Floris and Flurin, the life-saver of Madulain

It is one of the smallest municipalities in the valley, and for many, the village with the most beautiful name in the Engadine: Madulain. Here Floris Tichler an

Floris and Flurin, the life-saver of Madulain

It is one of the smallest municipalities in the valley, and for many, the village with the most beautiful name in the Engadine: Madulain. Here Floris Tichler and Flurin Schur's life. Sometimes, when the chance to set up it, you will encounter in the mountains. Then the guardian of Schur with his field keeps wild stecher on the lookout for ibexes, chamois and red deer – and ski-Fan Tichler leads friends in the high-Alpine mountain world.

Not rare, and if the fate wants it, they prove as a life saver. Piste patrouilleur Flurin Schur is quick to the point, if in the Corviglia ski area is a winter suffers an accident athlete; he provides First aid, binds to slide the patient to the Rescue and brings him to the valley, where the Team is the anesthesia physician Floris Tichler at the hospital Oberengadin in Samedan is already waiting.

Occasionally, if a mountaineer in the hills, has a presumed or has crashed, get Floris and Flurin flew as a saving angel, and as an emergency physician in the helicopter of a flight helper of the other. And regularly, when the political agenda requires it, debate in the lowlands of the municipal policy. Then Tichler, in the municipal Council for tourism, is responsible to regulate the traffic or the tourist infrastructure – and construction-stand shearing stresses once more that the 80-percent-quota is exhausted when the second housing stock and no new apartments can be created.

Is also available as an emergency physician in the helicopter in use: anesthesiologist Floris Tichler is on a ski tour. Photo: Nicola Pitaro

Flurin and Floris: The name could be twins close; at the same time, you betray the different origins of their bearers. Flurin, the compact Grisons veteran, 44 years old, born in Scuol, in the extreme East of the country, has left the valley, never. And Floris, that tall free spirit from the Netherlands, never want to get out of here. Above all, he wants to never see a place like that, where he came 62 years ago to the world: at the Time of the occupation of the father – the geologist has conducted research for a Dutch group of oil – the parents were to Owerri, a city in the Nigerian province of Biafra. It was the time of the Biafra became synonymous with war, Hunger and misery was.

A routine procedure is for the awakening

Back in his home city of Rotterdam Floris graduated with a medical degree, specialized in the anesthesia and took up a position in the University hospital Utrecht. The Operation should change his life, looked after a routine procedure: suspicion of intestinal obstruction. However as soon as the abdomen was opened ceiling, the diagnosis: Inoperable necrosis – dead tissue that could not be removed. Close. The patients die. In this Moment, Flurin Tichler had to sleep only one thought in his head that scared him deeply: "at last."

"It was a Wake-up call," he recalls. "I realized how much I was dulled into the Routine of the hospital factory." The empathy that had winged him once and for this work, says today's mountain doctor, was gone. "I was afraid that I would see in people only the cases and knew: You have to get out from this major. As quickly as possible."

Makes about as piste patrouilleur First aid: gamekeeper Flurin Schur with Chivas. Photo: Nicola Pitaro

So the anesthesiologist was the way to Engadine, and to the regional hospital in Samedan. The pleasant atmosphere at the new place of work, the landscape, the wide valley, the high mountains, everything came to him, "when I had arrived. I had always believed that there is for me something like a home at all."

Around the same time, Flurin had completed his apprenticeship as a chef and in a St. Moritz Hotel, a new spot started. However, under the circumstances of the supposed dream job proved to be a nightmare; for Flurin in the young lady realized at the front Desk, the girl of his dreams. He quit the Job and signed up to the Heli Bernina as a flight assistant, and founded a family with his wife Caroline, the boys Quirin and Linard, small Angelina and with Chivas, the welding dog.

The avalanche blast, if a Capricorn is in the fall line?

for Floris Tichler, the place was found and the time has come to celebrate the life: He married Ursula, and soon Julia and Margarita came to the world. The second love of the doctor belongs to the mountains: Soon not a summit, he has not yet conquered far and wide. And then a second Wake-up call shook him "". Floris is climbing with a friend in a steep wall of the king pointed in the Bernese Oberland, as above their heads a stone chip goes down. The PAL is made of a plurality of chunks and crashes seriously injured to the rope. "It was the turning point in my mountaineering," he recalls. "As an anesthesiologist who puts his patients into a death-like state, I learned, with risks responsibly – you must remain calculable. Now, however, should change my attitude to risk, which is hidden behind the unpredictable forces of nature, radically: out of respect, fear has become." And the climber is a kind of tour-goers.

Also Flurin Schur must weigh the risks – for example, as explosives officer, if it applies, the threat of an Avalanche shoot. Threat heavy masses of Snow lying that night on the hillside, below the ski slope – and that's exactly in between a Capricorn is. If he blows up, will have on the avalanche, the animal is accompanying. Flurin hesitates only briefly, then he puts the rifle. "The bullet," he says, "has given him a better death, as the avalanche would have done it."

After the meeting, the five non-party councillors from Madulain to lay their debate in the pub and cool down with a beer the minds – it is again reached once a lively. "Always impressed me," says Floris Tichler, "how civilized the Swiss democracy, the consensus is struggled. Of big parliaments in other countries can learn a lot."

"Viva," answers Flurin and collects the glass. "On Quirin!" – "The life," laughs Floris.

you know what it's about: Quirin is Flurins eldest son. It was a difficult birth, at the time, nine years ago. The child hovered in mortal danger, and the mother also. Floris was the doctor. And Flurin is convinced that he "has both saved the lives".

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