Fetal Akinesia: Carina loses her Baby shortly after birth - now she wants to make other parents courage

To outsiders, it may seem initially strange, but for Carina (31) and their small family it was the right way to take proper leave. Your loss is sharing them pub

Fetal Akinesia: Carina loses her Baby shortly after birth - now she wants to make other parents courage

To outsiders, it may seem initially strange, but for Carina (31) and their small family it was the right way to take proper leave. Your loss is sharing them publicly on Instagram, even shows photos of her deceased daughter, and processed as a result not only of their own pain, she also speaks in her Podcast, rainbow cream openly about their feelings and other families, the power of courage.

Carina does not feel changes in pregnancy - as a "hysterical Pregnant" dismissed

something was wrong, noted Carina is already in the 30. Week of pregnancy. She suffers from severe Nausea and the feeling that her daughter was too quiet in her belly. As she expresses the concerns with your gynecologist, it is dismissed according to your statement, as "hysterical Pregnancies".

Only a doctor exchange ensures that it is taken seriously. The Doctor notes that she has too much amniotic fluid and transfers it to a fine diagnostician. The power of an amniocentesis and confirmed Carina, what they knew in secret for a long time, the reduced fetal movement. An alarm signal, when it comes to fetal Akinesia.

"I was advised to fruit water drainage, because physically, I was now as in the 40. Week”, tells the cologner. Slowly it becomes clear the birth will not go as planned...

Fetal Akinesia: these are the symptoms

During a preliminary interview in the University hospital of Cologne, Carina and her boyfriend, Willem (34) hear for the first Time, the concept of Fetal Akinesia. But what does this mean? The Baby can not move in the belly of the mother enough and suffers from symptoms such as

  • stiffened joints, malformations
  • to further the distance between the eyes
  • splayed the fingers (ulnar deviation of the hands)
  • anomalies/deformations in the face
  • delayed development
  • breathing and heart problems
  • cleft palate
  • undescended testicles in boys

The basic problem (is that the Unborn child moves in the mother's womb is sufficient). This has in the end usually fatal consequences: Many children die after birth, or survive only with strong physical limitations. A high life expectancy, there is not. The disease is very rare – probably because it is inherited as a recessive trait.

Fetal Akinesia is made up of the terms "fetal" (in the foetus/Unborn), and "Akinesia" (the movement of the lack of/ high-grade-movement-of-poverty).

"No doctor has explained to us what that means exactly. On the way back to the bus stop I googled the term and it has me torn away the ground from under the feet. This diagnosis would mean in any case, the death of our child.”

in pregnancy, Carina and her boyfriend need to be addressed now for the first Time with the death of her daughter. The painful thoughts will help her later on to make the right decisions, because it is for you: you want to bring your daughter after your death, once again, to the place where they had grown up. Your Home.

Carina loses five gallons of water fruit in the birth of

Then all at once very quickly. In the 36. Week of pregnancy comes to the clinic, the birth should be initiated. 19. March 2020, the contractions become stronger and you will be brought to the delivery room.

on examination, the Cervix is the fruit of the bubble bursts and approximately five liters of fruit water running on the floor. Normally, there are about 800 milliliters, and loses a wife in the case of a birth of the amniotic fluid. The delivery room fills with Doctors and the heart sounds of the child will deteriorate.

Then the point is that a natural birth is not possible – Ruby is brought with the help of an Emergency caesarean section on the world. While Carina slowly awakens from the anesthesia, it will be Ruby moved to the intensive care unit. The Small can not breathe on his own and must be artificially supplied.

daughter Ruby suffers from an extremely rare genetic defect

When the young mother comes the next day to her daughter on the Station, is a small crocheted octopus in the children's bed. The stuffed animal is a popular toy for preemie. It not only gives you something to Play with, the tentacles should also remind them of the umbilical cord in the abdomen of the mother. "From there, the octopus ruby's Symbol was", says Carina.

Externally, the newborn looks healthy and shows none of the typical symptoms, but the results of the amniocentesis are not yet available. On Monday I got the call from precision diagnostics and the startling certainty: Ruby suffers from a rare genetic disorder, inherited from their parents.

Up to this Moment no one knew that the two carriers are of a sick gene, because ruby's two and a half year old brother Finley is healthy to the core. "It's the worst lottery of all time," says Carina about the diagnosis.

farewell to the University hospital

An expert has no hope that Ruby will ever breathe on his own. "He told us that he has never seen a case of disease to this extent. At the time, we turn off the thoughts, the devices.”

All of the Deliberations will be on Tuesday lapses – the lungs of the little girl collapsed and on Wednesday set emergency baptism, is preferred. "I believe very strongly that you felt that there is no hope and you must no longer fight for us," says Carina today.

Then the family adopted the last Time of your Ruby, before the tube is pulled for artificial respiration and the little girl is allowed to peacefully fall asleep on the breast of your mother.

mother wants to bring her deceased daughter back to home

The next Morning, a organizational to-Marathon start – because Carina is safer than ever, they want to bring their daughter home once more. She is in a race with time, because according to the law, the Deceased must be transferred to 36 hours after death in a mortuary.

"I was rumzutelefonieren busy the entire morning, what to do," she says. The Doctors can't help her, many know that it is allowed to take the deceased child in front of the funeral home.

Wednesday afternoon, may leave the little family then, finally, the hospital and brings Ruby into a small wicker basket home. Here is a memorial celebration for friends and family to take place. "We wanted them to be able to get to know our daughter. If that was too much, which is just remained with us in the living room.”

For Carina, these are moments of precious memory, on the she says today: "My head had understood that my child was dead. My heart but not yet.”

Carina explains to parents about Fetal Akinesia on

The time, in Ruby's home, helps the family to understand: "It was incredibly sad, because you know, you have to let go. But then you come to a point where you realize: Now it is okay, now I can let you go.“

your last few hours with Ruby Carina in emotional images that she shares with Instagram publicly with others. "I think that we need to see some things to understand. If we make the death of our middle course, we lose maybe a little the fear and not help those Affected, to feel excluded and to be taboo.”

power-star-parents courage, and processed their loss

After you posted the pictures, other Affected with her and share your personal stories and photos from Cologne. "Many have told me: if we Had known that you are allowed to take their child home, we would have acted differently," says Carina.

Even if the loss of their daughter is only a few months back, she goes with the pain to experience. "I think I can now handle so-so, because we have taken on this way of farewell. We are in our grief a bit more, because our daughter got for our family a face, and is gone after your death, just out of the hospital.”

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