How real lesbian sex, and what men can learn is

I left it at this point, already alluded to: I am not heterosexual, love is only good Sex with men but desire women. The rights of the LGBT Community, lesbian,

How real lesbian sex, and what men can learn is

I left it at this point, already alluded to: I am not heterosexual, love is only good Sex with men but desire women. The rights of the LGBT Community, lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans*people so, to me, is a big concern. Similarly, that our way to live and not to love more as an exotic Freak-Show is considered, which is "very cute", but not seriously (Here I explain why every man and his bisexual side

should discover) just the other day I was at a Party and a witness to a conversation in which it was said: "I have no Problem with Gays and lesbians. But I must say that I find gay Sex to be just beautiful. Women do it to each other, on the other hand are so much more aesthetic! I would also like to live.“

Actually, the hat bursts me every Time from the "delicate Aesthetics," lesbian erotic talk. Why? Because it's a stupid cliché. And because the men of the world could learn a whole lot about female sexuality, she would finally learn the truth about lesbian sex.

luckily, you have me

we Operate first causes research. Why is it that all believe sex between women was a mix of naughty Teenage pajama Party, essential oils, body fluids tenlosem welded Muse in soft focus?

debt, among other things, the soft-strip of the Seventies and Eighties, the laid the Foundation for today's Youporn and Pornhub lesbian porn. You know what I'm talking about. Of Clips, in which there is a beautiful, feminine women with other beautiful, feminine women to get each other a little with the tips of finger nails on the fingers (ouch), and the longer the lick and if it should be a little bit kinky – bubbles of the partner of the strap-on Dildo. Super sensual Girl-on-Girl Action just.

all of This has nothing to do with lesbian Sex, but the visualization is of male fantasies. Why should I leave a strap attached to penis Art bubble, if it is just a work of art penis and my own good feelings to stop the Fake Penis starts?

It brings us is actually a step in the direction of orgasm, when we touch five minutes shy of our upper arms, clavicles and thighs, and cute giggle.

Good women sex is Hardcore, not Softcore

women sex and here begins your lesson is not dirty, less dirty than the Sex between a man and a woman or man and man. We go hard and fast, talking dirty, aggressive, nasty, brutal, devoted, sometimes dominant, sometimes submissive and stuck to us fingers, hands and toys in Pussy, mouth and ass. Should you desire a Threesome with their loved one and a second wife, because you don't expect soft eroticism that threatened them in their manhood, I advise caution. You got a woman who knows what she wants, maybe even one that is experienced in the ways of lesbian sex, it may happen that the ordered Lady takes your wife so hard that a) Listen to your lady and See passes and b) you feel suddenly kind of small and meaningless. You are, of course, I want to warn you only. Good women sex Hardcore, not Softcore is.

well, one thing lesbian from heterosexual distinguishes sexual Action: Scissoring. in this Position, the two women caught with her legs spread wide together, just interlock as you would push an unfolded pair of scissors in the other. Then geschubbert and rubbed a Vagina at the other. For me personally too cumbersome, but in many lesbian relationships to the sexual daily life. To me, the good old "Grind to say more". The Americans call it, if a woman will or your clitoris rubs on something or someone, and energized. This can be a bit of a thigh, a belly, a Penis or a Strap-On Dildo. The friction is what counts.

What you can learn from my little sermon on the topic of "Sex between women, and not otherwise" works? That women are not elf-like creatures, but sexual people who have dirty thoughts and on top of that body, which secrete in the excited state of liquids. That's not always aesthetically pleasing, and delightfully naughty. Take advantage of our curiosity, openness, and Kinkyness.

And about the "Scissoring" and "Grinding" – insert your dream girl when you make Out your thighs between the legs. I bet it will be pretty well received.

Mimi Sex columnist for GQ, and is Erhardt. Here you can learn more about the author.

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Date Of Update: 23 May 2020, 11:26

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