It is constantly in battle with the externals

In the German Film he was long regarded as the forever young guy who went through, even years after graduation, still as a student. Fabian Bush, as the "Sympat

It is constantly in battle with the externals

In the German Film he was long regarded as the forever young guy who went through, even years after graduation, still as a student. Fabian Bush, as the "Sympathetic-Naive" busy, as he puts it, made from the late ' 90s with highly acclaimed dramas such as "23" and "Are learning" is a name. After and in-between: a lot of thrillers, many comedies, but also some Experimental. Prominent roles like in the Hitler Satire "He's back" (2015) and in the U.S. hit series "Fargo" (2017 ) alternated with periods of lull, as Bush says today. Now that he has 44 years of life behind and greyed hair on the head, he is no longer young anymore and if, then how in the Roadtrip Comedy "The summer after high school" (Thursday, 25. June, 20.15 clock, ZDF) only young-at-heart men who believe to have missed something. And yet the native of East Berlin who worked already during his school time as a young actor in post-reunification Germany, sometimes a little corners and edges want. What does that have to do with his Image, why much revolves around appearances and how he experienced his own OJ-time, reveals to Fabian Busch in an Interview.


teleschau: they Had - as in the Film - in the 90s, in reality, a straight-a-Golf?

ZDF / Britta Krehl Teleschau

Fabian Busch: Yes, actually! The beige colors and accompanied me through my Graduation time. At the time, I was much with my girlfriend in Berlin-Kreuzberg, but in Hellersdorf to school and living with my parents. So I went with the Golf, always from a new quarter in Hellersdorf and back.

ZDF / Britta Krehl Teleschau

teleschau: you lived during your Abizeit in the Plattenbau?

ZDF / ARTE / Frédéric Batier Teleschau

Bush: just before the turn, I moved with my parents from Treptow then. Before that, we lived in a although from the outside the beautiful house, the rotted but the inside. It was raining and you couldn't live there. Since the prefab hot water was not an Alternative (laughs).

2016 /Andreas Rentz Teleschau

teleschau: In the movie there is the classic "Abi-Clique". They also had one of those?

Bush: Well, there are friends and buddies with whom you filled with 18, 19, the cafes. However, it was not in Hellersdorf, you didn't want to hang out in front of the school, but had to drive in the city. But a clique of hangers, I was not, as I separated myself a little because I was already a lot of traveling with my girlfriend. In addition, I already had a best friend, with whom I did everything, and he still is today. You also have to say that I've turned to this much and could not drive, therefore, often on a class trip.

teleschau: That is, even before the OJ they had a special status at the school?

Bush: Yes, of course. Both the teachers and the classmates. I was able to do as a student free and movies! There were sayings such as "Oh, the people's actor look over". As the one or the other might have been a bit jealous. In a clique environment you can make it as this is the only wrong: If you absonderst you, you're arrogant, you're trying to be part of the group, then you kiss my ass. I was constantly on the Fight - finally, I wanted to apply just as normal, what I was, in their eyes, of course.

teleschau: And the teachers?

Bush: Many of the teachers did not believe that I could create the Abi, if I turn up at the same time, movies. You were right for the part. I had really bad grades. I'm disappointed in the writing OJ pretty Gera, I wanted it to the teachers, my parents and prove to me. And I learned six weeks blunt by heart (laughs).

"but You will be classified in terms of the roles early in life,"

teleschau: Have you loaded these judgments of the other in retrospect?

Bush: no. I had at that time already completely different interests. To turn as I with 15, 16 started, I suddenly a world with a lot of older people, with whom I spent a lot of time. The were then good friends, and I surrounded myself with a completely different circle of friends. Therefore, I was not so bad.

teleschau: in the beginning of the 90s, you had to do shortly after the turn of as a young East German, especially with the West German film scene. They had such a special status?

Bush: a Lot of people are still surprised today if you find out that I was laughing from the East, am ()! As it is, then after a few days: "What, you're from the East? I would have thought Yes never!" - whatever the hell that means then. Certain prejudices and a certain Think there is still. And also I notice today, if someone comes from the East!

teleschau: What?

Bush: There's a different kind of liability there. Everything seems to be personal, you are more care of each other, even if it comes from a society in which there was a lot of distrust. It has to do with the way to be. But this is also clear: As a society, and then a break - that shapes the people and is reflected in their behavior. Therefore, we recognized from the East us mostly with each other.

tele show: after the turn you were a grown-up. Would you describe yourself as a child of the 90s?

Bush: Good question. Always when I see movies about the 90, then I realize that there's a time is not described, which I experienced at all. I've worked for the age in which it is made, Interrail, Festivals and all that, I just. So I didn't live my youth really - but according to the Abi, just a lot of turned.

teleschau: The title track "the summer after graduation," they spent so with work?

Bush: Yes, of course. This was in the summer of '94 - I think I turned one more divider in Prague.

teleschau: Since then, she has played in a variety of formats and genre, but often a similar type. The nerves can?

Bush: As an actor you want to play as many different roles. Because I think I can speak for almost all of the colleagues. You will, however, be classified in terms of the roles early in life. For many I was just the nice-Naive - and remained. So I've made my peace. Clearly the characters are likely to have a few rough edges - but this is more of less the Problem.

teleschau: what is it?

Bush: For annoying, I think, rather, other factors: If you make too much TV, not for cinema interesting. Also, if you do too much advertising. But to a lot of movies, say the TV people: "we don't even need to ask." If you turn too often for the ARD, asks strangely enough, the ZDF rare. This is an eternal Balance. You have to line up as wide as possible.

"It would be nice to play with my Image,"

teleschau: Was it in your career turning points, after which the easier?

Bush: Interestingly, there was always, if I made a successful Film, and then a valley. I could explain that to me never. An example "was learning" in 2003. Because no longer was it due to the fact that I was the naive youth who does 25 still, as he would be the laughingstock of the school (). Nevertheless, I was still too young to play a father. I'll have to let me grow a Beard. In the meantime, I have grey hair and the dye must, so I'm going as a 40-Year-old. It is constantly in battle with the externals.

teleschau: Are the gray hairs this causes a Problem for you?

Bush: Sometimes I think I should come to the Casting with dyed hair (laughs). But otherwise, I have no Problem at all. We are also here to change us - and we love it! But I think, if this secret is spoken - that is, for example, not "the Arzttyp". I know Doctors who are so like me! (laughs)

teleschau: What are the changes in your roles, you would irritate it?

Bush: It would be nice to play with my Image. I've been waiting for. That which is broken within a character time. A bit like Martin Freeman in "Fargo," perhaps. A character who brings all of this, but deep inside another man. That would be lovely.

teleschau: Such bold fabrics looks thanks to streaming services in recent years, a growing number ...

Bush: I certainly see a change in the substances. I hope also that the time of the Corona-pandemic, has not been rotated in the other possibilities for the material development offered. The Problem is not the authors, but the System are. Often much is produced too fast, although many of the stories and characters could use more time.

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