Hannes Jaenicke explains why the German on your favorite fish have to do without

Hannes Jaenicke is the fight not tired. For twelve years, the 60-Year-old is all over the world on the road to take on the suffering and exploitation of animals

Hannes Jaenicke explains why the German on your favorite fish have to do without

Hannes Jaenicke is the fight not tired. For twelve years, the 60-Year-old is all over the world on the road to take on the suffering and exploitation of animals to your attention. After he has addressed, among other things, the plight of Orang-Utans, dolphins, and elephants, turns Jaenicke in a new episode of its award-winning ZDF-documentary series, "Hannes Jaenicke: In use for the salmon" (Tuesday, December 16. June, 22.15 PM), the favorite food fish of the Germans.

shows How the contribution to the film, the circumstances, such as salmon is on our plates, disastrous. "Salmon you should not eat at all," said Jaenicke in the conversation. The actor explained in his usual clear words what it would mean if the salmon dies out and goes on a collision course with timid politicians.

teleschau: In your new documentary about salmon, you ask the question: "Why are fish so don't care?". Have you found an answer to that?

Hannes Jaenicke: The world under water is not visible. Even in the case of mass animal husbandry on Land is not all done, so we can see what is actually in chicken or pig factories. The big meat producers, with their fortress-like breeding factories. Under water the animals are out of the eye and the mind. This is the One.

What else?

Jaenicke: In my school days we were taught in Bio class yet, the fish would feel no pain. In the meantime, the science is more. Nevertheless, many people still believe: "The fish feels nothing. The hit I on the head and you're done!“ Also in the case of Overfishing is rarely discussed how disastrous the situation is. That's why I found the topic of the salmon so exciting. ZDF / Daniel knight / Tango Film GmbH "man is the stupidest of all animals"

What she has in her research to be particularly shocked?

Jaenicke: That there are rivers that have had ten or 15 years, millions of salmon, which is now no more floats. That there are grizzly bears, which are only made out of fur and bone, because there are no salmon. All Orca populations on the West coast of the USA to starve to death. Then the Argument is always: we grow in a Farm. But this is exactly the error.

Because farms are ultimately one of the causes of the serious Situation?

Jaenicke: Once a salmon farm is to be built in the sea or a Fjord, collapsing to the marine Ecosystem. This is what the fish lovers and we have Otto do not know the normal consumer. The farm product is not only for the consumers toxic, but also for the Wilderness. This is the flip side of our appetite for salmon.

"salmon you should not eat at all"

What would it mean if the salmon become extinct?

Jaenicke: This is, as always, if you take out one species from the Ecosystem: It collapses gradually. Every animal, every Plant, even every vermin has a biological function. The Same is true for the salmon. If he disappears, then bears, fish eagles and Orcas from the die. We no longer have tribes, representatives of Indians in Canada interviewed spoke of a cultural genocide, because the salmon comes. Most people it seems to be, unfortunately, no matter whether it is animals extinction.

you Can eat salmon with a clear conscience?

Jaenicke: no, neither Wild nor salmon Farming. If you eat it from the Farm to support salmon farms that harm the environment. If you consume wild salmon, you eat a total überfischtes animal that there is now so rare that other animals extinction because of it. Since the reduction of the consumption of not enough. Salmon you should not eat at all. ZDF/Andre Becker tele show

you have turned in a farmed salmon farm in Norway. How have you seen the people there?

Jaenicke: These people are Convinced, for example, brain-washed as you are that it protects the wild stock of salmon when we eat farm salmon. This is a bit like the people from Bayer, the long safety studies on glyphosate to produce and read, until you believe that glyphosate is a safe product. So it is also in the salmon industry.

"the man is The stupidest of all animals"

What is your dominant thought during the filming of their documentaries?

Jaenicke: That man is the only species that destroys the Nest, where she lives! Man is the stupidest of all animals, because no other creatures would destroy its Habitat in such a way, as we do. The second thing that fascinates me: We have known for about 40 to 50 years, what would have to happen on the subject of the protection of the environment, but it happens exactly the opposite. We should leave the forest as a CO2 storage, we should not use fossil fuels, we know that plastic and metals are toxic waste. We know everything, but do nothing. This is a strange mixture of historical amnesia and inability to learn.

Are the movies for you a kind of therapy?

Jaenicke: If I could not make these movies, I would be very much frustrated. Like any Journalist, I can produce something that people might Think. In the case of the salmon and the Saddest thing was a canadian Indian Chief, whom we interviewed. The fed 40,000 years of this animal, now no salmon come up the rivers to high to swim, and suddenly, all the Indians will have Diabetes. ZDF/Andre Becker tele show

the fight Are not sometimes tired?

Jaenicke: When I see Mr Trump or Mr Bolsonaro in the news, when I hear Ministers, such as Andreas Scheuer, or Julia talk Klöckner, fuck that, I want to hit them in the hands above the head, and say, "Fuck it, brings it all to nothing." But then there is also the opposite, for example, countries such as Costa Rica, new Zealand, California or Scandinavia. Also in Germany there are politicians and movements, in which it is obvious that it is understood and want to move something.

For example?

Jaenicke: The handling of Markus Söder with the referendum in Bavaria on the subject of insects die was encouraging. Also the splits, Winfried Kretschmann in Baden-Württemberg can handle, between an all-powerful auto industry and environmental Thinking. I'm still in good spirits. It is just sometimes frustrating because it goes so slowly. The climate theme, the drought, the tsunami – these problems do not disappear, but will always be greater.

you are one of the few Celebrities that have made sustainable for the protection of animals. Do you wish that more celebrities use their popularity to make grievances?

Jaenicke: I now have daily, up to ten requests from environmental groups which need support. I wish we were in the US, where it is commonplace is that people get involved – Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Redford and Joaquin Phoenix to George Clooney and Brad Pitt. The Celebrities are there, totally present, in terms of environmental protection. For us, this is a little bit shy. I would be glad if there would be a few more comrades-in-arms. Sometimes the something to grow me over the head.

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