In the balloon over Dubai desert float

It is still pitch dark in the Arabian desert. Somewhere lamps or spot lights, but a couple of bag. Several men in beige Overalls run around and prepare the hot-

In the balloon over Dubai desert float

It is still pitch dark in the Arabian desert. Somewhere lamps or spot lights, but a couple of bag. Several men in beige Overalls run around and prepare the hot-air balloon ride. Two established fans now blow air into the envelope of the balloon. Speed is of the essence, because once the morning sets in twilight, and it is getting bright.

The Hungarian chief pilot Peter Kollar of Balloon Adventures Dubai, is now on the Gas and turns on two of the four burners. A huge, around three-Meter-wide jet of flame forth hisses. The colorful, bloated Behemoth made of synthetic Material is more and more. It stands already, but Kollars colleagues brace themselves with all their strength against it. The one holding the basket on the ground, the other to the balloon on a long leash.

Dubai beyond the hustle and bustle: A recording shortly before the start of the hot-air balloon adventure. Photo: Barbara Reye's

"Now all clean", calls Kollar. "Buckle up, squat and hold on tight." Then he heats up again properly. Slowly we climb higher. First of all, you will feel like on a balcony, then on a high observation platform, and then you realize that it is actually in the oldest air type of vehicle on the road. Again stands out, according to a flame. Then utter silence. We float and leave us in 1200 meters of altitude drift.

In the distance, another balloon, and below us a seemingly endless sand dunes. On the horizon the sun is rising now, the sky is steel blue and the Sand shimmers golden. What a strong contrast. Because early in the Morning we were still in our luxurious Hotel in the middle of the futuristic city of Dubai, which is located about an hour's drive from our current location.

the Expo 2020 is all about sustainability

The journey from there, we started in the sea of lights of the urban jungle with its countless skyscrapers and marveled at all the many mega structures in Dubai, including the tallest skyscraper in the world, the 828-metre high Burj Khalifa. Or the unconventional Museum of the future, of which the ring is adorned-shaped building from the outside, with Arabic characters, from the self-written poems of Sheikh Mohammed.

Dubai is known for architectural mammoth projects to devise and to implement, would be elsewhere, never on the drawing Board also. It has, among other things, also the artificially heaped, five kilometres into the sea projecting Peninsula of Palm Jumeirah, with their sixteen Palm brought forth.

In full swing the preparations for the world Expo 2020, and to over 190 countries in pavilions are represented, and future-oriented visions and innovations on mobility and sustainability will be presented currently. Dubai is currently investing billions in the gigantic, almost 38 square miles large solar thermal power plant, of course, is the world's largest of its kind.

was A rethink is necessary. Because the infrastructure of this ultra-modern metropolis was financed in large part from oil revenues. However, the government embarked on an economic diversification so that Dubai developed into a global hub in trade and tourism. In the year 2019 16.7 million foreign guests visited the city in the records of the Bay of the Arabian Gulf, which is popular because of its mild temperatures, especially in the European Winter.

As time seems to stand still, we float over the vast Expanses of the desert, without any engine and without hassle. In contrast to earlier balloon pilots use today in addition to a digital map, the measured values of the speed, temperature and altitude. However, it is a special challenge, as you drift with the Wind and the balloon was only controllable to a limited extent, explains Kollar. It is only through the choice of ride height and the prevailing wind conditions, he could influence the direction the balloon will travel a bit.

At the end are all on the back

Back in the past, we felt the day before also the hot-air balloon adventure in the historic district of Al Fahidi, the through its low-rise, sand-colored buildings with wind towers and minarets in the Dubai Creek, is particularly fascinating. There, we climbed into a traditional wooden Abra boat, and saw dozens of large wooden ships, the anchors on the Banks, and with Goods for Export to India or to Iran are loaded.

in 1833, settled at the mouth of the Dubai Creek, the approximately 800 members of the Bani Yas tribe under the rule of the Maktoum family, whose descendants rule to this day the Emirate. Thanks to the strategically favourable location, the settlement developed into a thriving port city.

While the thoughts in the versatile Events of the old Dubai, wander, announces Kollar is now the major attraction is the balloon ride: aboard the Falcon Tesla, which is equal to perform his legendary flying skills is. Prior to that, he is fed again. Hawks can reach in a dive over 320 kilometers per hour and are considered the fastest birds in the world. In the Emirate of Dubai, they are the national animal and the symbol image on the flag.

"We do things differently and want to make the hot-air balloon ride is an unforgettable experience," says Kollar. Your falcons have been bred in Scotland and in Italy, extensively trained before they came to Dubai. Tesla is back again, again gets his cap on the head and a treat as a reward.

Far below us, we discover bright spots on the sandy soil – a group of Arabian Oryx. These white, graceful antelope with long, black horns were extinct in the Wild and were suspended in 1999, in the framework of a resettlement project in the protection area. In the case of a desert Safari in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, you can observe it well.

The balloon drops. The ground comes closer. We cling on tightly to the basket, go in the squat. The basket touches the ground. Then he tilts to the side. Nothing happens, all laugh, go strap yourself in, wind out of your unusual back and crawl out of the basket. "It was great," says a young Japanese woman who wants to the chief pilot Kollar and with the hawks Tesla is still a Selfie.

This trip was supported by Dubai tourism

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