Félix de Azúa, a preacher in Seville: bullfighting is a living work of art

Without a doubt, the opening bullfight of the Fair of April of 2020 will be different, because he is the town crier. It is not a amateur to use, and his interes

Félix de Azúa, a preacher in Seville: bullfighting is a living work of art

Without a doubt, the opening bullfight of the Fair of April of 2020 will be different, because he is the town crier. It is not a amateur to use, and his interest in the fiesta of the bulls is defined more as a cultural fact, and transcendental human being who like the thrill snapshot that springs from the confrontation between a bull and a bullfighter.

Félix de Azúa (Barcelona, 1944) is not a fan of modern, but defending bullfighting as a committed intellectual with what it considers to be a living work of art.

on The 12th of April, easter Sunday, one of the great day of spring in seville, the culmination of the intimate and festive Holy Week and the opening of the doors of the bleached and gleaming square of the Real Maestranza, will go up to the lectern of the Lope de Vega theatre to have the idea that on the bullfighting rages in the mind of a poet, writer, novelist, essayist, member of the RAE, an intellectual Catalan respected and criticized, free and brave.

Will be presented by Nobel laureate Mario Vargas Llosa, and both are now part of a pleiad of well-known writers, philosophers, academics, politicians and journalists who have dared to talk of bulls in Seville.

Felix de Azua, a resident of Madrid, is no friend of the telephone interviews, and a trip christmas has prevented a personal encounter; but your kindness has allowed him to answer by email a questionnaire that comes to be the prologue of what will be in the city of seville.

“My interest in the bulls is mythological and cultural”

Question. are you a fan of bullfighting?

Response. My interest in the bulls is not focused on the show, but I like it. My interest is more mythological and cultural. There are very few human activities that express themselves in a way so extraordinary our old struggle against death and our desire to overcome it.

Q. what has surprised You the invitation of the Royal Maestranza of Cavalry? Why is the accepted?

A. Yes, I was very pleasantly surprised and I accepted because it seemed to me appropriate to put a point of view perhaps uncommon in the world of the party.

Q. Have you had time to think over the fundamental lines of what will be at the teatro Lope de Vega in Seville?

A. I Still don't have the general framework defined, but it will be, I think, a reflection on the art of toreo as art is transcendental, that is to say, that goes beyond their sheer physical presence in the arena. A living work of art.

Félix de Azúa, and Vargas Llosa, a preacher and presenter of the pregón taurino de Sevilla. RAE

Q. do you Know the April Fair? And what about the plaza de la Maestranza? Do you have any special remembrance?

A. how can Someone not know about the Fair? Also the plaza, of course, and his sister ronda. My memories of places are fixed by the painting, films, and literary writings.

Q. To your judgment, what makes sense today the effect of the gender of the proclamation?

“what Will the bulls to Barcelona? What you may not re-exist as never never is the own Catalonia”

A. By what I learned from my ancestors, their validity is undoubted and try not to tarnish a tradition that has been so excellently served. To deny is to deny it also to all who have participated and are participating in the ritual.

Q. what Is the point of bullfighting in the TWENTY-first century?

A. Not only makes sense, but that those forces that try to pull it off devoid themselves of the sense. There are many people who do not believe in the Virgin Mary, or Truth, but only a crazy person could assume that it can damage to the mythical figure, or to the true self.

Q. What is your opinion on the many attacks that receives the fiesta of the bulls?

A. Missing the aspirations of classical knowledge, to justice, to freedom, which have been replaced by the whims of the politically correct, it is natural that the groups that try to subject the people to put objectives increasingly simple. Destroy is the most simple thing that happens to ignaro.

Q. do You worry about the animalism as current social, political and economic? Do you believe, as believed the Foundation of the Toro de Lidia, which aims to destroy our civilization?

A. The suffering of animals is a matter serious enough to not leave it in the hands of groups that use the feelings to subdue people by taking advantage of their weaknesses. Bullfighting has no relationship with the suffering of the rabbits or cows, but with the dignity of an individual animal, the fighting bull.

Q. what is it you like most about the fiesta of the bulls? And what do less?

A. As I already said before, in the arena materializes an idea, as in painting or in music. And in each run and with each matador that idea appears in a different way. As well as painting a given subject, the war, the sea, the nostalgia, it takes thousands of forms, so also in the bullfighting. That variety is what interests me most. And least, the use populachero that may sometimes be done of the show.


José María Garzón, taurine orchestra, entrepreneur and agent of success ¡What Greta Thunberg would have enjoyed in a wild cattle...! Fernando Cepeda, guardian, and bullfighter of worship: "I have suffered, but I've been happy,"

Q. do you have Any bullfighter preferred?

A. normal. Currently, José Tomás.

Q. you Have a host of luxury and a great fan...

A. And also a model for all of us to write.

Q. is Not customary for intellectuals today make profession of faith taurine...

A. is the Bad situation of the intellectuals in our society. Are not valued, they know they are unnecessary, they live impoverished and therefore the temptation to sell the policy is very large.

Q. What is your opinion on the situation of bullfighting in Catalonia? Do you think that will ever go to the Monumental of Barcelona?

A. The problem is not the plaza, but the viewers who have been crushed by the elite-nationalists. And what may not re-exist as never never is the own Catalonia.

Q. do you Know the idiosyncrasies of seville?

A. no, Not at all, oh, God free me!

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Updated Date: 29 December 2019, 13:00

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