guinness World Records"Show (from Friday, 19.6., 20.15 clock, SAT.1), but also in the new season of the culinary competition "The taste", the Germany's flagship Plussize Model as a presenter for a broadcast in the late summer of records. In the case of a Show that has to do with cooking and eating seem to be, Anti-infection measures, is particularly important. In the Interview, studied the North-German (business administration and music Sciences), on which record you are currently working and what are the developments in the Post-pandemic society, you fear reveals.

/ Lukas Schulze Teleschau

teleschau: you have hosted three seasons of "Curvy Supermodel". The Show is now in the files, because the audience interest was low?

Frazer Harrison / for Mercedes-Benz tele show

Angelina cherry: The interest was not low, otherwise we would have had to send three squadrons. I would also like to say that the Show is completely buried. She's too much a matter of the heart. Maybe more someday ...

2019 /Matthias Nareyek Teleschau

teleschau: How did off the Show, the market situation for the Plus Size Models?

2019 /Andreas Rentz Teleschau

Angelina cherry: Very positive. Curvy Models are fully arrived in the market. More and more women are discovered, internationally, and many of them come from Germany. Abroad, it is estimated that the typical German virtues: reliability and discipline. I also find that there are a lot of great-looking, curvy Models. Their market continues to grow. If one considers, however, land, Magazine, and television advertising, still dominate the thin Models. So it is still air upwards, what other parts of the body relates to the images and also types in the Model skin business. There is more to every case.

Vittorio Zunino Celotto/ for IMG Teleschau Hula-Hoop against Corona frustration

teleschau: Now you have - in front of the television camera for the first time, the Models adopted and present the "Guinness World Records"Show. Do you have records of a relationship?

Angelina cherry: Yes, absolutely. I devoured the Guinness books earlier.

teleschau: what are the record-breaking attempt had to be afraid of?

Angelina cherry: Above all, what has that to do with great height. If people between two high-balance homes, or from a high cliff jump, I get goose bumps when reading. I need not even pictures. I have quite a fear of heights.

teleschau: you Are so good at something that you have thought about yourself for a record attempt to log in?

Angelina cherry: I've discovered during the Corona-lock downs Hula-Hoop for me. I would like to say that I'm a Pro or close to record areas off - but it works pretty well for me. So about an hour, I can keep the thing in motion. Often, I will make a conclusion, because an hour is quite a lot of time. But I could probably hold still longer ...

teleschau: Have you looked up where the current world record in Hula-Hoopen is?

Angelina cherry: The 100 hours and was set up last year in November from a woman in Australia.

Florian Ebener/ tele look with the Strictest hygiene regulations in the case of "The key"

teleschau: How do you have the Corona-Lockdown survived? They were more the type a disciplined Athlete and worker - or have you eaten more and let yourself go?

Angelina cherry: Both happened - as is the case with most people, I guess. Of course, I've wasted even days on the Couch, which I enjoyed also. It brings nothing to castigate yourself for it. If lazy, to depend on, really. On the other hand, I have been looking for new tasks. For example, Hula-Hoop, or my move. I'm drawn during the Corona period with my boyfriend.

teleschau: you work so well as before, even as a Model. Include photo shoots and fashion shows until Further notice, to those things of which you do not know when you are ready to go again?

Angelina cherry: fashion have been canceled, of course, look all. I don't think there are really any concrete plans of how and when such Events are recorded. Shootings there are now. As well as television shows. Two productions have in common that they must be held under the strictest Hygiene and safety regulations. I'm watching the new season of "The taste" - and this is a new kind of television ...

teleschau: In the case of "The button" it goes to food and eating. This is not a particularly sensitive one?

Angelina cherry: In the catering industry strict hygiene regulations are Standard and nothing New. On the Set, it now pays just more on Hygiene. All of the people that come in with food contact, wear gloves, Mouth guard and visor. Of course, the Show also takes place under observance of clearance rules. Even we, who stand in front of the camera, wearing until the last Moment, when the cameras are turned on, a mask. Or, like me, to a visor. Otherwise, the Make-up would be very quickly gone. We also have a Corona Officer, who checked all the Details of the shoot constantly. It is interesting - one learns the Fernsehjob again from a completely different perspective know.

RTL / Stefan Gregorowius tele show "We go with a different mindfulness through the world"

teleschau: During the lock downs all the people had to change their lifestyle dramatically. They hope that soon everything will return to normal, or do you think that many of the new behavior will remain wise?

Angelina cherry: I am firmly convinced that it will never be the same again. Of course, we feel many of the things that a normal. It will, however, remain in the people enshrined that they pay more attention to Hygiene. You will wash at home, always first hands. I think we go with a different mindfulness through the world.

teleschau: And ... that you find good?

Angelina cherry: Yes and no. I think it is good that we see more of each other. Also on ourselves. Nevertheless, I hope that there will be a kind of new normality in our lives in which we feel safe and comfortable. I just noticed that I am a very physical person. It is difficult for me to be able to people at the Job or in the Private do not touch. I'm just like someone in the Arm.

teleschau: do you Believe that Embrace and physicality will come back?

Angelina cherry: not at the moment, I think. The people are already irritated, if you come to close. It has to do with respect for others and social responsibility that you do. Nevertheless, it is striking to me that I had to change me in this respect. It is said that the North Germans are cold and distant. I was always of the opinion that this is only a prejudice. I myself am the best example (laughs).

"still, you wear no mask"

teleschau: The rules for "Social Distancing" are passed to Be many people already in flesh and blood. We company a less physical?

Angelina cherry: I hope not. But, of course, a great danger that we are living permanently distant is. As for distance control, the mask duty came to be, you have removed yourself even further from the other. Now you can read, no faces, no mine game more or talk about it. We will us stranger this clearly. I try this with even more warmth to compensate - but that's not anywhere good.

teleschau: How do you mean?

Angelina cherry: the other day I was check in at the airport at security and had to unmask, because that was there rule. As I was illuminated, I the lady said the fact, a friendly "Good Morning". As it was said: "Be quiet, do not wear mask." And I, to the side, saying: "I'm sorry, I can't wear the mask." - "Can you just shut up", came back to it. If we have to deal in future with each other, that would surely not good for our life together.

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