From the risk Tab is the district of Erding

Taufkirchens Responsible to master all the difficulties. Only the spectators were missing. Taufkirchen tournaments in Corona, times – is that possible? The ri

From the risk Tab is the district of Erding

Taufkirchens Responsible to master all the difficulties. Only the spectators were missing.

Taufkirchen tournaments in Corona, times – is that possible? The riding and driving club, it has proven to Taufkirchen an impressive local equestrian facility in Hilpolding: top sport, great mood and positive Feedback from riders, judges and helpers.

While in the North of the Republic of the first tournaments held for professionals, prevails in the Region in the tournament calendar Empty. Many event organizers have canceled their competitions. The Taufkirchener leaders have hesitated. You were on the phone with agencies, and associations, and fiercely debated – and then decided to celebrate on the club's own system, an equestrian Festival. "We can do that. The conditions in Taufkirchen are great,“ says the message from the Board then received by the Landratsamt Erding the official approval.

Within two weeks, the two tournament Director Stefan Baumgartner and Kathy Hörmann together and drummed her helpers. It was a show jumping and dressage tournament for Young and Old, for Amateurs and professional athletes on the legs, with all of the requirements, such as security and hygiene concept. The company Detterbeck put up a fence, and with the help of the Taufkirchener fire brigade, the access regime could be checked continuously.

"We were a little nervous, if everything works out as we had planned. But the worry was unfounded,“ says RuF leader, Helmut lock. In order to meet all requirements, even had to change the reporting unit of Ida extinguishing the invitation to tender once again. Some tests have been deleted, per horse and only one Start-up approved. Nevertheless, the nomination numbers were extremely high. All were happy to have their beloved Sport back to exercise, to compete, or to get their young horses to the atmosphere. Even from middle Franconia riders came out. The Highlight of the two week-ends was on Sunday afternoon, a test of the heavy class.

For the future do not want to think of the club even if he maintains the one or the other change. Due to strictly separate preparation courses for the dressage standard warm-up and Jump off the Ride it was in the spring tournament, never been so relaxed as this year. A separate output, and thus a one-way street principle contributed to the fact that everything proceeded very orderly. The riders wore masks when they went off the trail, and kept their distance. For the dressage tournament even three of the four corner were built – a challenge for a sound engineer Joseph Zistler.

Due to the distance regulation, only two persons were allowed in the judge's house with a cutting disc to sit, what when you common Up the log write impossible. "The oral part of the Protocol was implemented by the judges and arrived with all of the riders well," said call-spokesperson Ulrike Anzinger and suggested: "The FN should think about whether we could carry the principle further. A short conversation with the judges about the Ride defused some of the value of the notes and is much more personal.“

The mood was excellent, "and yet, the Flair, the applause at the award ceremony and the convivial lacked to be together. It has noted that it is not a normal tournament,“ says Anzinger more. It seems that "all – moved, in spite of the distance – longer it would continue." The sporting achievements of the Taufkirchener riders could also see. ua

spring tournament:

A*-Spr: 3. Scholz, Julia (Colt), 10. Pilkenrith Sophie (Call me Kitty) – A**-Spr:2. Jochen Ullrich (Neppo Muck) – L-Points-Spr: 3. Feckl Maria (Cangelino), 5. King, Patricia (Collestana) – Spring-Pfd. L: 2. Ratajak, Barbara (Comoretto).

dressage tournament:

aptitude test: 3. Baumgartner, Stefan (Cornets Best) – Dr. Rider-A*:5. Jigging Roth, Sophie (Call me Kitty), 8. Mundigl, Irene (Aaron), 10. Loos Lilith (Willi-V) –Dr. Rider-L*:1. Loos Lillith(Willi-V), 4. Noise Eder, Julia (Roosendaals Juliette), 6. Samanski Tanja (Dauphine), 7. Leinberger Eva (Jasper) – Dr. Rider-L**: 4. Siegl, Anna (Aragon) –L*-Dr.:3. Siegl, Anna (Aragon), 8. Loos Lillith(Alabaster), 10. Ullrich, Jochen (Neppo Muck) – M*Dr:10. Loos Lilith (Alabaster), 10. Noise Eder, Julia (Roosendaals Juliette) – M**-Dr:3. Church Villages, Sabrina (SamuraiK), 9. Zillner, Eva-Maria (Perugia) S*Dr: 6. Meijes Bettina (Freddy Couples).

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Date Of Update: 26 June 2020, 17:33

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