Glace on the bottom of the sea

Now the feet are wet. "Shoes off," instructs Chas Wood the tour group, as the boat lands on St. Helens. A pier, there are not here, and so visitors have to Wa

Glace on the bottom of the sea

Now the feet are wet. "Shoes off," instructs Chas Wood the tour group, as the boat lands on St. Helens. A pier, there are not here, and so visitors have to Wade through the clear water. Whether we are soon wet from above? Chas looks up to the cloudy sky, shrugs and says: "I'm not talking about policy, not about Religion and not about the weather. Since you can only lose."

In terms of weather this is true from all: sunshine, clouds and rain can take turns out in the Atlantic off England quickly, so it's not worth to lose many words about it. In addition, Chas know so a lot about the uninhabited island to tell. The Pest House from the 18th century. Century were sent, for example, where once the sick sailors in the quarantine, thus the plague and not to England one chleppten. The history of the medieval Hermitage, which is also decay, and, presumably, the stones for the quarantine station provided, the Hiking guide with the weather-beaten face, and the Wind-reddened eyes.

at the Top of the hill, the tiny island of Chas explains, finally, why he thinks even with 78 years of it, to hang his job on the nail. "Why should I stop?", he asks and makes with the Arm, a sweeping hand movement the direction of the sea. "See what I mean?"

The Pub is in the Winterdie self-service

the hill has England a stunning panoramic view on the Isles of Scilly, an archipelago in the Atlantic ocean, 45 miles West of the southern County of Cornwall. 140 Islands and 90 rocks lying close to each other, in between the sea sparkles time, turquoise, deep blue. Some Islands, such as St. Martin's, East of St. Helens, have white beaches that tourism marketers to compare with the Caribbean. Who has stretched the toe in the water, you know that this is a false comparison. The water is cold, in spite of the Gulf stream, which gives the island a mild climate.

Hiking the temperatures are ideal. Only much of the island terrain will not remain after the climb to the highest point of St. Helens to Explore the left: The path through the purple Heather will return to the beach is only 300 meters long. Chas can't find him at first, because the path is almost overgrown – few people come here, because the island can only be with a guided Tour to enter. The situation is different in the case of the five inhabited Islands of the archipelago. Between them, public boats run.

The island group can be explored on small boats is wonderful. Photo: Michel Wenzler

most of the ships island of St. Mary off of the four kilometers long and three kilometers wide, the main with 1600 inhabitants. From here, it is now to St. Agnes, where only 70 people live. Visitors find themselves in the midst of a miniature world: There are a few houses, a small Post office, which also serves to Load as aunt Emma, a Church, a lighthouse, a few B&Bs and Cafés, a camping site and the farm of Farmer Tim Hicks.

of England South West a wide range of Pub

He produced with the milk of twelve cows in the export of the island: wonderful creamy ice Cream, which he named after his farm, the Troy town Farm,. Admittedly, more than the rest of the four inhabited Islands in the farmer supplies no one. The Glaces are the most tourists to the Scillies already a term, before you set foot on St. Agnes. Throughout the island group, the ice cream is available at our Swiss Hiking group popular. Although it is only 11 a.m., but who could resist, now, as you stand in front of the farm shop?

fortified, we are off to the island to convert. Gone are bizarre, waves and Wind-polished rock formations and small sandy coves. The peat soil cushions the step beautiful. Tim's cows graze in lush Grass, the seagulls screech in the sky, and always the white light house is in the middle of the island into the field of view. To conclude, we have earned a trip to The Turks Head. It is England's southwest is a wide range of Pub, named after the Turkish pirates in the 16th century. Century, driven from the Isles of Scilly up to mischief. Is opened Locally, only between April and October. Locals, however, may operate in the Winter at the Bar itself. The money you put into the "Honesty Box" – it seems to be working.

However, the Pub is for sale for 800'000 British pound. A customer found the owner and Simon Taylor yet but. "The Brexit brings all to a lot of uncertainty, nobody wants to invest more," complains the economist. Therefore, the couple once again for a season. Guests also 2020 is welcome, therefore. And if, after the visit to the Tavern, the ground under the feet absorbs particularly strong or the boat sways to travel to the next island violently, then is it perhaps, for once, not on the soft peat or strong waves.

Pop-up Party, so long as the sea permits you

Drink, and the Scillonians like to celebrate like the way. Four times in the year you do this in a special place: on the bottom of the sea. Each on two days in the spring and in late summer, the low tide is so pronounced that the two Islands of Tresco and brier are connected to each other. Then you come for a short time to walk from one island to the other. In the middle, on a big sandbar, fixed increases on a people. From Tresco, a tractor-trailer tables and benches to be transported, of brier, food and drink stalls and a BBQ to come.

Tim Hicks is also there. He early arrived with his boat and has waited patiently until the tide has dropped the ship gently on the Sand. Now he sells his Ice cream, while on the tractor trailer, a Band was playing. Also, Chas Wood, we see each other again. He is stalking with a group of tourists through the Watt. In turn, he has you take off your shoes, because a little sea water remains in large puddles, so that you can get in between wet feet.Finally, after two and a half hours, you will hear a loud Signal. It is the call that all must return to the country. For now, the water rises, the flood, the Pop-up Party to end.

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