I have learned from him, as a Person with integrity looks like

You might think that the old fashioned role of fathers in our modern society now has changed, but it is not so. In the USA many people see the men as the breadw

I have learned from him, as a Person with integrity looks like

You might think that the old fashioned role of fathers in our modern society now has changed, but it is not so. In the USA many people see the men as the breadwinner, the mostly absent people in authority in the family, leave all the daily needs and the education of the children of largely women. With her directorial debut on a big stage "Dads" (from 19. June on Apple TV+ available) casts Bryce Dallas Howard, a look at fatherhood in the change of history and welcomed the new Era of the "Daddy Blogger". The special thing about the documentary is that the 39-Year-old also her own father, the Star-producer and Oscar winner Ron Howard ("A Beautiful Mind - Genie und Wahnsinn"), as well as her late great father, actor Rance Howard, involved and thus, from their own family drew story. In the Zoom Interview during the Corona-quarantine Bryce Dallas Howard revealed how she managed to convince her father of this project and what has left her grandfather in the family ...

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tele show: "Dads" is her debut large Director. Are you excited?

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Bryce Dallas Howard: I'm totally overwhelmed and can't wait until the movie can be shown.

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teleschau: The movie price is much of your private life. How were you able to convince your father, Ron Howard, thereof, to participate?

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Howard: (Laughs) I have to admit that he initially wanted to be a part of this film. He didn't want to stand in front of the camera and about our private life unpacking.

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teleschau: you made it obvious.

Howard: I was in search of an expectant father whose young during the filming of the world is coming. As luck would have it, was actually the wife of my younger brother's pregnant with her first child. After he had delivered the joyful message, it was immediately clear that HE is the expectant father in my Film. I can be very persuasive and left him with virtually no other choice (laughs). Also, I had made a few years ago, a Interview with my grandfather, Rance Howard, and all of this convinced my father, finally, to join in.

teleschau: what was the reaction, as you have seen for the first Time together, the finished Film?

Howard: When I saw the finished product for the first Time, flowed in me, the tears in Streams. My parents have decided to make the Film alone watch. It was not easy for my father, because my grandfather didn't die until 2017. After you have made the Film a Video for me, that was very touching.

teleschau: Oh, you have not looked at the Film together with her father?

Howard: But, as he was presented last autumn in Toronto, my father was at my side. I was proud to see the reactions of the spectators, who laughed but also cry at the same time had to, because some of the stories were very moving.

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My first feature documentary film, DAD, is coming to @appletv on June 19th, right in time for Father's Day! But first, don't forget to celebrate your mom this weekend #DadsToday

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teleschau: Can you still remember what have you learned as a child from your father?

Howard: I learned as a child from him, as a Person with integrity looks like. He was never deceitful, never manipulative and never mean. He is a great person and a great father. To us children he always treated with respect, and I believe that this is what has made us strong, the feeling of unconditional love. When I look at Videos from my Childhood, I see that my father has spoken to me like an adult. He has me handled never as a child.

teleschau: And your earliest childhood memory?

Howard: I can still remember our house in Encino, a district of Los Angeles. The clearest memory I have, but from the set of "Cocoon", where my father took me with it. I was only two years old, but I remember, as if it was yesterday that I was drafting me, Alien masks, and with the tails of the mermaids played (laughs). Actually, I've spent a large part of my Childhood on various film sets, it was always extremely exciting.

teleschau: Is there anything that has left her grandfather in your family, you always have to think?

Howard: His work ethic was nothing short of amazing. He made some funny statements that we use today and laugh us to death. On the Set, shortly before the shooting, he always used to say, You know, where You have to kick it in the ass You have to kick it! (laughs out loud). This saying we say in our family all with each other, even my kids say it to me. This is the only exception, when they allowed such words to use.

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tele show: "Dads" also deals with the topic of "Daddy bloggers". You have taken fathers from all over the world, instead of educating the mothers of the children. There are funny and sad stories.

Howard: Yes, I think it is time to pay tribute to the father, to take on the "mother role" in the household. I found all of the stories especially, but the by Robert Selby, whose child was born with a heart defect to the world, has touched me very much. He has no great education and come from rather poor circumstances, but the love he has for his son is incredible. I still get goosebumps when I think of this Story.

teleschau: you can be proud of their debut, but you can be still something to be proud of: you have completed this year, after 21 years, the University successfully.

Howard: (Laughs out loud) I know, I can hardly believe it myself, because I've already started in 1999. The reason why I needed 21 years old, is that you don't need a certain number of consecutive semesters that are expired for me, but unfortunately, again and again, because I was constantly there, and constantly other projects took on. The Funny thing is that I have had for two years in the NYU (New York University, d. ed.) a Drama class to teach and I with them at the same time a graduate of the University of am. But, unfortunately, we were not able to celebrate due to the Corona pandemic together ...

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