Hannes Jaenicke: criticism of the frequent flyer is embarrassing - especially of meat-eaters

He is, you have to leave it to the actor and environmentalist Hannes Jaenicke, a master of sustainable anger. Jaenicke, is often referred to as a "tough guy wi

Hannes Jaenicke: criticism of the frequent flyer is embarrassing - especially of meat-eaters

He is, you have to leave it to the actor and environmentalist Hannes Jaenicke, a master of sustainable anger. Jaenicke, is often referred to as a "tough guy with a soft core" and to see so far, in over a hundred movies and series roles, takes no sheet before the mouth, when it comes to the conservation of nature and endangered animal species.

Nevertheless, the said 59-year-old Vegan is not a zealot, the other patronize want. He has a sense of humour, he shows in his latest advertising spot, "What the Frog?", he gives the plastic rebel "Hannes bright green": The dedicated Recycler takes in the fight against plastic waste, even on the Arm, generates its own electricity, buys only organic, and even set up an Anti-plastic-party.

Also, Jaenicke even argue tirelessly for a cleaner environment, writes bestsellers on the topic and turns with a lot of passion for the ZDF, the animal documentary series "Hannes Jaenicke: In use for the .." - According to the Orang-Utans, polar bears and Gorillas, the tenth episode of the award-winning series is dedicated to the singing birds ("Hannes Jaenicke - in use for birds", 15.08., 22.35 hrs).

ZDF / Markus Strobel the tele show

teleschau: In her documentary, "for the birds" they say at the beginning: "There was a deathly silence prevails in Germany." This is not a little overdone with regards to the decimation of songbirds?

Hannes Jaenicke: We have lost since the 80s, 60 percent of our birds. We owe this to the failure of the politicians. Only recently, the Federal Minister of agriculture, Julia Klöckner has approved the renewal of the glyphosate use. Insecticides, pesticides take the birds, their main food source, insects. In addition, the agricultural industry with its monoculture, the field birds no habitat remains. Every arable land is cultivated right up to the last centimeter and harvested. And among us consumers, the Trend is unfortunately, then, more and more stone gardens. On top of that, there is the through traffic caused by bird strikes, and bird hunting in southern Europe is a disaster.

teleschau: A phenomenon that is criticized for decades, but apparently still exists.

Jaenicke: Conservative estimates suggest that 50 million prisoners and killed birds in Europe per year, mainly in Italy, Spain or Greece, Malta and Cyprus. The local bird murder is a big business. On Russian yachts by the dozen are consumed by Robins, Blackcaps and nightingales. Although there are laws prohibiting this, but no one pays attention to it. It is worth mentioning that we have also in Germany until the 19th century. Century singing birds have eaten. It was a food of the poor, now it is in the Mediterranean area as a delicacy. ZDF / Markus Strobel the tele show

", Should say professional on the nail, if I wanted to fly"

teleschau: is Currently flying with the plane in everyone's mind is, it seems to be due to the large CO2-emissions, a turnaround in imminent. You are English, Americans, have a second home in Los Angeles, because they are once removed with her parents to the United States. Otherwise you fly as an actor a lot.

Jaenicke: When people offer me a Flying carpet or a Ökoflieger, then I use the immediately with enthusiasm. The charge of training a lot of flying is pretty embarrassing. There are not even three percent of global CO2 emissions caused by flying. I only fly professionally. And the people who blame me with regularity, are almost exclusively meat eaters. There is a British study that says that a Vegan could be five times fly around the world and still a better CO2 balance than meat-eaters.

teleschau: you do not intend to restrict?

Jaenicke: The largest polluters are coal-fired power stations and the Agriculture, especially the meat industry. Of course you should fly as little as possible, and certainly not in a German context. But, according to Abu Dhabi or Morocco, where I was watching the series "Mirage" shot, not-to-be with public transport or Bicycle. And from there to Amsterdam is also not. I would have to give up my job if I didn't want to fly any more.

teleschau: In the Comedy Spot "What the Frog?" for a cleaning products company, you are a downright fanatical environmentalists. How does your own life in this regard?

Jaenicke: I buy only organic, use organic cleaning agents, live vegan. I buy used clothes, or clean produced cotton and fair production conditions. My main sin is by plane. I drive an electric car - what I'm accused of being in Germany again, because the battery is supposed to be a children's work. If you eat Avocados or almonds, is a kept, you were too water-intensive. The German gripe and criticism is a national sport addiction - even the students, the tails on Friday, the school to demonstrate, not be spared.

teleschau: Speaking of which, Not least thanks to the Fridays-For-Future-movement of the society on the move seems, it looks like the Moment of the trade had come. The time for talk is over?

Jaenicke: I think the consumer something actually happens. The policy will only be talked to in the industry as well. If one keeps in mind that Mrs Merkel Greta praises Thunberg, but their own climate targets crashing to the to-be-missed, one can only shake the head. In Bavaria, Markus Söder clever has responded to the top of the popular initiative "Save the bees". Otherwise, politics and industry are mainly engaged in Greenwashing. We get neither a Platsiktüten ban, and / or a kerosene tax or a speed limit, we are the only country in the world where there is none. We need car-free cities, our cities were originally built not for cars but for people. Regensburg, Zurich, Stockholm, Copenhagen or Amsterdam are great role models. ZDF / Markus Strobel the tele show

"school without racism"

teleschau: in addition to many of the environmental initiatives set for the Initiative "school without racism", which aims to promote civil courage, and tolerance.

Jaenicke: The Initiative itself has been around for more than 15 years. You may have missed your target. Considering the voters of the AfD quotas, then we need, in this respect, new activities - ultimately, because half of the world, elect of Poland, to Turkey, to the contrary. It is a shaft that produces, hopefully, a counter-shaft.

teleschau: How do you bring all your activities together: the acting, the Writing, the policy initiatives. It's not too much you?

Jaenicke: I asked my mother, who passed away in February, also always. Because, for me, pretty much everything fun what I'm up to, I'm still more than I can accommodate. But as long as I have the feeling to be able to move something, I take the opportunity.

teleschau: And in your main occupation of acting, they are still very successful, is there a favorite genre, a favorite role, possibly the villain, the tough dog?

Jeanicke: I love playing in comedies. If I get a screenplay into the hands, this promises to be even close to success, I'll grab immediately. In spite of two of new Amsterdam-thrillers, and the recent wacky European co-produced espionage Thriller "Mirage" would be a Comedy like "Alone among daughters", where I was a soldier when challenged Ex-attempts, three daughters to raise, currently the most.

teleschau: And how are you even in the moment, in private?

Jaenicke: Well. I say known to be reluctant.

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