GTA 6 News, Leaks and rumors to Hype-title, Rockstar Games | Games

Rockstar Games released GTA 6 with new instructions and news. All the latest information on the new AAA title in an Overview. Update from 11. June 2020 : On

GTA 6 News, Leaks and rumors to Hype-title, Rockstar Games | Games

Rockstar Games released GTA 6 with new instructions and news. All the latest information on the new AAA title in an Overview.

Update from 11. June 2020 : On Amazon a suspicious game showed up, that could act as a place holder for GTA 6*. The listed Release in 2020, surprised the Fans, however. Also, that the entry was deleted again, makes one wonder. reports on the details of that.

Update 08. June 2020 : Steve Ogg tells the Fans now, what is the than Trevor's well-known performers on GTA 6* white. reports about what parts of the Trevor-actor with his Fans.

Update from 03. June 2020 : Sooner or later, will appear in GTA 6. Fans now fear that the sixth Grand Theft Auto part will replace the current GTA Online. How reported, is now the Take-Two-Boss-with clear words.*

Update from 27. May 2020 : How to learn to updated Take-Two's financial report. This could now have the Release of GTA 6 in 2024 predicted, what shocked the Fans.*

Update from 26. May 2020 : While Rockstar Games is back with the official information that appeared on Reddit a Trailer for GTA 6. reported, what's up with that.*

Update from 25. May 2020 : Now, Rockstar Games extended the rights to an unknown project. reported, why do Fans think now, the truth behind the mysterious project of GTA 6.

Update 22. May 2020 : Release date narrows – A current financial report from Rockstar parent company Take-Two Interactive, according to, to 2020 will be a quiet year for the company. Accordingly, the assumption is that GTA 6 is still a while to wait. What is the Release period of the revelation of the financial future, and why not only GTA is involved, you will learn to

Update from the 20. May 2020 : Now, a theory, a Fan could break the iron rules of Rockstar Games. reported, as a Fan-theory-puts a female main character in GTA 6 and into the light*.

Update from 19. May 2020 : Although so far no official information from Rockstar Games are known to practice the GTA 6 Fans fierce criticism of a supposed Online mode. reported, the claims which the Fans also.*

Update from 18. May 2020 : Until the Release of GTA 6 it will take. Meanwhile, Fans will be able to Gen by the Trailer to a graphics Mod for GTA 5 in a possible Next-look to the future, to be collected by the all of the information together.*

Update from 17. May 2020 : The Wait for GTA 6 takes you too long? GTA 5 brings you but in the meantime for free from the Epic Games Store. explains what it has with incredible range of Rockstar Games.*

Update 14. May 2020 : After the new Unreal Engine 5 has been presented, ask the Fans what could be GTA 6 . reveals what might change when GTA 6*.

Update from the 13. May 2020 : What's better than a Rockstar title? Two Rockstar Titles! A Fan has now United with the Red Dead Redemption and GTA Vice City together.*

Update from the 12. May. 2020 : On Reddit, Fans are speculating just as wildly, which illegal activities could find its way in GTA 6 . In-game has taken all the desires of the Fans* together.

Update from 11. May 2020 : although Rockstar Games is back with the GTA messages, brooding Fans about new theories. On you can read what proposes to be a Fan of the travel on the Map*.

Update 08. May 2020 : An Xbox Sereis X-Event is now evidence of a Playstation 5-exclusive Release of GTA 6. reports on the details.*

Update from 07. May 2020 : On you can learn all about the latest Leak of a well-known Insiders to GTA 6, which reveals the Release date.*

Update as of 06. May 2020 : Recently, Rockstar Games published an official job posting. Fans seem to have notes on a possible Trailer for GTA 6 to be discovered. reports on the details.*

Update from 05. May 2020 : Now, another Leak has been shown to be. reported as an Insider for Details on how to Mapgröße, protagonists and Setting price*.

Update from 04. May 2020 : well-Known actors as characters in Grand Theft Auto 6? When it comes to the Reddit Community, to Stars such as Robert De Niro or Al Pacino to get gigs in the new GTA 6.*

Update from 28. April 2020: Now GTA might give Online a vital clue to GTA 6. On you can read, to do why an Alien Invasion is something with GTA 6 could have.

Update from the 24. April 2020 : Leaks and speculations around GTA 6 to to hold more. Now the Fan Community is active and thinking of what a mini could games coming out for the new part of the Rockstar Games series. Finally, various include, in addition to activities in the meantime to the series as the violence and cars. On you can read about the mini-games could be the Fans for GTA 6* and what is the influence of this desire to the work of Rockstar want to have.

Update from the 24. April 2020 : worry about micro-transactions in GTA 6. In the Reddit Forum about the upcoming Blockbuster of Rockstar Games, more and more Calls according to the fair intentions of the company in question. The fear is that Rockstar is in the new part of the beloved single-player shares of their players passed to the back instead of micro-transactions in GTA Online in the focus. What to do for the farewell of rock star founders with this fear* and how plausible she is, she has learned to

Update 21. April 2020: , A new Leak* from a Rockstar Games-Insider to point out that the game is already further developed than I thought. On* you can read now, how the Insider got his information, and as far as GTA 6 is already in development*.

New York, USA – The GTA series Rockstar Games* is the majority of gamers already since many years a term. Grand Theft Auto* is a series with a Open World developer Rockstar Games. Three motives have all the titles of the tradition-rich series have in common: it's Always about guns, violence, fast cars, and Doing various missions.

The last part of the series, GTA 5, came in 2013 on the market. Now Fans are eagerly waiting for the successor to GTA 6*. This, however, is as yet little known. So, there is still no official news from Rockstar Games , but a big rumor mill. Always be placed in the Internet theories, in which Setting the GTA 6 could be located and who could take over the main role of the game.

Also to the financial sector, what more with the resources from the Rockstar Games deal and to make theories on, however, the primary release period of the game. This is estimated to be the fall of 2021.

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Date Of Update: 11 June 2020, 10:34