Heal the world in the TV garden – until the camera on the Shirt of a singer swivels

It is Corona. The people withdraw into the Private sphere. The DIY stores to be booming, the market gardens are in bloom. The garden is the great fortune. And t

Heal the world in the TV garden – until the camera on the Shirt of a singer swivels

It is Corona. The people withdraw into the Private sphere. The DIY stores to be booming, the market gardens are in bloom. The garden is the great fortune. And the "ZDF television garden"? He is a veteran of public service TV entertainment.

Since 1986, he has weggeträllert everything is in crisis, what had given him the seriousness of life. And what makes the Second in times of Covid-19? It is a mystery to provides Extra for the Entertainment of the audience in a limited number of times, where the usual Whitsun holiday escape of a Virus because it must be.

The little woman with the big T

At the scene of the crime "TV garden" immersed "Tatort"-Star ChrisTine Source of almost under, the little woman with the big T. her bright green dress merges with the green lights on the lawn in front of the ZDF-block.

"stupidity excites me," confesses the 49-Year-old. Then you are the living picture puzzles for a spectator who emerges from Ostfriesland. As always, the Web reveals Cam exciting Details. On the shelf behind the candidate who is classed as a "TV garden"-Fan since the age of 13, is a Heinz-Erhardt-Schallplatte issued, equal to about a Elvis LP. The young man seems to have a certain penchant for Older.

ChrisTine Source operates with full 1,32 Meter of body-use, in order to make the candidates Solve the first puzzles. She pushes with all her strength pie clear pie lifter is the solution word. She is dancing with a rope in the Hand: rope dancers. You places Essgabeln? Forklift truck! The candidate wins a Crosstrainer.

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A superlative chasing the next Super-superlative

presenter of the "ZDF television garden" is Andrea Kiewel, who has retained the high-pitched charm of a children's show presenter. For them, everything is great. A superlative is only the vanguard of the next Super-superlative.

there is the young dog that is learning to play with Frisbee discs. Kiewel can't stop to cuddle the animal. It is named after the favorite candy of his mistress Farina Opoku. "Oreo" is the name of the half-growed. And wife is called Andrea Kiewel always the dog mom. Who the Form of a mother's love for a dog to the heart that is here in the "TV garden" is guaranteed to be in good hands. FOCUS Online

The big Sunday lunch head

turn off But let us remember: "stupidity excites me", said ChrisTine Biased right from the start. For the head of these puzzles has offered special edition of all sorts of optics to Think up. Since the word "English" under the word "indicative". Clearly, the solution is what has been missing for so many students in the past weeks, calling: "English-school".

And what he wants us to say a small "K" in a large "O": "K" in "O" theater. A little bit of mystery brooding, so in the midst of the great public Sonntagmittaskopfabschaltens.

When the reality reaches the television garden

ZDF Screenshot

A break in the wonderful ideal world, this German whit Sundays but takes but. "Fire heart"-sing-along singer Dominique Bircan Baltas is wearing in front of the ZDF cameras, a white T-Shirt with the protest message "I can't breathe" to refer to the most recent colored victims in the US against police violence. The big world of the small "TV garden," so in spite of all the Heal-world-protection fences.

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