In the case of the cases

Without a yellow plastic Cape you can not get behind the water front. To wear the protection, is advisable. In the rock-hewn hallway has a viewing platform to t

In the case of the cases

Without a yellow plastic Cape you can not get behind the water front. To wear the protection, is advisable. In the rock-hewn hallway has a viewing platform to the water. But Spray spray felt everywhere, so that the sensing strip becomes a wet pleasure.

First of all, it is on foot or with the Lift of 45 meters in depth, then 200 meters along the water front of Niagara falls. In 1903, the tube on the Table-Rock between the US was built state of New York and the canadian province of Ontario. The masses of water, the noise loud over us, creating a high humidity, it takes on the skin and the nose true. Green mould and algae have established themselves on the walls low.

With tremendous force and volume, thundering 2800 cubic meters of water every second over the heads of the visitors away. The vibration of the tunnel you can feel throughout the body. Experiences that have already made millions of people – among them Princess Diana, John F. Kennedy or Harry S. Truman. Also Marilyn Monroe, as the 1953 Film "Niagara" was filmed, the cases with the water as an eerily beautiful backdrop.

The number of visitors is regulated. Only a certain number of people must at the same time in the low gear. At the entrance, you are told how difficult it was to make a sort of tube behind the wet wonders of nature. Among us-trip vessels to fight in the dozen against the foaming masses of water. You can bring passengers as close as possible to the Points where the waters of the Niagara river plunge into the depth. We learn that it was originally the 21 billion litres per hour, changed the level. Today, the countries bordering the United States and Canada branches of the half for energy production.

The Water show moves back annually to one Meter.

The three waterfalls, Horseshoe Falls, Bridal Veil Falls and American Falls, which are collectively referred to as the Niagara falls form the border between the two States. Visitors know that the water spectacle moved back annually to one Meter. The force of the water erodes the soft shale layers at the escarpment, until the overlying Rock collapses. On the boards you are told that the "Thundering waters" was already rotating time of the valve. American geologists were conducting in 1969, a study of the natural Erosion of the falls and dammed the river. What was the reason, visible, documented, a black-and-white photo.

And there were Death-defying, which were in a wooden ton to fall into the abyss. Not all have survived the fall from 54 to 58 meters in height. Sure – as a miracle – a seven-year-old Boy who was thrown in a boat accident in the river. He drove the edge of the water, plunged into the deep and was at the bottom of ship passengers from the foaming water fished. Fortunately, he was wearing a life vest.

to freeze Earlier in Winter, and almost completely

It is moving in a Tunnel from image Board to image Board, protected by concrete walls, in which large Openings are recessed. Like a milky curtain, the water roars, the Spray penetrates deep into the aisle. With the yellow Cape is not a Problem. At the latest, on the observation deck, which sits right on the edge of the Niagara falls far into the river, cameras and Smartphones are whipped out.

Where else comes close to a breathtaking natural wonder like that? It is a highlight of the Journey-behind-the-falls-Tour, with a price equivalent to 20 francs each and every movie in the shade. The water foamed and boiled, as if some one in the middle of a witch's cauldron. The Spray rising from the green-and-white marbled floods like hell fog, and the excursion boats only an arm's length felt the fight away against flow and wave action.

A unique experience never to be forgotten never, even if you share it with 30 other tippet-makers. It's hard to believe that in the 19th century. Century, the Niagara falls in the Winter freeze almost completely and only a small trickle of paved the way over the cliff. Also, it must have been a spectacular sight.

The trip was supported by Destination Canada. The Tour "Journey behind the falls" takes 1.5 hrs.;

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