Female orgasm-Guide: With these secret tips, you can bring any woman to climax

The female orgasm is such a thing. Mega-potential that can unfold, but always full. About the same as if you had a Porsche Panamera in the Garage and then the g

Female orgasm-Guide: With these secret tips, you can bring any woman to climax

The female orgasm is such a thing. Mega-potential that can unfold, but always full. About the same as if you had a Porsche Panamera in the Garage and then the gate is stuck in the freedom.

The reasons for the Lack of female orgasm are many and varied. Too much Stress is one reason. Not turn off can. In some women, the orgasm problems are hormonally, mentally or anatomically justified. Maybe you didn't communicate your needs clearly, maybe he didn't listen carefully enough.

this is all The more sad, as the female orgasm is a true force of Nature – when he comes because. Not only are we able to experience multiple orgasms. Pah. We come in a variety of ways to climax. Vaginal, clitoral, don't give a shit – when it comes to relevant studies, can I come in theory then, if someone gives me only solid enough in the Hand. This is misleading.

I would like to Begin, nevertheless, with the orgasm-Basics to help you learn the female body and its desire to better understand. Is, after all, it's not easy, the Whole. Not for anyone.

"The clitoris is as a giant device in our bodies more"

#1: The clitoral orgasm: The majority of women, the Stimulation of their clitoris to a climax. Wonderfully unspectacular, reliable, and self-determined. But especially the last point was for many men in the past to be a Problem. For example, for Sigmund Freud, the founder of modern psychoanalysis. The stated women, the clitoral orgasms (which Freud experienced as "inferior" described), sexual and psychic Immaturity, and – in the worst case – mental illness. Pretty cheeky. The only desirable female climax, according to Freud? Of the vaginal. Clear. The is also a master with his Cock brought to us during the AGM. Alone, and only by the aid of our fingers/hands/Toys and dirty thoughts that will never work of course. Where would we be out there?

Before I me into a Rage speech, we speak rather about how a clitoral orgasm is achieved through Stimulation of the clitoris, she knew. By the way, is much more than just the small button, over the labia of her friend perched, but goes further than the giant device in our bodies. The part that you can see from the outside, is called, in fact, acorn. The skin that surrounds the glans, is the foreskin of the clitoris. As in the case of your Penis, just different! And much more sensitive. Because the clitoris has twice as many nerve endings as the Penis.

in addition to the visible button, this Organ, whose only function is to give us pleasure, consists of two legs with corresponding corpora cavernosa. Like a divining rod with two extra ... Wünscheln well, Yes .... The head of the penis is massaged, swells the clitoris, your head, so what you perceive as a Clit gets stiff pumps, all jerks and well, that's it. (Also read: These sexual positions women love, really)

Yes, the clitoral orgasm is a little miracle, with an emphasis on small. He is our sexual Go-To, neither particularly long nor wild, but a secure Bank if you have mastered the handles.

The use of the tongue, there is an important tip to consider

Speaking of which, What handles are for, actually, to make a woman sure to be a highlight? Many women like it when you hang up the Finger flat on the clitoris and then rubbing. Not too tight please. Extra moisture is also good. You can spit on the knob or your Finger into the Vulva of your partner, introduce, out, pull and RUB. Or you can lick you into Nirvana, however, this is professional-Level. If you want to try it: Lick you, please the full tongue, broad side, can't hack it with the hard tip of the tongue on the extremely sensitive Kitzer.

another tip: just before orgasm, the clitoris tip, often under the foreskin. Because it is extremely sensitive and too much pressure can feel uncomfortable. Now don't give up. But, instead of come hell or fingers, to they should go at this point, as a Whole, and your Penis in the lady's sink. Quickly. Now is the perfect Moment for a little bit of vaginal affection. Which leads me to the next point brings ... (read also: Forget the G-spot - this is the most popular erogenous Zone of the woman)

a Vaginal orgasm? Here, too, nothing

#2: The vaginal orgasm: Our Vagina, so the non-visible Interior of the female Genitals goes without clitoris has far fewer nerve endings than the clitoris. Nevertheless, there are pleasure centers that can make use of if you are stimulated by toys, a Penis or a Hand, neat bike (which points those are, I'll tell you in part two of this little Guides).

However, nothing works without the clitoris. The is engorged through arousal, you can be sure that the Vagina narrows and stimulus is more sensitive.

everything's Coming together now – Penetration, clitoral Stimulation and other erogenous zones (Breasts, neck, lips, buttocks) and you look each other in the eyes (my secret tip that works in nine out of ten cases), you may experience the vaginal climax. This orgasm, also called "blended orgasm" - called because everything flows into each other, many perceive women as being particularly intense.

"orgasm is for many women, a kind of Mission: Impossible."

"Well, Mrs. Erhardt, then a vaginal induced orgasm is so so inferior compared to the clitoral."

you Should have something similar just thought, you feel of me reprimanded. The Federal youth games are not, and it's not about who is better, crazier, faster. As I wrote in the beginning that is the thing with the orgasm for many women, unfortunately, kind of a Mission Impossible. If it's a woman well able to come by Masturbation, by giving her clitoris a good time, this is wonderful. And absolutely high-grade. It is important in the end, only that it feels good.

The next Time we will speak about Coregasms, mental, and anal orgasms and why you and your wife should Sex necessarily exactly watch. (Also read: sex positions you do not know yet)

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