He aimed straight for the heart

four years Ago, the artist, usually through an "And" with his longtime partner, Marina Abramovic has been connected and the called himself, without bitterness

He aimed straight for the heart

four years Ago, the artist, usually through an "And" with his longtime partner, Marina Abramovic has been connected and the called himself, without bitterness, the "most famous unknown artist", once again a big sole assessment in the Frankfurt Schirn. found

"Ulay Life-Sized" stand at the entrance, Ulay life-sized. For the exhibition, a Video in which the man of the Aura of a far Eastern guru explained that the human identity is a small sailing boat in the middle of the ocean campaigned – with the anchor of the Size of a tanker.

This life-long Struggle with her own identity, as a proxy for the human self-perception par excellence, was Ulays topic, the philosophical reason, buzz among all his Works, with the own large format photographic works, as well as in the extreme Performances that dared to Ulay with Marina Abramovic for 12 years.

Famous Frank Uwe Laysiepen, born 1943 in Solingen, Germany, but still alone. However, Marina Abramovic, in 1976, was there with the camera as Ulay marched in the New national gallery, a Spitzweg from the wall crack to bring him to Kreuzberg, where he decorated a couple of weeks in the apartment of a Turkish family.

This theft of works of art in the spirit of elite is critical of the emancipation policy was certainly one of the most radical actions of performative protest culture of that era. But less of the policy Ulay remained afterwards faithful as the Demand of boundaries, private as those of the genus "art". His excess duets with Marina Abramovic art because of this impressive ruthlessness to some of the most famous documents of the performance of the 20. Century led. "Rest Energy", for example, where the two held a strung bow, whose arrow was aimed at Abramovics heart. Or "Imponderabilia" in 1977 in Bologna, as the two naked, stood in the doorway of a gallery, so that anyone who wanted to come in, had to be in the touch of the two-body constraints.

re-enacted performance art at the 2012 Art: "Imponderabilia", after Ulay and Abramovic. Photo: Keystone

And finally, the big farewell hike on the great wall of China, as Ulay and Abramovic were already separated, according to their biography, because Ulay had cheated on her constantly. Two sides of the defense building you marched in 1988, to meet after a 2500-mile hike and say goodbye to exhausted.

A few decades later, the extreme intimacy of this challenging frontier relationship returned once again to the Public. After Ulay Abramovic had in the meantime sued for copyright, he was sitting in to their obvious Surprise at the persistence of performance "The Artist Is Present" in 2010 in the New York Museum of Modern Art, suddenly on the chair. She was crying, they took on the hands, but really reconciled, you have until years later.

Too many injuries, not only went to the border, but beyond this, were the price for an art , which was created with pain and extreme self-overcoming.

A, which did not dare everything

Ulay succeeded in following their spectacular separation, to achieve the same image powerful presence made the Marina Abramovic is one of the most respected artists of the present. His further analysis of the identity as the greatest of human security, which is totally unsafe, got more of a private, almost intimate Note. His photo-collages and self-transformations had a bit of a mystery, quoting himself more than the grim Goblin, and Guru to the centre of the art gambling because, as a Radical to the meaning of the questions.

The created have a visual language of their own, the Opus of researchers Everyday life. But Julio did not meet the expectations of the art market, in the hope of the events of the past to new sensations. So Ulays sank a small sailing boat with the huge anchor now, with 76 years in Ljubljana, but a little half-forgotten.

But he will be remembered as one of the most important art partner ever in the history of art, dared all, for the love of art and the philosophical question of what man is and what he's capable of.

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