Freising: tennis coach Summerer wants to lead Marterer back in the Top 100 | the district of Freising

Tobias Summerer is one of the most consistent tennis coach of the Tour: After the free singer had to give up his professional career, supervised he's Florian M

Freising: tennis coach Summerer wants to lead Marterer back in the Top 100 | the district of Freising

Tobias Summerer is one of the most consistent tennis coach of the Tour: After the free singer had to give up his professional career, supervised he's Florian Mayer for almost ten years. Now he coaches Maxmilian Marterer.

Freising – Tobias Summerer has always been a faithful soul, he is a type that does not change for the world of professional sports. After a knee injury early ended career as a tennis professional, he is now one of the most consistent coach of the Tour. The 37-year-old free singer has taken care of Florian Mayer for almost ten years and after his career, in the end, he coaches now, Maximilian Marterer, with the next long cooperation seems to be quite possible.

huge opportunity, but also great responsibility

had to pull in 2009, became Summerer one of the youngest coaches on the professional tour, after he stroke due to his injury an end to his active career. He had played in Wimbledon and was climbed in the world rankings to # 159 to the top. Florian Mayer's request came for Summerer at exactly the right time: "it was a big chance for me, but also a great responsibility." Between the introverted Swiss francs and the quiet Summerer it fit from the first day, the collaboration until August 2018 was in the fast-paced tennis circus something very Special. Summerer would like to know, from the record-breaking nothing: "There are a couple of examples where it has been for a very long time kept."

+ all the time on trips: This photograph with Tobias Summerer (l.) and Philipp Kohlschreiber was born in Monaco.©private

Tobias Summerer and Florian Mayer were felt to be inseparably connected. "It was a lot of, if he has ever played in a tournament alone," says the free singer. The almost ten years of cooperation has become possible, "because we are both met with a lot of respect." Also injury breaks would have helped, since after such phases, both put together, quasi again a reboot. The 37-Year-old looks back on the time with great gratitude, because he was allowed to go to tournaments as a result, the largest tennis.

"I'm up to 28 weeks in the year on the road"

tennis player and also the Trainer will have the opportunity to travel to the last corner of the world, but the dream job has its downsides: "I'm up to 28 weeks in the year on the road", Summerer reported. "You have to give up much." He is grateful because his girlfriend Iris, who accepts in the long-standing relationship to his profession, with all its facets. "In the most beautiful cities I take you with me," stresses the free singer.

During the many years of cooperation with Florian Mayer, Tobias Summerer not the player hired a private coach, but virtually of the of the Tennis Base provided a private supervisor was. "The Tennis Base in Oberhaching is like a second family to me," says the 37-Year-old. With the Bavarian Tennis Association as the employer of the Augsburg Philipp Kohlschreiber was followed by the Franks, Mayer and then the next protege. With him Summerer celebrated as a Trainer his second win against a number one of the Tennis world rank list: Mayer had Rafael Nadal defeated Kohlschreiber managed such a Triumph against Novak Djokovic. That was another career Highlight for Summerer.

+ Successful Duo: Summerer and Florian Mayer after his victory at the Gerry Weber Open in 2016 in the hall.©private

His current Partner Maximilian Marterer from Nuremberg is now – and this commitment has the potential for a long-term cooperation. In August 2019 Summerer took over the care of the 25-Year-old wants to work after a long injury break again among the best 100 tennis players in the world. "He belongs in the Top 100," stresses Summerer, of the need to take the Corona break with his protege now for the first time from behind, something calls: Marterer will probably have to do some of the smaller Challenger tournaments. For Summerer, this is no Problem at all: "With Maximilian Marterer it fits, he has for the future, all the opportunities and I have full desire to this task." With his 25 years Marterer is the greatest hope of the Bavarian Tennis Federation to the top players in Mayer and Kohlschreiber.

"I have always looked forward"

Tobias Summerer is enjoying his success as a coach – because it does not fit to his nature, that he raises the question of how his playing career without the knee injury would be lost. "I've always looked only to the front," says Summerer, who plays as a Hobby with good friends in Zolling Tennis. In the Regionalliga in the men's 30 he is list number one of betting, wherein heuer due to the Corona of the regional League game was cancelled. "Where to turn, makes me a lot of fun," says Summerer, "because I was there with people games, I started as a youth am." If 2021 is again held in a normal round, then Tobias Summerer want to ride four or five Matches.

+ Summerers current protégé, Maximilian Marterer, with its 25 years, the greatest hope of the Bavarian Tennis Association.©Angelika Warmuth/dpa

everyone understands that in Zollings number one, the question of a use very often it is spontaneous: again and again the Sunday games depend crucially on how the proteges of Tobias Summerer performance in the major Tennis somewhere in the world. In Zolling, you have to pass on to your top players, if this celebrates, as a Trainer, achievements, and on the final weekend of tournaments needs to work on. Tobias Summerer was once the TC Red-and-White Freising very popular and it is now at the SpVgg Zolling.

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