First cinema open again, But which movies are running now at all?

To Hollywood productions and Arthouse films, comedies, and dramas, Action and child-friendly entertainment. In Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein, the cinemas are al

First cinema open again, But which movies are running now at all?

To Hollywood productions and Arthouse films, comedies, and dramas, Action and child-friendly entertainment. In Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein, the cinemas are allowed to open again since Monday, North Rhine-Westphalia draws on 30. May after. An Overview of the movies that you can watch now and again.

high-Flyer: The gripping Drama "systems busters" Port au Prince Pictures / EuroVideo Medien GmbH

The nine-year-old Benni is angry. Extremely angry. She screams and rages, your head is red from the effort. But she doesn't stop, but throw finally, a large toy car against the front door. "Don't worry, this is safety glass," reassured a teacher behind it, and other. But Benni is so angry that she throws the Bobby Car full force through the air and the glass, but shatters.

There are scenes like this that stick to you longer in memory "systems busters", the remarkable debut film by Nora Fingscheidt. The Director tells the story of a hard-to-raise-replaceable girl who was given away by his mother and a care facility to the next. Thus began scheidt has already won numerous awards - recently, eight awards were for the Drama at the German Film awards, including the Golden Lola for best feature film.

"The kangaroo Chronicles": Anarchic marsupial-wisdom X rental In the drive-in cinema in the lead: "The kangaroo Chronicles" to conquer again the movie charts

Always the flap tearing - the kangaroo is not going to stop. The books of Marc-Uwe Kling-enjoy cult status. Now the Communist, cheeky kangaroo with a slope knocks to the anarchy of his sassy sayings again in the cinema, in the movie "The kangaroo Chronicles", an entertaining work with Rosalie Thomass, Henry Hübchen and, of course, the kangaroo in the flesh.

To calm for all the Fans that have the kangaroo from the Radio, of readings and radio plays in the ear: the voice of The bag tiers is the same. Otherwise much is familiar. The Addiction of cheeky kangaroos to the liquor chocolates and the naturalness with which it is about the desires and feelings of the people nonchalantly away. This is in the Film from Director Dani Levy ("go for Zucker!", "My guide") was already clear right from the start. And because the kangaroo just won't shut up, and everywhere to interfere, it soon around.

Kling himself has written the screenplay, and the many short episodes of his first book a history together, peppered with quotes from movies all Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. But above all, the kangaroo is hilariously self-aware and utterly honest, so like children. Regardless, it also trumpeted his views in the world.

"Knives Out": put Died crime Comedy with witty Daniel Craig dpa/Claire Folger/Leonine/dpa, Everyone is a suspect: private detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) and Marta Cabrera (Ana de Armas).

A huge mansion, a crime writer with his throat slit and his odd family members, all of whom had good reason to promote the self-willed Patriarch Harlan Thrombey to the Afterlife. In the midst of this mess - in the style of an Agatha-Christie-mysteries - perched a smug investigator who wants to investigate the mysterious death. Was it murder or suicide? For the audience it is a bright "Whodunit"-pleasure to have a first guess: Who did it? Add to that a high-caliber Ensemble: James Bond actor Daniel Craig is the same as Chris Evans, Jamie Lee Curtis, Toni Collette, Don Johnson, Michael Shannon and Ana de Armas.

"La Vérité": Light-footed, with Catherine Deneuve and Juliette Binoche L., Champoussin/3B/Bunbuku/MiMovies/FR3/dpa The film scene of the movie "La Vérité" by the Director Hirokazu Koreeda shows the Actresses Catherine Deneuve (l) and Juliette Binoche

The Japanese Hirokazu Kore-eda is one of the great Directors of the current Arthouse cinema. With his touching Drama "the Shoplifters" about a Patchwork family, he won in 2018 at the film festival of Cannes, even the Golden palm. Now, the Director filmed for the first Time a movie outside of his country - with the Stars Catherine Deneuve, Juliette Binoche, and Ethan Hawke.

