Here is the set for B. T. Gold 2019

The 4. January 2020 is awarded B. T. Gold for the year's biggest sportspræstation. And, by tradition, fighting 10 candidates for the prize, which is characte

Here is the set for B. T. Gold 2019

The 4. January 2020 is awarded B. T. Gold for the year's biggest sportspræstation.

And, by tradition, fighting 10 candidates for the prize, which is characterized by the fact that it is the athletes themselves who decide who should win the sport's own price.

But who is the nominee this year?

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is set to B. T. Gold, as the first Danish cyclist at the herresiden to have won the world championship in road cycling.

The 29. september 2019, the 23-year-old dane put on the rainbow-colored jersey that all cyclists dream about.

The top place on the podium came in the house after a dramatic race in which both rain, cold and wind made conditions near impossible.

But the dane didn't care. He found the good leg forward, and could after about 265 kilometers pointing up towards the sky as the first man over the finish line in Yorkshire, England.

and Julie Leth is set to B. T. Gold for their european championship in cooperation.

The two cyclists on respectively 23 and 27 years, defended the EM-gold, the sovereign was raised in the country the year before.

the 30-kilometre spaced at 120 laps, they set all the others to the wall at the velodrom in Dutch Apeldoorn.

After a halvskidt start fought baneduoen back, where they in the final sprint brought the gold home in an OLYMPIC discipline.

and Ashli Williamson is set to B. T. Gold to their two world championships in ballroom dancing.

2019 was the last year as a professional in the konkurrencedans for the pair, who have won almost rub and stub the last 17 years.

They stop at the top with two WORLD cup titles in the 10-dance in Germany and Portugal, so the collection now counts the whole of the 10 gold medals.

this is The first time that the pair are set to what is described as the sport's own price.

is set to B. T. Gold for its awesome sportsår.

2019 was the year when the Danish cykelstjerne among other things, won the Liège-Bastogne-Liège and the Critèrium you Dauphinè as its greatest victories.

It was also the year when the dane finally took his first man in a grand tour, the Vuelta à España – was as soon as in a stage in Tirreno-Adriatico, won the overall at the Vuelta a Andalucia and drove himself to the top rankings at several of the forårsklassikerne.

the List is long for the 34-year-old cyclist, who also has been nominated for the sport's own price several times.

is set to B. T. Gold for its dual WORLD cup gold in succession.

In maratondisciplinen won the 23-year-old kayaker gold medals in both the U-23 and seniors. In under a day.

And that is precisely why making the performance even wilder, as the dane managed to calm the 2 x 30 miles home as the first at the WORLD cup in China.

Earlier in the year had the young kayaker already managed to pull a double triumph home by EM.

is set to B. T. Gold for a truly sovereign sportsår.

As the 28-year-old is that she managed to win the olympic gold and european championship gold and at the same time be named the world's best female sailor.

across all boat classes got the Danish OLYMPIC hope, the distinguished glory at the end of October.

Earlier this year, she won two World Cups in, respectively, Spain and Italy.

is set to B. T. Gold for his WORLD cup silver as well as gold at the European Games in the men's singles.

The Danish badmintonstjerne managed to play some of the best basketball he's ever done, during the world championships in Switzerland.

And the same was gældede at this summer's European Games in Ukraine, where the 22-year-old dane to beat French Brice Leverdez in three sets.

in Addition fomåede he is to win gold at the Indonesia Masters and the european championship-gold for the mixed team.

is set to B. T. Gold for its EM-the gold medal in the parabordtennis.

In the paralympic discipline managed the 35-year-old paraatlet to put the crown on the work, so that now he can call himself both the reigning european champion, world champion and paralympisk master in parabordtennis.

A feat that has never been seen before in his bordtennisklasse.

this is Why the dane as a good bid on a medaljetager at The Paralympic Games next year in Tokyo.

is set to B. T. Gold for their EM-gold in the 4000 metres holdforfølgelsesløb.

The four riders of Frederick Rodenberg, Lasse Norman Hansen, Julius Johansen and Rasmus Lund Pedersen managed together with the national coach, Casper Pedersen, to download the finest metal home in an OLYMPIC discipline.

In the semifinals, set the four gentlemen, also a Danish record, since there was run a great race in the time 3 minutes and 48,7 seconds.

the Team's sovereign of the EM-gold also means that they are a good Danish bid for the OLYMPICS-medaljekandidat next year in Tokyo.

is set to B. T. Gold for the nwa WORLD title, as the team brought home in January 2019.

After an impressive WORLD cup tournament, where the Danish boys won the rub and stub in convincing style, they could let themselves shelf at home in Herning.

31-22 sounded finalesejren over Norway in front of 15,000 ecstatic spectators in Boxen in Herning.

Håndboldherrerne also won the award in 2017 after their OLYMPIC triumph in 2016 in Rio.

Updated Date: 22 December 2019, 16:00

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