In Hungary, students must now read fascist literature

As of the end of January, it was presented in Budapest, a new curriculum were aligned with the learning objectives consciously in the past. The strengthening of

In Hungary, students must now read fascist literature

As of the end of January, it was presented in Budapest, a new curriculum were aligned with the learning objectives consciously in the past. The strengthening of the Christian family, the identification with the Hungarian Nation, the defense of the homeland, not only with the weapon, here are the highest values.

Since it is a surprise that in Hungary, already traditionally, overweight required reading will be expanded with the decreasing number of hours once again.

heroes of the extreme right-wing canons

As must-read authors which, because of their proximity to fascism, and because of their anti-Semitism, many of the teachers as beyond the pale are prescribed now. Ferenc Herczeg (1863-1954), József Nyíro (1889-1953), Albert Wass (1908-1998) are the heroes in the Canon of literature of the extreme right-wing Hungarian populism.

they come in addition, all three from the areas lost by Hungary after the First world war. With a majority of Hungarian Patriotism to maintain or re-establish, but also, of course, a critical dealing with the wounds of the past. The ultimate responsibility lies in the hands of the teacher.

In teacher training have in the last thirty years in many places, radical right-wing world views a noticeable spread. Occasionally their followers log in now and celebrate the new guidelines. Uneven striking but the Protest within the profession is. Many teachers post photos in the social media and demonstrate with a sign in front of your chest, that you are ready, fascist authors to teach.

The contemporary literature is excluded in the curriculum categorically – its value was not reliably determinable.

writers ' associations and chairs for Hungarian literature , well-known schools and teachers, teachers associations, students and parents to organise public Protest, but as with all of the current discussions of the face of the Hungarian culture is not to be feared, that the power of the state is also here to dialogue and self-correction. It is noticeable, however, that in the meantime, many Conservative, conscientious Christians, and anxious patriots, of the state interference, decided to dissociate in the culture with growing determination.

So conservative academics resisted, as the Hungarian Academy of Sciences recently important research institutions were deprived of. They made clear publicly that the greed of power, and of absolute government is neither conservative nor Christian or Patriotic. So the government loses more and more sympathy among the people you believed to date firmly behind him.

Nobel laureate Imre Kertész, a Hungarian classic of the presence of glory with the world, not immersed in the new curriculum.

In the dispute over the compulsory reading in the schools is everywhere palpable political tensions in the Hungarian society are condensed. The present literature. in the backward-looking new curriculum is categorically excluded with the Argument that their value is not reliably determinable Imre Kertész and Péter Esterházy, two Hungarian classics of the present, not counting the dead who have gone on to world fame, but appear in the compulsory program.

in July, 2016, the deceased's name is excluded, it can not surprise. He has the System Orbán to run with all the weight of his literary sovereignty until his last breath, and mocked. The Lack of Imre Kertész surprising, because the Hungarian state leaves no stone unturned to win huge sums of money, the disposal of whose estate.

literature promotion on party line

Orbán himself was the presence at the funeral of Imre Kertész in April 2016, and not to take, the only Hungarian Nobel prize winner for literature belongs in the collection of his symbols of national Greatness. For this he had to leave, however, and the warning-critical words of the seriously ill Péter Esterházy at the open grave like.

In the meanwhile, the known specification of the curricula, both, Kertész, such as Esterházy, among the optional readings, with texts, however, written prior to 1989 were included. When a teacher takes this Directive seriously, to devote eighty percent of his hours in the shockingly extensive required reading, then he is going to be the twenty percent of optional reading is hardly to advance.

Péter Esterházy, here in 2016, criticized Permier Orban for the appropriation of his Colleague Kertész.

in Order to bring the promotion of Literature on party line, spent a lot of money Remarkably contradictory on the subject of Imre Kertész Manifestations of Szilárd Demeter, who was appointed in December 2018, the Director of the Petofi literature Museum. The promotion of Literature on a strict Fidesz party line, he was equipped with much more money than to be too liberal global predecessor.

Demeter's influence grows incessantly, he is now a kind of all-powerful literature Minister of Hungary, even if he seems to be in the creation of the curriculum is not directly involved. In Szilárd Demeter a wronged anger, then, is that the outer world dares in the Canon of Hungarian literature, to intervene. Because all the German Translations with the world well-known the in the German language area celebrated Hungarian authors of particular treachery is suspected.

the Nobel prize suspect authors Péter Nádas and László Krasznahorkai, but also in September 2019 deceased György Konrád, as well as László Földényi, Lajos Parti Nagy, Pál Závada and many other more include, in addition to the Esterházy and Kertész. It is hopefully still in a way that students read their truly beloved books secretly under the table. It just Péter Esterházy would definitely look special. None has played so extravagantly in love with the magic of the Hungarian language as he is.

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