If the hairdresser is singing Russian songs

The lake is rough. Some of the passengers are pale. This is unpleasant, but maybe the Nausea is the appropriate preparation for the excursion, because of the So

If the hairdresser is singing Russian songs

The lake is rough. Some of the passengers are pale. This is unpleasant, but maybe the Nausea is the appropriate preparation for the excursion, because of the Solovetsky Islands are a place of interest with a dark side. One was here from the age of 15. Century, a monastery, a Kremlin, a fortress. The place just 160 kilometers from the Arctic circle, was the Tsar's time, a spiritual center of the Orthodox Church – and it is again in today's Russia. The impressive Ensemble is a Unesco world heritage site. In addition, the Islands served as a military Outpost. In the Soviet Era one of the first prison camp in the Gulag System was built, where malnourished prisoners in the cold worked. They had taken a one and a half hour shaking journey across the sea, into the freedom, well-joyful in a purchase.

in the Evening, all the passengers are gathered back to the master ship named after A. S. Popov. In 1961, in a GDR-shipyard built, it has been a comfort renovation of the 71 cabins a few days earlier in Moscow on the additional name of Thurgau Karelia baptized. Fully extended, the rustic charm of socialism was not driven him to happiness. There may be more modern ships with coolerem Design, but this has a unique feature: It is 14.3 metres wide.

it can Therefore generates the Thurgau Karelia not only the mighty river Volga and lake Ladoga, the sea feeling, because he is great 33 times as the lake of Constance, driving. The sprightly, slender ship fit in the narrow locks of the white sea-Baltic sea-channel, in the case of the use of the moustached sailor at the wheel of a fine knack needs. With a rough Hand and primitive tools raised once workers from forced water street. Until 1961 was called Stalin's canal.

thousands of vodka bottles with the kinkiest labels

On the river cruise from Moscow up to Karelia, the Popov makes in places with monasteries and the churches, in which clergy of the Orthodox Church singing. In the open-air Museum Kizhi, a young Guide who has learned on Youtube self-taught English explains, the construction of wooden buildings and the animal world. He apologizes, because he is the expression of the grebe comes only after a moment's Thought in the sense. In Petrozavodsk in Karelia, the children of a folklore dance group, delight.

In the Canton of Thurgau Karelia is used the staff to be multi-functional. Photo: PD

in the case of Russians popular destination Mandrogi, with its romantic forest with Pushkin's fairy-tale characters. The staff in the kebab Restaurant is informed about the arrival, so that the Skewers to serve are prepared on the Grill. For this purpose, a Balalaika troupe plays in irrwitzigem pace and boomy, according to Khachaturian's "sabre dance". It has an attached Museum of vodka carries thousands of bottles with the kinkiest labels, because the wheat schnapps, for the Russians have coined the nickname of "little water" (from "voda" – water), is an integral part of the culture.

Back on the Thurgau Karelia, the chef awaits guests in the evening with tasty food, he has for a Western palate modified. Then we meet in the hall of the upper deck, where there is information about the next day's stage and entertainment. The colorful evening of the 1950s, is experiencing a Revival, with pirates, performing sketches and comedian Entrees, in which one learns the workforce in new roles. The blond Coiffeuse from the "parikmacherskaja" (wig making) proves to be a passable performer of Russian chanson.

the Soviet pedagogy with involuntary Humor

Translators, during the day at the front Desk, smartly uniformed guests, on German advice, point in the evening program Oriental belly dance, also the young Russian, who directs the sports in the early morning. Anna sits down to the piano and plays dedicated pieces of Schumann, Glinka and Mozart. In between, they recited – in English! Poems of Heinrich Heine. How many German or Swiss would be able to do that? And who could recite Dostoyevsky or Chekhov in the Original?

slides While the ship is under the wide-arched heaven, then, is useful information conveyed about the country and its people, partly in the style of the dry-Soviet pedagogy. Sometimes involuntary Humor flashes, such as the presenter, the extent of their monumental home mentioned, the zones extends over eleven time: "17 square kilometres." As the laughter aufbrandet, she is irritated at first, noticed the slip-up: "Oh, chab, I forget a million?" Of the was good. This must be the Asian-looking bartender from the Autonomous Republic of Kalmykia watered: with the three-colored Drink, "flag of Russia".

the Republic of Kalmykia is the only state on European soil, where Buddhism is the official Religion. Should come to a quiz question, are we prepared.

15-day river cruise from Moscow on the White sea to St. Petersburg. Departures from the 23. 5. to 1. 8., from 3190 Fr. p. P. incl. Flight, VP and excursions. Thurgau Travel, Tel 0800 626 550, www.thurgautravel.ch.

The trip was supported by the Canton of Thurgau Travel

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