In the realm of the alligators

The propeller motor of the Airboats roaring in deafening volume. Early Morning at the Sawgrass Recreation Park in Weston, 40 miles West of Fort Lauderdale. At t

In the realm of the alligators

The propeller motor of the Airboats roaring in deafening volume. Early Morning at the Sawgrass Recreation Park in Weston, 40 miles West of Fort Lauderdale. At that time, the Chance is greatest, animals to get the face, says Tim Schwartzman. For the past 16 years, the 36-Year-old with his boat rides through the Everglades tropical swamp in southern Florida, which attracts over half a Million tourists.

At the wheel, slightly raised above the blue Seats, has a Tim like a king, the proudly presents his lands. Here are just a "Gator Tim call it all". Because he has a lot of white – not only about alligators and crocodiles, but also about the numerous plants, birds, and mammals that frolic in this area.

The Everglades national Park covers more than 5500 square kilometers. Here are over 40 mammal species, over 50 species of reptiles and over 300 species of fish and birds. Probably Tim could list you all individually. Because he is not only a tourist guide, but also takes care of the animals and plants, it reacts, for example, if an invasive Plant that threatens the balance of the habitat. At least 60 animal species in the Everglades home, are threatened with extinction, says Schwartzman, before he navigated the boat gently on an open surface, and the propeller motor turns off. He wants one of these endangered animal species show. The boat glides quietly through the water.

attack of The Lizard

EMS vehicle buzzing mosquitoes and a dragonfly; three alligators swimming into the field of view. "There is no reason to worry," assures Tim. "Alligators are very lazy hunter. If need be, you can survive a whole year without food, and people don't attack you."

The Alligator is one of the 60 endangered species in the Everglades home. Photo: iStock

What is the Guide conceals just: He's been attacked once by an Alligator, in knee-deep water, on one of his routine tours through the swamp area. As his knee had been hit from the jaws of the Alligator, he tells us later, did it feel as if someone has beaten Smith, and so on with a baseball bat against it. Such experiences remind Tim that his workplace is outdoors, he must always be on guard. Tim's fascination for the Everglades do such encounters with alligators, however, not detract. On the contrary: "I feel large, potentially dangerous animals more attracted to."

In the mangrove Tunnel

The area around Greater Fort Lauderdale is also less however, strong variations from which to explore the unique nature. The Anne Kolb Nature Center in Hollywood extends over 4000 square meters. Numerous water trails wind through the mangrove forests. Mangroves are typical for South Florida. Not only do they protect the coast from Storms and floods, but also help to preserve the water quality. They filter pollutants and ensure that a variety of animals and plants thrive in the perfect habitat.

The best means of transport for the discovery tour of the five-kilometre-long route is the canoe. It also bottlenecks tackled effortlessly. The passages where the mangroves from both sides have grown together and a damp Tunnel form, create the illusion to the passengers in the boats, in the deepest Wilderness to penetrate. And sometimes you think how pleasant it would be to travel in the wind to a loud roaring Airboats through the jungle.

Fort Lauderdale is considered the Venice of America. This is not due to numerous channels, but because of the crowds of tourists. The waterways stretch over 265 kilometers. The boat is not only a valables means of locomotion for exploring the natural surroundings, but is in the city of the everyday traffic.

water taxis connect attractions, Hotels, Restaurants, and shops in Fort Lauderdale. Photo: iStock

if you don't own, falls back on the Water Taxi that commutes every day, twelve hours between the Hollywood Boulevard to the South, the Oakland Park Boulevard to the North and Las Olas Boulevard. With the romance of Venice, this travel has not much in common, intriguing is the journey between the skyscrapers of the city centre but all. And a small Triumph for the water passengers, if for a boat, a bridge is drawn and the whole street traffic is at a standstill.

The trip to Florida was supported by the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau.

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