Goalkeeper-discussion on Schalke: Schubert, Ulreich, Flekken, Steffen or Kobel? | Football

On Schalke runs with the discussion over the goalkeeper. Markus Schubert remains the number one? What is Sven Ulreich, Zack Steffen and the other name? An Overv

Goalkeeper-discussion on Schalke: Schubert, Ulreich, Flekken, Steffen or Kobel? | Football

On Schalke runs with the discussion over the goalkeeper. Markus Schubert remains the number one? What is Sven Ulreich, Zack Steffen and the other name? An Overview.

Schalke is* a debate over the goalkeeper. Because Markus Schubert made a mess of recently, indicates much a new number one in Gelsenkirchen. Not only Sven Ulreich from FC Bayern Munich is considered to be a candidate.

Gelsenkirchen - The Plan was actually clear. the Markus Schubert (21) should be> the number one Schalke Alexander Nübel (23) FC Bayern for a lot of dynamite caused a among the Fans, coaches did David Wagner (48) of the under-21 national goalkeeper already this season, the master Keeper.

the club

FC Schalke 04


David Wagner

the stadium

Veltins Arena

Board of Directors

Alexander Jobst (Marketing/communication), Peter Peters (Finance), Jochen Schneider (sports)

So far the theory. In practice, however, showed: Schalke has a goalkeeper Problem. the Nübel is gone soon* and Schubert is apparently not (yet) ready for the big stage in the Bundesliga.

"In the last Play Schubert , the team could not help and the security that we hoped for and expected," said of the criticism coach Wagner* its role in reverse from Schubert to Nübel in front of the home match against Werder Bremen (0:1)* and set Schubert as a scapegoat of the crisis.

Therefore, it now appears that Schalke is searching for a new number one for the new season – and not, as originally planned with Schubert , Ralf Fährmann and Michael as the goalkeeping Trio of starts. Which candidates to be traded?

Sven Ulreich (FC Bayern)

The Transfer from Nübel could make the 31-Year-old to the loser of the FC Bayern . That Sven Ulreich is doing to the Status of number three in the record, master, from castle, he already. "I'm going to try to find a new club", is quoted Ulreich of Sport1: "When should but nothing Suitable, it is possible that I fulfill my contract in München."

has Since been speculated cheerfully on a change in the Bundesliga to Schalke 04 . What speaks for the family man Ulreich (in Bavaria until 2021 under the contract, the market value of 3.5 million euros): He is a team player. None of that makes for restlessness. And he brings than goalkeeper is a more than solid package complete with: football table good, strong on the line, exudes calm and has experience, even if he is in this season, even without the use minute.

+ Sven Ulreichvom FC Bayern.©picture alliance/Soeren Stache/dpa

A advantage of this is that Schalke's sporting Director Jochen Schneider knows the Keeper of the common times when VfB Stuttgart ? A decision on his future has not taken Ulreich to WA-information.

verdict: Ulreich would be a good solution for Schalke as the number one. Schubert could be borrowed in the time and gain practical experience.

Zack Steffen (Fortuna Düsseldorf/Manchester City)

longer the 25-year-old US-American is associated with Schalke in connection. Currently, Zack Steffen from Manchester City is lent to Fortuna Düsseldorf .

He showed ordinary operations, since the beginning of the second round, however, because patella tendon problems and medial ligament injury put out of action. For Schalke could speak, that Steffen (market value of around 6 million Euro) will prevail in the case of ManCity hardly against stem goalkeeper Ederson.

+ Zack Steffen is currently on loan from Manchester City to Fortuna Düsseldorf.©picture alliance/Tim Rehbein/dpa

His knee problems could deter the Royal blue, however, prior to a Transfer.

verdict: Steffen is certainly a good Option, should, however, not quite at the top of the Schalke goalkeeper-list

Mark Flekken (SC Freiburg)

The replacement Keeper of the Breisgau to enjoy the scarf core also held in high regard. The 26-year-old Dutchman is in Freiburg until 2022 under the contract, the market value of Mark Flekken is estimated to be around 950 000 Euro.

At duration, he will not be content in Freiburg, Germany with a place on the bench behind Alexander Schwolow .

+ Mark Flekken from SC Freiburg.©picture alliance/Patrick Seeger/dpa verdict: Flekken is missing with the exception of a few inserts for the SCF, the practice at the highest level. A certain amount of risk would be associated with his obligation also.

Gregor Kobel (VfB Stuttgart/Hoffenheim)

is Currently on loan the 22-Year-old 1899 Hoffenheim to the second VfB Stuttgart . In the Kraichgau, (contracted until 2021) he has in the battle to number one against Oliver Baumann no Chance.

+ Gregor Kobel is currently from 1899 Hoffenheim to VfB Stuttgart on a loan.©picture alliance/Matthias Hangst/ Europe/Pool/Reuters

this is Different for the Swabians: Should create the VfB the climb, would probably be a fixer Transfer of Kobel (transfer fee of around five million Euro) can be realized. If not, would Kobel prefer possibly the Bundesliga.

verdict: A promising candidate, but is likely to remain in the VfB.

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section list image:©pict ure alliance/Bernd Thissen/dpa

Date Of Update: 03 June 2020, 10:36

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