"La Vérité - the life and lies can" plays in the Paris Villa of a film star (Deneuve). Your daughter (Binoche) has travelled with her husband (Hawke) from New York, to take a look in the just published memoirs of the mother. This does not take it so exactly with the truth, leads to some tensions. Kore-eda proves once again a fine sense for humour and irony. For example, if he makes the - great end of the game - Diva Deneuve to say: "I almost rotated with Hitchcock, but unfortunately, he died before".

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"Perfect candidate": the struggle for equal rights in Saudi Arabia NEW VISIONS film distribution GmbH is The ideal candidate

with her haunting Drama, "The girl Wadjda" touched upon the saudi-Arabian Director Haifaa Al-Mansour, the cinema viewers. In it she told of a girl who fights to be allowed to ride a Bicycle. In her new Film, the filmmaker presents the struggle of women in the Arab world for equal rights in the heart of the German co-production "The perfect candidate" would like to play a young Doctor-in-Saudi-Arabia in the municipal elections. But that is in the male-dominated world, everything other than simple.

Director Haifaa Al Mansour reveals in the traditions and strict Roles arrested society in which women's basic rights are denied. You may now travel a car, but in the end they are dependent on their fathers, brothers, husbands. That's why it's in "The perfect candidate" not so much the big society, cataclysmic upheaval. Rather, it is the small successes that Maryam and the women are around you is a step forward.

Comedy tells the story of the "Chaos at the fire station" Reuters/Doane Gregory/Paramount Pictures/Reuters firefighter Jake Carson (John Cena, r) comes in a use to its limits.

Actually, firefighter Jake Carson and his Team are hard to Take. They are professionals who know how you with the most extreme situations, have to deal with. In the case of a use but they do come to their limits: The firemen have to rescue three siblings, but their parents are not found, are sitters, rescuers are also still to baby. It comes, as it must come: The children's place the lives of Firefighters neatly on the head, both private and professional. The main role of Jake Carson has taken on John Cena, as a Wrestler, worldwide successes are celebrated, and now the muscle-bound Babysitter plays. Directed this wacky Comedy led by Andy Fickman ("Mall Cop 2").

The new "Lassie"movie: criss-cross through Germany dpa/Warner Bros. GmbH/dpa Flo (Nico Marischka) was involuntarily separated from "Lassie".

Lassie could well be one of the most famous dogs of the film industry. She even has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. No wonder, it was filmed their story countless times for the cinema, as well as for television. The "Lassie"series from 1954 to 1973, in California, turned, gained cult status. Now, the Collie-bitch back to the canvas. In "Lassie - An adventurous journey" across Germany in search of their master, the twelve-year-old Flo. The output of German Director Hanno Olderdissen is prominently occupied by performers such as Anna Maria Mühe, Sebastian Bezzel, and Justus von Dohnányi.

worth Seeing, especially the children. Nico Marischka, grandson of Austrian actor Georg Marischka, shows as Flo, a large bandwidth - time, cheerful and cheeky, then again, despondent and sad. Also, Bella Bading as Priscilla does her job well. Amusing, Justus von Dohnányi As in the region Butler, he places great value on etiquette and fine manners, and exaggerates it in order again and again - to the delight of the spectators. Star, however, is Bandit as Lassie, the animal trainer Renate Hiltl from the vicinity of Freising.

Colorful entertainment: The animation film "Meteora World Tour" in 2020, DreamWorks Animation LLC. All Rights Reserved. "Meteora World Tour" is a genre of digital success

Pop, Country, Jazz, hard rock, Korean K-Pop, Spanish-speaking Reggaeton or Techno: In the turbulent animation of the film "Troll's World Tour" it is a struggle for power of the music. The Queen of Hard Rock, Queen Barb, the musical world tears rule? Or can exist in all styles of music at the end of peaceful coexistence? The Film was released due to the Corona pandemic, first of all, in the case of Streaming services such as Sky Store, Amazon Prime Video, or Apple TV, and is now to be seen in cinemas. The musical Trolls with colorful hair are also spoken in the second part of Celebrities such as pop star Mark Forster and Lena Meyer-Landrut. The big Surprise in the PCP, The big Surprise in the

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