From the Panettone from Piste to Piste

pitch-dark night. White flakes dance in the light of the snow cat bowling. Nine kilometres of climbing and rocking the vehicle from the Pederü to the high surfa

From the Panettone from Piste to Piste

pitch-dark night. White flakes dance in the light of the snow cat bowling. Nine kilometres of climbing and rocking the vehicle from the Pederü to the high surface area of the Fanes. In the warm, rustic dining room of the Fanes hut reward: guardian Max Mutschlechner plays to Knödeltris – three types of dumplings and cabbage salad with his accordion and to the guests: "This is a magical place to Say about the Ladin Empire of the Fanes winds." Incredulous Astonishment, he awakens in another narration: "Here is the top of an Apache Delegation showed up once and was looking for eagle feathers for their headdress."

The evening Fanes, a secluded spot in the Dolomites-the world at 2000 meters above sea level, don't want any more from the head. In the First world war, the fronts of a fierce war of position were here. Today is a national Park, to be remembered in the summer, hikers and climbers on the mountain trail Via Della Pace in mind. In Winter, snow Shoe hikers and tour-goers to make free-at the foot of the Heilig kreuzkofel peace and quiet the head. A surreal oasis in the middle of a Region of South Tyrol, where the pulse of the tourism proposes a lot higher.

Like a Panettone of the plan de Corones towers over the Puster valley to Bruneck. At the top of the mountain is freshly in excess glucose levels in fresh snow. Steeply sloping strip of woodland, the portly mark around the form. Over 30 modern plants tap into him like a spider's web from three sides. At 2275 meters above the sea, a sublime view of the craggy Dolomites peaks up to the weather divide of the Alps. "The snow, the Genoa brings in the rule-Deep," says Artur Costabiei, our local companion, and shows towards the southwest.

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And here we go: the perfectly-groomed, endless widths of the slope in the direction of St. Vigil, the Tempo picks up quickly. A slight stretch of the Bergbeins, Bend of the Talbeins and screwing the body to release the momentum. "The tilting movement does not cancel the Ski umkanten and with constant pressure on the line to distract." In a fraction of a second, what is Learned on will flash once. Splendid, as the sidecut of the Skis in the snow engages, and the cut Carveschwung such as the tracks in the hillside draw.

At the summit of culture is announced

Not only Carver, beginners and leisurely skiers will enjoy above the forest limit, the wide red and blue pistes of plan de Corones. Anyone looking for kräftezeh rendere challenges, tumbles down the challenging black slopes. "One of them, the Hernegg, has been created from your Bernhard Russi," says Arthur and points to the Swiss Know-how. With a total of 1,300 metres in height, and five hefty kilometers down the wooded Northern slope of the "Panettone" to the valley station in Reischach. Hardly the plan de Corones is suitable for freeriders: topography, forest cover and altitude to offer is very difficult. 500 snow cannons ensure there is always well maintained slopes.

Seemingly endless slopes: Not only Carver arrive at the plan de Corones their money. Photo: Skirama plan de Corones

a lunch break on the summit, and the plan de Corones is still of a very different, unexpected side: Not extroverted hype, but the culture is here in scene. Spectacular integrated in the nature, the Zaha Hadid-designed 2015 opened Messner Mountain Museum Corones is the traditional mountaineering high life. And it is only in the last season, the equally impressive Lumen was opened: The former hill station presents itself today as a fascinating Museum of the mountain photography. Affiliated with the Restaurant Alpinn of the Michelin-star chef, Norbert Niederkofler of the St. Hubertus in Alta Badia, the gastronomy has also held on to the plan de Corones catchment.

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and enjoyment of South Tyrol belong together since the invention of the shaker bread (crispy flat bread). The to prove not only excellent Restaurants in the valley such as the Schöneck in falzes / Pfalzen/Mühlen, or the Inn Oberraut in Brunico, but also the 30 huts on the mountain. On the stop-off to Graziani another Surprise Lodge: The cabin-in-chief, under his stage name of Alexander Dal Plan as a Ladin songwriter, a regional celebrity. He does not ask twice and plays spontaneously.

The next discovery is in the legs: it is possible to Ski and ski bus goes from the Kronplatz via Piculin quickly to Alta Badia, the access to the famous Sella Ronda. Like a roller coaster lifts and 40 kilometres of piste lead on four passes and valleys around the striking floor of the Piz Boè. Along the way, the downhill in Val Gardena on the world Cup slopes Saslong for the burning thighs, the same provoked to the completion of the Gran Risa in La Villa. Fortunately, the size of the loads-like Scenery of the steep rocky peaks to the dazzling glacier flank of the Marmolada again and again to a pause for breath.

A similar image the next day in the ski area of the Three peaks of Lavaredo: a fast and easy four chess from Brunico the Ski-Pustertal-Express reachable. Get on your skis, then in front of the imposing backdrop of the Sesto Dolomites, on the Grande Giro delle Cime pleasure over hill and valley up to the Val Cornelico and back.

"Potatoes with a halo" refers to a popular Song of the Puster valley. Ski total and modern tourism, like today, provide the sound. But behind this façade, the traditional essence and the absurdity of a secluded mountain world are still evident. In particular, on the mystic Fanes, where a real totem pole at the visit of the Apaches to remember.

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